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Instagram's newly expanded desktop version, which lets you see your Instagram feed in addition to photos from individual accounts, still does not duplicate the experience of the mobile Instagram app.

You can browse your feed, like photos and comment on them, but you can't see them on a map as you can when viewing on your smartphone.  Instagram's location features , which it launched last year, have not been activated in the desktop version.

You can get location — and more — by using another Instagram desktop service. There are several websites that allow you to use Instagram on your computer, but Ink361 offers the most features of any Instagram application — and more than Instagram desktop and mobile.

5 standout features from Ink361:

  1. Layout: Ink361 fills the entire page with an array of photos. (Instagram leaves its vertical orientation unchanged from mobile, with a single photo column running down the center of your screen.) You can adjust the number of photo columns using the slider in the upper right corner of the display. You can also toggle the background of the feed from dark to light.
  2. Location: Like Instagram's mobile app, Ink361 lets you switch to a map showing where a photo was taken (if the user had activated the location option in Instagram's mobile app). Further, you can see all photos in your feed on a world map by clicking on the globe icon in the corner. Hover above a photo icon to see a miniaturized slideshow  of photos tagged with the location; click on a slide to see the full-size image.
  3. Download: Right-click any image on Ink361 to your computer to save a jpg file to your computer. Try the same thing on Instagram, and you'll get an html file that is not viewable. (PC users can save images using the Snipping Tool found in Windows' Accessories.)
  4. Albums: Ink361 lets you create albums around a hashtag (keyword). Choose the Album tab at the top of the page and use the combined search/create an album box to make an album by choosing a hashtag. The album will include all Instagram photos that have the selected hashtag. You can share an album to other social networks .
  5. More photo-sharing options: Ink361 has a slew of sharing options for other users' photos. (Instagram recently updated its app to allow sharing to Twitter only.) Ink361 lets you post other people's photos to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest , Tumblr and Google's RSS Reader. You may also send a photo by email. (Instagram's recently updated app shares to Twitter only.) As for sharing your own photos, the two services are similar. But Ink361 lets you share to Pinterest; Instagram does not.

There's still one feature that neither Instagram nor  competing desktop apps  offer — uploading photos from your computer directly to Instagram.

We do not offer the ability to upload from the web as Instagram is about producing photos on the go, in the real world, in real-time," Kevin Systrom, Instagram's creator said on the Instagram blog announcing the desktop expansion.

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