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Now that air travelers have grown accustomed to handling check-in and boarding passes for themselves, they're willing to shoulder more of the work — and pay — for getting from curbside to their seats on the plane if it means no lines.

After checking in online — and, in many cases, receiving a mobile boarding pass — travelers are frustrated by long lines to check their bags and would prefer to do it themselves.

In fact, 85 percent of global travelers said they would gladly print their own baggage tags, according to results from The 2013 NCR Traveler Experience Survey. NCR, a customer service consultant for businesses, surveyed 5,000 travelers in the United States, the United Kingdom, China, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil.

Rebooking a flight is another task that travelers would like to take over from airline agents. Two-thirds of travelers said they had experienced a  flight  delay or cancellation, and nearly half had been forced to wait more than an hour to be rebooked. Of those, 77 percent said they'd rather book their own alternative flight on their smartphones or at a kiosk.

For travelers who had managed to bring just a carry-on, having to check their bag in the jetway because overhead bins were full was inconvenient enough for more than half to say they'd pay for priority boarding to ensure their  carry-ons  got one of the coveted bins.

“The appetite for technology solutions that make everyday easier continues to grow,” Tyler Craig,  NCR Travel's general manager, said in a statement. But is it our yen for more technology, or simply our impatience with waiting?

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