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It isn't easy being the administrator of a corporate Twitter account these days.

Yesterday, Burger King's Twitter feed was hilariously hijacked by pranksters who changed the feed's avatar to the McDonald's logo. Today (Feb. 19), it was Jeep's turn.

"We got sold to @Cadillac because we caught our employees doing these in the bathroom," said a posting at 1:35 p.m. ET accompanied by a photo of a bottle of painkillers.

Other tweets linked to hip-hop-related websites and to Philadelphia-based rappers. 

"You'll never catch @50cent ridin in a Dirty Ass @Jeep !!!! #ForDaLuLz #FreeJeep," read another posting.

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At around 3:15 p.m. ET, Jeep reasserted control over its own Twitter feed and deleted the prank tweets.

Burger King's embarrassing situation yesterday turned into a blessing in disguise as 60,000 new followers signed on to the hacked Twitter feed, just about doubling its previous numbers.

Hopefully Jeep, which already has about 105,000 followers, will also seize the opportunity.

In the meantime, to avoid suffering Jeep and Burger King's fate, make sure the password to your Twitter account is good, strong and not used anywhere else.

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