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updated 4/29/2013 1:48:33 PM ET 2013-04-29T17:48:33

Crisis manager Lanny Davis has an idea, "Tell it all, tell it early, and tell it yourself."

Former Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner, of New York, is seeking a comeback after a 2011 sexting scandal sent him into the political wilderness, and crisis manager Lanny Davis, former special counsel to President Bill Clinton, says the approach appears to be working.

“It did take Mr. Weiner a while, but he finally did it the right way. He suffered the pain, he made peace at home and I think he’s being forgiven by the people of New York and his competence, which is very high, is what’s now being looked at.”

Davis, whose clients have included Martha Stewart, New York’s Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel, and former Mississippi Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, a Republican, said the key to making a comeback is: “Tell it all, tell it early, and tell it yourself.”

Davis is author of the new book Crisis Tales: Five Rules for Coping With Crises in Business, Politics, and Life.

“Whether it’s personal or whether it’s political or business, getting the facts and figuring out what is truthful and can be said to get the story behind you.”

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    >>> on the political come back trail, former south carolina republican governor mark sanford will debate elizabeth bush . sanford along with anthony weiner and david pa tray yous three political players mounting come backs. let's bring out -- land any, good to see you.

    >> thanks for the introduction. i always want one person to call me and say lenny i have great news for you but it doesn't happen that often.

    >> it might be good news for you.

    >> my job is to try to help when there is a bad perm business or political situation. and my advice usually is very similar to what i say in my book is the over all rule about the truth, tell it all, tell it early and tell it yourself.

    >> is that the questions you go through. you've advised bill clinton , eve got martha stewart . it's a who's who list. when you have that prospect that gives you a call, what is the first question you ask them.

    >> what are the facts. for for me to get the facts i have to be an attorney in the room with attorneys because they protect the facts because they're worried about legal issues. so having attorney-client privilege being able to get the facts is the first element of things in any type of controversy, figuring out what is truthful to get the story behind you.

    >> how many clients have you had.

    >> dozens and dozens. i am sorry to say there are plenty of people in difficulty. they don't always call me earlier enough. in the case of trent lot it was after he experienced his controversy. when he came to me he was over for his position in the senate but he asked me what's the best method to heal and i put him in touch with rev ran jesse jackson and the two of them became very close. i tell that story in my book as another way to heal a personal hurt is to make piece and heal.

    >> when do you say no? we we

    >> well, when i can't get the trut out. when i dealt with penn state , i knew that the board of trustees had a story that could be told. i can't say yes to anyone who withholds the facts or has such an evil set of facts that there's no way for me to credibly defend them then i have to say no.

    >> if i they aren't already called you, let's say they haven't, what you're sharing with us is something that's not controversial. mark sanford , sun sentence advice.

    >> what happened, why, how sorry he is for the people he hurt. we have little pieces of it but he's never done the full story.

    >> former congress anthony weiner advising against the sex scandal now coming on strong. i think he did it the right way. it takes a while for a personal hurt when with your personal companion. he did it the right way, he suffered the pain, made peace at home and i think he's being forgiven by the people of new york.

    >> so lep any, one sentence would be keep op doing what you're doing, is that what you're saying.

    >> yes, don't be afraid of the tough questions and continue to make peace with the wonderful wife and child you have at home.

    >> david pa tray yous one.

    >> i'm a great admirer of him but heed a might mitted the affair when he had to then he shut up, had his pr people shut him down. terrible mistake. should have had a press conference and that story would have been behind him rather than it continuing to dribble out and continuing to hang over him. he was a truly great man, very badly advised.

    >> lenny davis , thanks so much for you time today.

    >> thanks for having me.

    >> today's tweet of the day comes from the star ledger out of newark new jersey. don't think we're back to normal after hurricane sandy. what


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