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Armed with a diaper bag and a smartphone, dad is becoming the savvy shopper in the family.

A poll released today (June 14) from Placecast, a mobile deals platform, revealed dads are the new coupon clippers. But instead of using circulars and scissors, dads opt for deals from their mobile devices. 

The poll of 2,072 U.S. adults conducted by Harris Interactive showed that 58 percent of fathers have taken advantage of a deal delivered to their smartphones, outpacing both moms (46 percent) and those without kids (31 percent). 

"We always used to speak of  women   as the primary household shopper and heavy user of coupons, but dads today are researching, responding to and redeeming all manner of promotions via their phones and tablets," Kathryn Koegel, an analyst for the research, said in a statement. "We know that men in the millennial group [ages 18 to 34] are taking on broader responsibilities in parenting, not the least of which is shopping for their families."

Dads  are also more likely to spread the word to their friends that they got a good deal. Fifty three percent of  smartphone -wielding dads said they recommend stores to others, compared with 48 percent of moms.

Should anyone be surprised by these findings? Placecast CEO Alistair Goodman doesn't think so. “At first, we were surprised to see how interested fathers are in getting offers on their phones," Goodman said. "But it really makes sense, because men from 18-34 have historically been early adopters [of] new tech, and those ages overlap with the dad demographic.”

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