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Are your fingers ready for a triathlon? Googlers in Chrome Labs today (Feb. 27) released Super Sync Sports, a game that tests your dexterity by using your fingers to run, cycle and swim.

Your  smartphone  or tablet is the controller. Your computer is the playing field. You can play alone or with as many as three friends. Here's how to get started:

  1. Fire up your computer and go to and choose your event. Select single player or multiplayer.
  2. Turn your phone or tablet into a controller by syncing it with your computer. Launch Chrome browser for mobile and go to Type in the code you see on your computer screen.
  3. Select one of 50 quirky athletes like Cardboard Bob or Secret Agent from your mobile device. If you try to do it from your computer, you'll get a stern message from your coach reminding you to keep your hands off  the mouse . Confirm your choice and the race will start.

To move your athlete forward and win the race, you need to make the correct gestures as quickly as possible. (You'll see a diagram on your phone or tablet — running takes just two fingers on one hand, but you'll have to use both hands for cycling and swimming like moving your index fingers in tiny circular movements to mimic spinning bicycle wheels.) In tests, there was no discernible lag time between the two screens. Check the leaderboard for times to beat.

Chrome Super Sync Sports is available for Android and iOS.

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