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Waiting forever for a prearranged airport shuttle pickup may be a thing of the past, as far as Rinspeed is concerned.

The Swiss automaker recently showcased its latest electric vehicle, the MicroMAX, at the Geneva Auto Show.

This small-sized but useful commuter taxi-bus-hybrid is packed with cloud-based software that lets vehicles within a fleet "talk" to each other to set up future passenger pickups.

Despite its small size, each MicroMAX can hold up to three people (and their luggage) inside its living room-like cabin, complete with coffee machine, fridge and integrated Wi-Fi, plus a driver.

The catch? Everyone, including the driver, stands up while in the vehicle, or, more precisely, leans on half-seats that come with safety belts.

Powered by a 28-kilowatt electric motor capable of traveling 100 kilometers without a charge, the MicroMAX would also be environmentally friendly. It would let passengers forego large, gas-guzzling cars in favor of smaller, more convenient rides.

Rinspeed is currently talking with various automakers about the MicroMAX, and the company estimates each car's cost at between 5,000 and 10,000 euros.

No word yet whether any U.S. manufacturers are interested in a self-scheduling livery car — but for passengers needing a ride, it'd sure be a lot easier than a hailing a taxi.


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