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Flickr takes aim at more social photo-sharing apps like Instagram and adds friend mentions to its update for iPhones released today (Feb. 21). But it hasn't forgotten its serious photographers who will now be able to download images to their phones for sharing and editing on-the-go.

The @ symbol has become a handy way to alert friends that you've mentioned them in a post. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and just about every social network uses the shortcut. Putting an "@" in front of friends' names in Flickr iPhone posts will now mean your friends — as long as they use Flickr — will receive a notification that you mentioned them.

But that's not all Flickr has done to update its app. You can now download your Flickr photos to your camera roll. Tap the share icon on any of your Flickr photos and tap “Save Photo.” The photo will appear in your iPhone’s camera roll at the largest available resolution.

Flickr  uploads will be faster and can now be done in the background while you move onto composing a title and choosing how you'd like to share the photo. Like with Instagram, you can take a photo in the app or use one from your camera roll. (Tap the camera icon or use your iPhone's volume up button to take a picture.)

If this sounds more like catch-up features than innovation, you're right. But Flickr deserves credit for adding features that users take for granted elsewhere, while maintaining its focus on high-resolution imagery.

Flickr has long been the popular choice for serious  photographers  who want to save high-resolution images, and it hasn't abandoned its hi-res capabilities to satisfy mobile users. However, larger photo files downloaded from Flickr will consume a lot more of your  iPhone's storage  capacity, so remember to routinely delete photos from your phone.

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