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If Facebook stalking doesn't provide the information a girl needs to decide whether to meet the cute guy for coffee after class, she now has a new app in her arsenal. Lulu, a girls-only app, lets users rate guys on their dateability.

Created in the United Kingdom, Lulu has just rolled into the App Store and Google Play after campuswide testing at Florida State University and the University of Florida, two of the biggest universities in the United States. To date, 140,000 reviews have been created, and the typical user comes to the app five to six times per day for an average visit of eight minutes.

Lulu draws its information from  Facebook  and allows only women to set up an account. But it doesn't screen for other criteria, such as age (yes, your mother could join) or student status.

All reviews are anonymous, so women can dish both the good and the bad about guys they know, which are pulled from Facebook connections. You must state your relationship to the guy, such as  ex-boyfriend , relative, crush and hooked up.

A review is generated from a quiz that includes results in ratings on appearance, humor, manners, ambition, first kiss, commitment and hygiene, as well as an overall score ranging from 1 to 10.

Users choose from hashtags to describe a guy so other girls can see what's best about him (#momslovehim), and what to watch out for (#goneinthemorning). While users can't write anything of their own, some of the hashtags could raise privacy concerns for the guys included in the app without permission. How about #highly medicated or #420 (pot smoker)?

The vast majority of  reviews  are positive — ex-girlfriends, sisters and friends helping other girls discover the guys they believe are keepers, Lulu said. However, not all women are comfortable with the rating system.

"I don't think girls should be able to read through a guy's romantic history," a user wrote in an App Store review. "Everyone deserves to start with a clean plate."


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