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WATCH: Carney shifts away from ‘phony’ scandals, Scarborough says not so fast

Phony scandals? Well, on Morning Joe, that’s “like throwing red meat in the middle of dogs,” host Joe Scarborough said. “What phony scandals? Do you think the IRS scandal is a phony scandal?” Full story

IRS Scandal: White House involved?

  During a Congressional testimony on Thursday, one witness claimed an Obama appointee was involved in the IRS scandal. Lanny Davis, author of "Crisis Tales"; Jennifer Stefano, Americans for Prosperity PA state director; and Mark Simone, WOR Radio talk s...

O’Donnell: The Washington media continues to fail in its coverage of the IRS non-scandal

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell has argued since the onset of the fake IRS scandal that the media has done a poor job covering the IRS non-scandal. Full story

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House Republicans link IRS scandal to Obamacare

SEE IT: McConnell links Obama to IRS scandal, Nixon in new ad

Very Last Word: Will the GOP give up the IRS talking point?

Very Last Word: Joy Reid calls out so-called ‘victims of IRS tyranny’

First Word: IRS hearings heat up

McConnell uses IRS scandal to woo Tea Party

Top Links: GOP failing to make the IRS-Obamacare link

Top Lines: Heritage (Action) trying to kill two birds — IRS, immigration reform — with one obstruction

O’Donnell reminds politicians of the real IRS scandal


  Bashir: Issa’s millions can’t buy the IRS scandal he wants

Martin Bashir reports that the $60 million Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., reportedly made last year – making him one of the richest men in Congress yet again – won’t buy him the IRS scandal he wants, now that evidence has surfaced the agency targeted left- as well as right-leaning political action gro