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The rumored iWatch is making headlines, but ordinary people may not be buying into the hype.

In fact, according to a new survey of 1,000 mobile shoppers released by shopping app BuyVia, only 26 percent of respondents said they are interested in purchasing what could be Apple's latest rethink of the watch, and 38 percent said they'd pass on an iWatch.

The iWatch is part of a fairly new category of mobile devices that combines the functions of a smartphone, such as touch control, calling, texting and email, into what looks like a wristwatch.

But  Samsung  thinks the concept is a good idea and this week confirmed it is making a watch that would have many of the same capabilities of a smartphone.

BuyVia's co-founder Norman Fong said that packing smartphone features into a wearable device is what attracts the minority who say they'd buy an  iWatch .

“It’s as though consumers are only interested in a watch that offers everything the smartphone does, only in a more convenient package," Fong said. BuyVia's infographic below shows the features that are most important to would-be buyers.

Despite the media frenzy, a smartphone watch will have its limitations, such as making it tough to take photos, which could help boost the demand for the flagging  digital camera  market.

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