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A Quinnipiac University poll released Friday showed the former secretary of state's favorability rating drop by nine points from February of this year, while potential contenders eyeing a 2016 presidential bid were out and about this week.

Hillary Clinton has not said whether or not she’ll be running for president again, but years out from the 2016 elections she’s already losing some ground as the frontrunner in the race.

A Quinnipiac University poll released Friday showed the former secretary of state’s favorability rating drop by nine points from February of this year. But overall, Clinton continues to dominate the 2016 field leading potential Republican opponents, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, 48% to 40%, and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul 49% to 41%.

The pro-Clinton super PAC “Ready for Hillary” launched its national finance council this week led by three Democratic mega-donors. Clinton also hired a former State Department aide to join her at what is now being called the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted a picture of himself with the former secretary of state as they marched together in a Memorial Day Parade in New Castle. Still, both have been reserved about speculation for a bid in 2016.

Other potential 2016 contenders were out and about this week, including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who garnered the most news attention as the Republican toured the reopening of the Jersey Shore with President Obama on Tuesday. Christie is facing re-election this fall in Democratic-leaning New Jersey, where polls show him with a wide lead over his Democrat Barbara Buono. But many speculate he may also have his eyes on a bigger race in ’16. Christie recently sat down for an interview with People Magazine discussing his weight loss and his distaste for New Jersey reality shows.

Failed 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney has remained fairly quiet since his loss last November. But he is now taking steps to re-enter the political scene by hosting a gathering of supporters and advisers which features several 2016 Republican contenders including Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Paul Ryan and Christie.

Meanwhile, Ann Romney offered her support to her husband’s former running mate in an interview with CBS’s This Morning on Thursday saying, “There are some great candidates out there and I think Mitt and I always are very partial to Paul Ryan – but we don’t even know if he’s going to run.”

Bush, another potential 2016 candidate, made light of comments his mother, former first lady Barbara Bush, said last month on Today before the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, that “we’ve had enough Bushes” in the White House.

“What can I tell you? All I can say is we all have mothers, right?” he said in a keynote address at the Mackinac Policy Conference.

Diving into the foreign policy debate, Paul published this article writing, “It is very clear that any attempt to aid the Syrian rebels would be complicated and dangerous, precisely because we don’t know who these people are.”

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    >> it comes to hillary clinton clinton , republicans have finally come back home according to the new quinnipiac poll just 8% of republicans support clinton in a hypothetical match up against former florida governor jeb bush . 10% of republicans backed kentucky senator rand paul . overall clinton continues to dominate the 2016 field leading bush 48-40 and ahead of paul 49-41. her favorability rating is down from an all-time high of 61% in february to 52%. 40% view her unfavorably. the pro clinton super pac, ready for hillary , launched its national finance council this week led by three democratic megadonors. clinton also hired a former state department aid to join what is now called the bill, hillary , and chelsea foundation. the week began with two famous residents. don't forget new york governor andrew cuomo . he has a home there as well marching side by side at a memorial day parade. speaking of political dynasties jeb bush was asked about his presidential prospects at the macinac policy conference in michigan this week and whether he agrees with his mother that, quote, we've had enough bushes. jeb bush said we all have mothers. yesterday's republican party makes a re-emergence this morning in "the wall street journal " where mitt romney announces a plan to rejoin the national dialogue. yesterday after his wife ann talked about who she and mitt would pick next time around.

    >> there are some great candidates out there and, you know, i think mitt and i are always very, very partial to paul ryan , but we don't even know if he is going to run.

    >> in a speech to new york republican fundraisers texas senator ted cruz announced he thinks republicans are and should be the party of the 47%. touting his generation of conservatives, the children of reagan. new jersey's chris christie made sure voters in his state saw him playing arcade games with the president this week. and tried to humanize his effort to lose weight with a spread in "people" magazine. that won a deep political discourse . vice president biden got one of his first 2016 endorsements from jack markel on this show. he made stops in trinidad toe bago this week as well as colombia on a world international tour that took him also to brazil. nbc's senior political editor mark murray is here and joins me for more. a few things that jump out at me here. hillary clinton it seems that some of this mud that was being thrown during the benghazi hearings trying to attach her to this controversy seems to have res mountainado with resonated with some republicans who say we don't like obama but hillary is doing great on the world stage.

    >> you can actually see that. i think it was inevitable the republicans would always come back home and hillary 's numbers kind of come back down to earth a little bit. it is important to note this is just one poll showing her favorability numbers going down. a recent "the washington post "/abc poll had her approval rating at 62%. it is interesting to see if this quinnipiac poll is part of a larger trend or it's just one survey that's out there.

    >> an interesting thing that i got from that ann romney sound bite where she said, well we're kind of partial to paul ryan , we were talking yesterday about ted cruz and he sort of said, the future of the party is in people like rand paul , mike lee , scott walker . he left out paul ryan .

    >> he did. and of course they are the same age generation.

    >> yes.

    >> they are a different generation as far as when they were elected. cruz, scott walker all came in the 2010 or 2012 elections. paul ryan as we know is elected back in the late 1990s .

    >> right.

    >> even though he is very young he has been on capitol hill for a while. i think what cruz was trying to do is draw a distinction between the folks who were fueled by the tea party who were elected in the last two national election cycles versus folks who had been on capitol hill for a little bit of a while.

    >> something that we've all done is try to walk away from our mother's rash comments at the time. that is something jeb bush seems to be doing here. he says moms say a lot of things. in michigan obviously a very important state in the republican primaries . one that his brother did not win in 2000 . what are we reading into jeb bush ? he certainly seems to be doing the right things but it does come down to between him or marco. both can't go.

    >> right. one thing is that jeb bush is laying certainly more ground work than he ever did going into 2012 or even in 2008 and i think he sees as a lot of folks do it is good to have your name talked about. even if you decide not to run. i think you chat with a lot of strategists out there, i think there is some doubt about him running. precisely for the reason his mother raised that maybe there are too many bushes.

    >> imagine another bush/ clinton matchup in 2016 after 1992 you get into the whole dynasty argument. last but not least chris christie talking to "people" magazine. we love pupus and we'pies and we're losing weight . certainly this helps his election in new jersey a blue state in terms of presidential politics but is it sort of the kiss of death moving forward in republican circles? could he mount a real sort of gop primary campaign? when you have people like rand paul and ted cruz who would be so popular in the early stage?

    >> luke, you don't know what is going to happen long term but first things first. he has to win re-election in new jersey and if he ends up doing that and does it decisively like say winning 60%, 70% of the vote, he might give some republicans and conservatives an opportunity for a second look saying, gosh. maybe if we end up having somebody like chris christie we could put new jersey in the republican column in a presidential contest. that is much easier said than done. there would be a big, ideological battle in 2016 on the republican side but it is an argument he could make --

    >> primary voters like governors. they like pragmatic governors a lot of the time. you saw it in the last campaign with mitt romney . we saw it with george w. bush .

    >> an outsider helps.


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