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    >> breach at the "new york times" as the newspaper uncovers that repeated cybe cyber-attacks on its computer system originated in china . nbc's ian williams has the latest from beijing. ian, good morning.

    >> reporter: good morning, tamron. the "new york times" says the expert they hired have little doubt the cyber-attacks on the newspaper came from china . hackers infiltrated the computer systems the "new york times" reports, stealing pass words from reporters and other employees in an effort to break into their e-mail accounts. security experts told the "times" the attack was covered in china 's digital fingerprints. experts gathered digital evidence that chinese hackers using methods some constituents have associated with the chinese military in the past breached the times network. and investigating the wealthy of china 's prime minister who accumulated billions through business dealings and that was highly embarrassing to the top government reeling from this. and attacks against the foreign media.

    >> we have security consultants told us these attacks originated in china although they can't identify the original culprits.

    >> what's china 's position on this?

    >> reporter: a foreign ministry spokesman said hacking allegations against china as irresponsible. there is growing evidence of a far more widespread china operation growing in china and provoking growing alarm among u.s. officials. among that growing target list, u.s. companies and government agencies and workers angered the chinese government .

    >> thank you very much.

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