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In addition to increased security personnel, bags and backpacks have been banned at the finish line and the city has added evacuation centers along the 10 mile race course.

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings cities throughout the country are struggling to find ways to protect themselves during major events, and Philadelphia isn’t taking any chances with an upcoming running event this weekend.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, a Democrat, says the specter of Boston and security concerns are at the top of his mind as his city prepares for its annual Broad Street race this Sunday, the country’s largest ten-miler.

“There will be an enhanced police presence, there’s been even more coordination, and certainly learning from the tragedy in Boston,” Mayor Nutter said on Friday’s The Daily Rundown. “There are procedures that we will take, some seen, some unseen.”

In addition to increased security personnel, bags and backpacks have been banned at the finish line and the city has added evacuation centers along the race course.

Mayor Nutter said he also supports the use of surveillance cameras, and his administration has recently encouraged business owners to participate with the city’s “Safe Cam” program in addition to the city’s own network.  The program allows business owners with cameras in public spaces to register them with the city.

“Allowing the police to tie into private sector camera networks expands your ability to see what is going on across the city and I absolutely support that,” said Nutter.

Former House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King, R-N.Y., has recently pushed for more surveillance cameras in public places in major cities as a way to combat terrorism.

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    >>> boston bombings, city throughout the country are struggling to figure out how to protect themselves during major events by add aing more security personnel. but there, obviously, is never 100% guarantee for safety. but how do you prepare for the risk and reaction to an attack. joining me now is democratic mayor from philadelphia , mayor michael nutter , whose city will host a major road race of its own this sunday. and mayor nutter, we appreciate your time. the first big race your city is holding since the boston bombings. in the fuweeks that have passed, what new efforts you're employ employing now that you think will help your community?

    >> thank you for having me on. an enhanced police presence and more coordination and certainly learning from the tragedy in boston and our hearts and prayers will go out to the folks who, the family as of those who were killed and those who were injured. nearly 300 people hurt and pretty crazy kind of situation. but, nonetheless, we're going to have the street run on sunday. we communicated consistently with the runners and spectators. for instance, you know, no backpacks or kind of cloth bags. if you need to bring some stuff, we'll give you at our expo clear bags to bring your stuff in. the race concludes at the navy yard , philadelphia navy yard . no bags allowed there. we have a number of evacuation stations.

    >> sorry a to interrupt. one item, one thing we learned. when you have ten miles like that, the marathon, obviously, 26.2. you guys have ten miles. what do you do in something that is that long to protect not just the runners but the people walking along the sidelines to cheer them on?

    >> it's about both. about the runners and spectators and just regular folks who may be coming to check out the race. i mean, again, constant communication with the public. everyone is aware of what happened in boston . and there are procedures that we will take, as i said, in philly some seen and some unseen and we talk about some of the other elements. but i think people are well aware that we need to be extra cautious. the boston situation, you know, was a tragedy in and of itself. you never know, you have copy cats and other folks have things on their mind. we take precautions for big events. but in light of that, extra precautions.

    >> i want to make sure i move on because we have several other topics. congressman peter king of new york pushed for more surveillance cameras like the ones used in parts of new york city . do you support surveillance cameras in philadelphia ?

    >> absolutely. extensive surveillance camera network both those owned and opa operated by the city. we have our safe cam program where we encourage private entities. think about what happened in boston . i think that was lord & taylor , the company, who had the best video of these two individuals who were involved. so, the combination of public, private, those kind of partnerships. allowing the police to tie into private sector camera networks. expands your ability to see what is really going on across the city and absolutely i support that.

    >> i want to ask you on the issue of guns now, if we can very quickly. your city's murder rate is down significantly in the last four months compared to last year. great progress for you. you did that by focusing on high crime areas and prevention programs also play a role. doesn't the success you have reinforce the altogethrgument that the solution is not more gun laws but tougher enforcement of the laws that already exist?

    >> a combination of the two. clearly philadelphia when you look at our sister city to the north, new york city . they have the ability, the only city in new york state to enact their own gun legislation and we would benefit in philadelphia from the same. it's a combination of enforcing what you have. but certainly other steps that we can take. i support the second amendment, but, you know, quite frankly, i think i have a first amendment right not to be shot. so these rights are not at odds with each other and reasonable, sensible gun legislation, gun safety legislation, background checks. why do you need a 30 clip, 30 clips, 30 bullets in a magazine. all these kind of things. we can still make our citizens safe in america and not negatively impact second amendment rights. we have to have some reasonable in all of this. i think we can accomplish that. we need tougher laws, better laws and also enforcement of what we have.

    >> mayor, i would be remisif i didn't ask you quickly, the jury deliberating, that case prompted pennsylvania to tighten its regulations governing inspections of abortion clinics. are you confident the women of all income levels in your city right now have access?

    >> they do have access. this person was clearly disturbed. i'll leave it at that for the moment. the is this is a highly unusual situation but the women in philadelphia and certainly in pennsylvania . there are certainly numerous places where you can go to have legitimate, safe services for whatever any of the women in philadelphia , pennsylvania , may need. this guy was bizarre in the things that he did and clearly an aberration.

    >> yeah. mayor michael nutter of philadelphia . big race this weekend. ten miles. more than i can do. i hope everybody out there has a safe time.

    >> broad street run.

    >> we hope it is a gorgeous and safe weekend.

    >> thank you.


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