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Fishing can be frustrating. You have to find the right spot and select the correct lure, then hope that you get the fish to come along and bite, only to struggle to reel them in.

For all those angry anglers out there, a new genre of gonzo fishing games offers satisfaction. It started with Vlambeer's Flash-based Web browser game "Radical Fishing." Then Gamenauts released a similar game for iOS called "Ninja Fishing," which combined catching fish and slicing them up with weapons.  

Now Vlambeer has answered back with "Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption." And even if you're not a fan of the sport, you'll want to reel this one in.

The game is divided into three segments, all centered on Billy, an expert fisherman.

In the first part, you cast a line into the waters, tilting the screen to guide your line along. You'll want to avoid catching a fish right away, because the deeper you go, the more you can catch on the way back up. Once you do hook a fish, you can pick up more as you rise, filling your lure with as many catches as possible.

Then it gets crazy. As your lure reaches the surface, the fish fly into the air, and you can obliterate them for cash, using weapons such as shotguns and Uzis. You tap on the screen to destroy fish with regular firepower, or drag your finger along to spread Uzi gunfire like a madman.

The more you destroy, the more virtual money you rake in, which you can use to buy lures, accessories and other equipment. You can also open up new fishing areas, each of which introduces new varieties of sea life to catch.

Violent? Sure. Silly? Absolutely. Addictively fun? More than we could've imagined. Vlambeer has managed to capture the essence of fishing, but in an arcade-style approach that never gets tiring.

There's plenty of content to unlock as well, including collectible fish hats and additions to your equipment, such as a bowling ball to give the lure extra weight on its descent. (And you don't have to purchase anything in-app to get this stuff, either – unlike with rival "Ninja Fishing.")

The artwork is more stylish than the original Flash game, with colorful fish spread across the screen and a neat effect in which the color tone of the water changes the deeper you go. And, of course, the fish carnage is humorous to watch when you unleash it (unless, perhaps, you are a vegetarian). The music is cheerfully reminiscent of the classic NES 8-bit days. [See also: 'Retro City Rampage' Delights with '80s and 8-Bit Game Adventures ]

At $2.99, "Ridiculous Fishing" looks expensive next to rival "Ninja Fishing," which is free, but the latter requires in-game purchases to advance. And "Ridiculous Fishing" is a better game, with so much unlockable content and thoroughly entertaining gameplay.  

In short, "Ridiculous Fishing" is a real catch.

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