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NewsChannel5 School Expo

NewsChannel5 is pleased to announce the School Expo being held Saturday, July 27 at SouthPark Center Mall in Strongsville. The event will be held from noon to 6 p.m. Full story

Strongsville schools return to normal

Strongsville schools returned to normal Tuesday as teachers went back to their classrooms with their students. Full story

Strongsville teachers back to school

Strongsville teachers went back to school Monday afternoon after an eight-week strike that ended over the weekend. Full story

Strongsville reacts to strike's end

The end to an eight-week-long teachers’ strike in Strongsville brought about mixed emotions in the suburban-Cleveland community. Full story

Reaction mixed to school strike ending

The end of the eight-week Strongsville teachers' strike was on the minds of students, parents and city officials Sunday. Full story

Strongsville teachers, board reach deal

The Strongsville Education Association and the board of education reached a tentative agreement in the strike Friday night. Full story

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Strongsville teachers' proposal public

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