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Connecticut's Sen. Chris Murphy said that the people who vote against background checks are social Darwinists on the issue. They "really believe the best way to solve this is to throw a whole mess of guns out there and let people shoot it out."

Connecticut’s Sen. Chris Murphy didn’t hold back on Monday’s Morning Joe in describing what he thinks of those opposed to gun control reform measures.

“What you have here today is a bunch of gun control social Darwinists who really think that natural selection is going to take care of this problem,” said the Democratic senator. “They [think] if you put guns in the hands of good guys and bad guys and you hope that the good guys shoot the bad guys. They say the only way you can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Murphy also noted that legislator opposition to background checks stems from this belief—not just fear of the gun lobby.

“A lot of these folks who are going to vote against [background checks] on the Senate floor, really believe the best way to solve this is to throw a whole mess of guns out there and let people shoot it out,” he added.

Sen. Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida, argued on the Sunday talk shows that background checks won’t stop criminals from getting guns. Murphy called Rubio’s argument “ridiculous,” and added that choosing to not pass a law because it might be disobeyed is “essentially an argument for anarchy.”

“If we are spending all of our time talking about background checks as if somehow criminals will never get guns because they’ll have to go through background checks, we’re lying to people,” Rubio said on NBC’s Meet the Press. “Guns are what people are using but violence is their problem. No one is having a debate about the violence problem.”

A recent report found that states with the strongest gun laws had the fewest gun deaths. States with the most laws had a 42% lower gun death rate than states with the least number of laws.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough commented that the Florida Republican senator just doesn’t get it.

“The idea is to make sure fewer criminals get guns,” the Morning Joe host said. “The idea is to make sure members of al-Qaida don’t go on the Internet and say to jihadists across the world, ‘Come to America because we don’t’ have criminal background checks that are sufficient.’”

More than 1.5 million people have been denied a gun after a background checks, Murphy added.

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    >> still deep divisions among members of both parties. susan collins of maine announced she will back the proposal saying it doesn't infringe on second amendment rights but understands it's unpopular in her own state and i guess that was underlined by the governor of maine aggressively inviting gun makers to come to his state. on sunday, senator marco rubio went on seven or eight shows and said that actually a background check would not make it harder for criminals to get guns.

    >> they are highly accomplish in protecting the right of law abiding citizens to possess weapons which the second amendment guarantees and constitutional right and if the reason why we are doing this in essence spending our time talking about background checks as somehow criminals no longer get guns because they have to get a gun to go through a background check we are lying to people. criminals will no longer get guns because they have to undergo a background check we are lying to people. that is not true. the fact of the matter is we have a violence problem in america. guns are what people are using but violence is their problem and nobody is having a debate about the violence problem. i think this is a missed opportunity to have an honest and open conversation in the country about why these horrible and horrifying things are happen.

    >> yes, senator rubio criminals will still get guns. the idea is to make sure fewer criminals get guns. to make sure members of al qaeda don't go on the internet and say to jihadists across the world come, to america because we don't have criminal background checks that are sufficient. so people can actually buy bushmasters and other military style weapons on the internet or at gun shows. i don't get the logic. congressman peter king is expected to introduce the house version of the bill as early as today. over the weekend backers of legislation picked up support from gun rights groups and citizens committee for the right to keep and bear arms . also richard feldman president of the independent firearms association and announced his group is backing the manchin/toomey background check bill. so, senator, what does it look like? do we think that manchin/toomey has a chance of passing the senate?

    >> it does but it's going to be close. 60, 61 votes. listen, senator rubio is just wrong, right? since the brady bill went into effect, 2 million people who were legally prohibited from owning guns were stopped at the gun store when they went in because they tried to get a background check and couldn't get it. the argument the criminals will obey the law law is ridiculous clus. any time you pass a law some people will not obey it so --

    >> like the tsa checkpoints at the airports. bad people are still going to try to smuggle through drugs, too much cash, contraband, knives.

    >> doesn't mean we stop doing it.

    >> exactly. doesn't mean we shut down what the senator suggests we shut down all screening at airports tomorrow because criminals will still smulg things through there?

    >> i think what has happened here you can't explain the opposition of background checks because the nra is powerful. what you have here today is a bunch of gun control darwinists, right some who just believe natural selection will take care of this problem. you put guns in the good guys and bad guys you hope the good guys stop the bad guy . they say the only way to stop a bad guy is a good guy with a gun. you can't stop the background checks by saying the nra is powerful. i think a lot will vote against this and way to solve this is throw a mess of guns out and there let the folks shoot it out. it me a while to figure out there is a philosophy underlying this that allow people to justify being against background checks . not just that the nra are telling these guys to vote the wrong way but they believe the streets will be safer if criminals have guns and it's ridiculous.

    >> it's a 90/10 issue, ben. i'm not talking about assault weapon bans or high capacity magazines. i'm talking about criminal background checks . 90% of americans support this. in florida, where marco rubio is from, 90% of floridians in a very conservative state support criminal background checks . i hear a lot of people making noise and posturing. i've been in washington long enough to know that if something is 90/10 issue, it passes.

    >> yeah. there's certainly a dozen or more republican senators feeling that right now and weighing relatively small number of angry people who remember this versus a broader number of people who will support this. i think the question is whether they feel an intensity to their support whether they will be rewarded or who care are the nra .

    >> we showed earlier this morning, bob, something the president said in politico attacking mitt romney , saying that millionaires, obviously, think they only have to pay about, you know, 17%, 18% in taxes? the news came out overnight what the president paid in taxes. you just kind of wonder, right? right? where were the political advisers and who was his accountant? the president pays, after attacking mitt romney for a year, the president pays 18.4% in taxes!

    >> this is tax day . my sister's birthday also. and i generally say it's the only day where you think you made too much money over the course of the year, right?

    >> can i read this quickly? president obama said during the campaign, my opponent thinks that someone who makes $20 million a year like him should make a lower tax rate than a cop or a teacher who makes $50,000. i've heard estimates the president is worth $14 million. and he is paying less in taxes than a teacher.

    >> yes, at some point -- it's good to get this attention put on the issue. at some point we have to look at ordinary people , working people and middle class people and that sort of thing who shouldn't have to pay a much larger percentage of their income in taxes than folks who are very wealthy and the president is a very wealthy individual.

    >> he is a very wealthy individual. senator, the president has been running around talking about how the rich have paid their fair share and getting a free ride off the rest of us and rich aren't contributing, the bush tax. i keep hearing billionaires on my show saying i don't need the tax cut . they don't need the tax cut because they never pay! they don't pay what i pay! they don't pay what you pay. they don't pay what any of us suckers that got a salary pay. th they get their tax cut because they have the best accountants and best lawyers. it just seems unbelievably unfair.

    >> 18% is a pretty high rate to pay for people that are making that amount of money. you know? maybe the president should get another set of accountants.

    >> 18% is high? would you like to pay 18%? i'd love to pay 18%! if i could pay 18%, i mean, sign me up, brother? i need the president's accountants! it smacks at hypocrisy, doesn't it?

    >> the fact is we can't run this country based on the amount of revenue we are collecting today. we can't collect 18% from people making that much money and be able to afford to build roads and bridges and educate kids and do the research we need to. we need to make the admission this nation can't run on collecting 17% of gdp and largely making out of the the people making that kind of cash.

    >> you have hedge funders up in your state?

    >> yes.

    >> how did hedge funders who make billions of dollars, how do they get meese special deals? i'm just jealous, first of all, they got that money and secondly i can't pay 15% in tax rates . how have we let that stay on the books as long as we have?

    >> first of all, it's not just a carve out for hedge funds . this is an issue about broader pass-through income that hedge fund managers collect a lot of it. i think we have built up a mythology in this nation that tax policy drives all economic decision making and not true and maybe not the extent it used to be. if a hedge fund manager pays more in income not change their decision making and not top them from making risks. they will still make billions of dollars. i think we have to step back and say that this millingoloythology of people only investing mon ining money is 15% tax rate so not true.

    >> you hear in the "times" story story --

    >> they make money when they lose and when they win.

    >> the game is rigged and, you know, you have to keep talking about it until you get to a point where the mantjority of the country says we will not take it any more and we want a fairer deal.

    >> senator chris murphy , thank you for coming by.

    >> thank you.

    >> good luck.

    >> thank you.

    >> ben and bob, stick around, please.


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