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Eh-oh, Teletubbies are making a comeback on Vine, Twitter's 6-second video-looping platform. And forget the tuba-tooting theme song of the original show, these Tubbies move to hip-hop.

The updated Teletubbies loops are the creation of Bruce Devlin, a young real estate agent in West Palm Beach, who has attracted more than 20,600 followers on Vine. He seems to have hit on a winning formula: kids' shows of the '90s set to Top 40 tunes. He's also given "Barney & Friends," "The Wiggles" and a slew of Disney clips the same treatment.

"Those shows were a big part of my childhood growing up," Devlin told TechNewsDaily. "My Vines takes me right back to sitting in front of my TV and singing along when I was a kid."

Vine-making tips

Take heart, making a  good Vine  takes practice, Devlin said and offered the following tips:

  • Be patient when you're attempting to loop videos and music together. "I have not yet posted a Vine that I have shot after the first try," Devlin said. "But when you finally match it up perfectly, it's worth it."
  • Do a few test videos and send them to your close friends first to see what they think before you post them to Vine.
  • Use the  hashtags  that Vine offers you on its Explore page under "Trending," so that more people see it than just your followers. In addition to using a hashtag that represents your Vine's subject, such as #dogsofvine and #nosleep, add one that indicates the type of Vine you've made, such as #howto and #remake.
  • Post your Vines to all your social media networks. The more people who see your Vines, the more followers and likes you are going to get on them.  Twitter  is the best one to post to because there are Twitter groups that tweet your Vines out to thousands of followers.
  • But what really motivates Devlin to make Vines (in between showing houses and coaching kids' flag football), is the chance to make people laugh.

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