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With smartphone in hand, everyone is a photographer — snapping and posting photos of their feet along with artfully arranged plates of food — but could we do better? Photojojo, a do-it-yourself photography tip site, says yes and this week announced it will offer Phoneography 101, a  month-long smartphone class delivered to your inbox.

Starting on the first of the month, participants will receive two online lessons designed to be viewed on an  iPhone . (An Android version of the class is in the works that will include Android apps and device-specific instructions.) 

Each lesson will take around five minutes to complete, Kiran Umapathy, a Photojojo spokesman, told TechNewsDaily. "You'll be able to do it while you're waiting in line," he said. 

But just because the lessons are short, doesn't mean you won't learn a lot. Topics will include camera basics, composition, experimental techniques,  creative effects  and lighting. 

"We'll show you ways around a phone's harsh flash, so you can take better photos indoors," Umapathy said. "And different experimental things like how to paint with light." 

Want a preview? We did too. Umapathy gave us a sneak peek at the first lesson: 

At the end of each lesson,  photographers  will be presented with a challenge to cement their new skills. Photojojo promises it’ll be something you can do nearly anywhere, anytime.

The cost for the class is $5. The first session will start March 1 with a new class beginning each month. Participants can enroll at any time and will receive an alert for the upcoming session. Register or sign up for an Android alert on the Photojojo website.

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