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The new Iranian president's restrained power: Bremmer

(Reuters) - This past weekend, centrist candidate Hassan Rohani won the Iranian presidential election by a landslide. Rohani beat the two perceived front-runners who were hand-selected conservative loyalists to supreme leader Ali Khamenei, and he did it with an outright majority, bypassing an expect Full story

Rohani once spoke approvingly of hiding Iran atomic work

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Years before he became Iran's president-elect, Hassan Rohani spoke approvingly about concealing his nation's nuclear program and said that when Pakistan got atomic bombs and Brazil began enriching uranium, "the world started to work with them." Full story

Analysis: Change to come slowly after election of Iranian moderate

DUBAI (Reuters) - The victory of a moderate in Iran's presidential election has kindled the hopes of liberals for a return to the "golden years" of reformist president Mohammad Khatami, when Iranians enjoyed more freedoms and Tehran had better relations with the West. Full story

Iran's Rohani hopes all will seize chance of friendly ties

DUBAI (Reuters) - President-elect Hassan Rohani held out the prospect on Monday of better relations between Iran and the world, including the United States, and progress on resolving the nuclear dispute. Full story

U.S. says Iran election may be hopeful sign for resolving nuclear dispute

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - The surprise win by Iran's Hassan Rohani in weekend presidential elections offers a possible opening for resolving a dispute with the United States over Tehran's nuclear ambitions, U.S. officials and analysts said on Sunday. Full story

Iranians count on president-elect Rohani to bring change

DUBAI (Reuters) - Thousands of Iranians celebrated on the streets into Sunday's early hours, counting on moderate president-elect Hassan Rohani to follow through on promises of better relations abroad and more freedom at home after routing hardliners at the polls. Full story

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White House says election of Iran's Rohani 'potentially hopeful': CBS

Iranian hardliner drops out of election, narrows field for allies

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