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It just became a lot easier to find out who your friends are snapchatting with most frequently, thanks to Snapchat's "Banquo" update, likely leading to some uncomfortable conversations.

Snapchat has always offered "leaderboards" that show how many picture messages (snaps) a user has sent, along with the top three friends they've messaged, which are labeled "best friends" in the app. Prior to the update, these tallies could be found only by visiting the Snapchat website. Now a user's leaderboard is available within the app simply by tapping a friend's name.

While Snapchat now stands as the No. 1 photo and video app in the App Store, it's really a messaging app. Instead of words, people take quick pictures or videos and send them as messages to friends. All snaps disappear in 10 seconds or less once the recipient opens the messages. [See also:  15-Year-Old Girl Explains Snapchat ]

You can bet users, primarily teens, will be tapping to see where they stand with their "best friends." And woe to the snooping boyfriends and girlfriends who may see that their significant others are chattin' away with someone else.

With the update,  Snapchat  has also made it easier to reach out to more friends. The app now lets users send snaps to anyone from their contact lists. Contacts who don't use the app will have to sign up for it before they can see the snap.

The update has been buggy for some, as evidenced by a growing number of comments in the App Store. Crashes, an inability to open the update to the app, and lost contacts are among the complaints, but users are also lamenting the change to the Snapchat ghost logo.

"Put the smiley face back on the ghost — It looks creepy without it!" User GreenLight posted. Indeed, the endearing little Snapchat ghost now has no features. However, the developers added an entertaining treat that has delighted users who stumbled across it.

"Enjoying this Snapchat update," Will Dedes  tweeted . "Highlight is the ghost having a little groove every time you hold the refresh."

Pull down on your feed and hold to see the ghost dance on a color-changing background. Watching the animated ghost may take the sting out of seeing you're not as popular on Snapchat as you thought.

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