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We asked for awesome things on the internet. Your suggestions.

1. The Boston Marathon bombings might have suspended your faith in humanity. This anecdote will bring it back: A group of soldiers dressed in full combat uniforms -who had already completed the Boston Marathon earlier in the day- ran right into the action, aiding victims, pulling off debris, assisting medics and saving lives. Read about this heroic act at Mother Jones and the New York Times.

2. Twitter fan Schuyler Hill alerted us to “Run For Boston,” an active spreadsheet encouraging solidarity with the effected Boston Marathoners through simple act of running.

3.  In response to cable outlets misreporting the apprehension of the Boston Marathon Bomber, Hayes Brown of Think Progress tweeted:

CNN right now:…

— Hayes Brown (@HayesBrown) April 17, 2013

Video: click3: A community comes together online

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    >>> last night i spoke about the disgraceful comments from senator susan collins who said the boston marathon runner should be held by a military tribunal if the suspect is a foreign national . make no mistake, when we find out who executed the attack, there will be many advocating two different attacks for justice.

    >>> click three is back, beginning with good news coming out of boston . this report was inspiring, soldiers participating in something called the tough ruck 2013 started monday's boston marathon before the other runners. they ran in full combat gear carrying 40-pound military backpacks to honor comrades killed in iraq and afghanistan. they immediately sprang into action, aiding victims, pulling off debris, assisting medics, and saving lives. one of the men was carlos arredondo . mr. arredondo became an antiwar activist after his son was killed in iraq. during the chaos, he, too, sprang into action and helped save the life of another man's son captured in this amazing photo. their story is among the most viewed and e-mailed on the "new york times" website. the second awesomest thing came from our twitter fan, skylar hill. a growing group of online organizers are showing support for the people of boston through the act of running. thousands of people have logged into this google dock sharing how many miles they ran and why. responses vary, to support my running family, to keep fear from winning, # runforboston also popped up and a run for boston facebook page where people can pinpoint where all these amazing runners are. it's almost enough to make someone as fully distance running averse as myself go for a jog.

    >>> the third comes amidst the chaos from other news outlets. a link with this description, cnn right now, here's what you see when you click on that link, a completely out of control cartoon dinosaur on roller blades . this appears to be the runaway mascot from the toronto raptors . i am, of course, awaiting the hologram version of this guy. see all these links on our website, we'll be


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