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TV-over-Internet service Aereo will expand to Utah

Aereo, which provides broadcast television over the Internet for $8 a month, says it will expand to Utah next month. Full story

NY judge blasts refusal to review online TV ruling

A federal appeals judge warned Tuesday that the revenue streams that finance free television were being undermined by court rulings permitting a startup company to offer live television broadcasts over the Internet without paying fees to broadcasters. Full story

In setback for broadcasters, U.S. court won't rehear Aereo appeal

NEW YORK (Reuters) - In another win for Barry Diller's IAC-backed Aereo Inc, a U.S. appeals court declined on Tuesday to rehear an appeal by the major broadcasters seeking to temporarily shut down the online television start-up. Full story

TV-over-Internet service Aereo heading to Chicago

Aereo, a startup that is trying to challenge cable and satellite TV packages with an $8-a-month offering over the Internet, says it will expand to Chicago in September. Full story

Aereo CEO on Network Battles

   Chet Kanojia, CEO of Aereo, discusses his company's plan to expand its online programming service into Atlanta, despite controversy with television networks over its legality.

TV Startup Aereo Countersues Big Broadcaster

Aereo, a company that lets you watch live and recorded television on any device, is suing CBS in a David-and-Goliath-style battle. Full story

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Web startup Aereo sets its sights on Boston TV market

Fox threatens to become cable channel amid Aereo dispute

Tech upstarts threaten TV broadcast model

Appeals court denies broadcaster request to shut Aereo


  Aereo presents challenge to broadcasters

Some broadcasters are considering moving their product exclusively to cable now because of a new way of distributing TV programs online.  NBC’s John Yang reports.

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