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Worried that your home or office router might be vulnerable to hackers? There's an easy way to tell.

Boston security firm Rapid7 has put up a " Router Security Check " website that analyzes the visitor's network traffic for flaws in the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) networking protocol.

Earlier this month, Rapid7 publicized widespread UPnP vulnerabilities, estimating that there were tens of millions of routers, networked printers, networked television sets and other non-computer devices that contained the flaws.

"These issues potentially expose millions of users to remote attacks that could result in the theft of sensitive information or further assaults on connected machines such as personal computers," states the brief text on the page.

The scan, which is triggered by a big orange button labeled, "Scan My Router," takes about 30 seconds.

If you get a result saying your router is indeed vulnerable, you'll need to go into its administrative settings to disable UPnP.

Rapid7 also offers a Windows applet called "ScanNow" that will scan an internal home or office network for any devices vulnerable to the UPnP flaws. The applet can be downloaded from the Router Security Check website.

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