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Hyperkin, the maker of RetroN game consoles that support multiple cartridges, has just announced its latest model, the RetroN 4. Set to be unveiled at the Midwest Gaming Classic in Wisconsin later this month, this system brings back the support of several "classic" game systems in one convenient unit, but with a very cool, modern touch: HDMI support for modern TVs.

HDMI is a big step up for the system maker, as its previous system models only supported the outdated A/V video, composite cables and S-Video hookups. With the RetroN 4, players would be able to experience classic games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES, Sega Genesis and Game Boy Advance on new HD sets. [See also: Midway Arcade: Classic Gaming for Your iPhone or iPad ]

The system will also include two original controller ports, so players can use their own vintage SNES, NES and Genesis controllers, though the system also comes with a wireless Bluetooth controller that supports all games. It also comes with a "Perdana" digital interface, allowing players to change their button formats, switch between consoles with ease, and more.

Though the system isn't supported by Sega or Nintendo (since both companies discontinued the NES, SNES, Game Boy and Genesis formats years ago), it's certainly bound to be a blast from the past for those who don't feel like dragging their tube TV out of the closet.

No pricing has been given for the unit, and pictures haven't been revealed yet, but it's likely to have a similar multifunction design as the company's RetroN 3 console.

More information should be revealed at the Midwest Gaming Classic.

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