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Actor, comedian, and occasional Guardian columnist Russell Brand joined Morning Joe Monday.

On Monday, actor, comedian and occasional Guardian columnist Russell Brand joined Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski as well as Brian Shactman and the BBC’s Katty Kay for a discussion about his new comedy tour “Messiah Complex.”

Things get a bit, shall we say, intimate almost instantly when Brand offers a glimpse of his boots to the panel and then begins a running commentary on all that he sees.

Following his on-set interview, Brand gave us more details about his tour and on his penchant for meditation in our green room. Watch below:

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Video: Russell Brand takes over Morning Joe, makes fun of our newsroom

  1. Closed captioning of: Russell Brand takes over Morning Joe, makes fun of our newsroom

    >>> joining us now is a really big deal . i know, i'm told this. i'm not very pop cultured, i'm sorry. comedian, author, russell brand . " brand x ." this summer, his comedy tour, the messiah complex . he already told brian he might want to disrobe.

    >> i just thought i could loosen up, show a little more chest hair .

    >> only russell can do that.

    >> very nice compliment. brian , you are free to wear whatever you want . this is one of the freedoms afforded to you.

    >> the boots? fabulous.

    >> kinky boots time.

    >> there are some boots.

    >> those are nice.

    >> i wouldn't do that. i wouldn't disrespect your program. you did ask to see the boots. you're a fellow english woman so i felt obliged.

    >> we talked about kinky boots recently.

    >> fantastic, you have to go.

    >> russell .

    >> you just disrespected the table.

    >> jenga. it's like your desk is a puzzle. what is the solution? here you go, love. be careful, that's a low cut dress.

    >> i'm sorry.

    >> i'm -- i've got instincts. tell me what you need to know .

    >> i'm just going to have a drink here. question.

    >> messiah complex , that's the name your tour.

    >> yes.

    >> do you have one?

    >> no. it's a mental illness .

    >> right, and you don't have that either?

    >> i hope that i'm here as a fully qualified professional gentleman free from mental illness .

    >> none of us are. free from it.

    >> this is a hotbed of neuro sis and psychosis.

    >> joe's not here so there are no messiahs.

    >> that's true. we bring more mental illness to the table than we admit, at least on this side for sure. so tell me about the tour. you're starting in abu dhabi .

    >> yeah, it's in a lot of middle eastern nations and south africa and all across europe and of course in your wonderful country and in our country. really good tour. i'm talking about malcolm x , gandhi and jesus christ and how these figures are significant culturally and how icons are appropriated as a way to designate meaning particularly posthumously.

    >> what brings all those people together?

    >> they're all people who died for a cause. whose icons are used to designate meaning. perhaps not in the manner they intended.

    >> that sounds dead serious.

    >> it sounds funny when you do it as a joke.

    >> can we get 30 seconds now?

    >> not really, love. it's a lot of work.

    >> gandhi , go.

    >> i hope that's your message to gandhi and the people of india .

    >> it's funny though because i travel a lot.

    >> all these people are at work, right?

    >> they're working.

    >> work more quietly.

    >> they're facebooking actually.

    >> what are they doing?

    >> facebooking.

    >> facebooking. they can't look at pornography, i bet it's blocked on the website, right?

    >> i don't know.

    >> they look pretty focused. so they're allowed to look -- if they wanted to, they can tweet, facebook.

    >> they're probably tweeting right now.

    >> they're tweeting themselves senseless back there. lovely. creates the atmosphere of "we're a hot bed of news."

    >> they're actually actors.

    >> they're fully qualified. they're looking for acting work.

    >> you've a pretty broad range here. i'll ask a serious question. everyone asks, what do you like better, tv, movies or stand-up? which one's more difficult. movies can be boring because you shoot the thing 100 times . tch tv, it is what it is.

    >> the thing i like most is stand-up comedy. you know what happens if you work in media, people like to change the information so it suits a particular agenda. if you're in a room of people, then what you're saying is clear. if you say something people are could be fused about, you can explain it. if you say something as a joke, people can't pretend you're saying it seriously. i believe people are very intelligent but the information gets manipulated a lot.

    >> the accent, you know, when i see him in person, it's totally fine. "forgetting sarah marshal" or the tv show , it's fine. but i can't understand a single word you say.

    >> you can't understand it?

    >> when i'm driving in the car, i'm like, i have no idea.

    >> it's bet you focus on your driving. you don't want to be distracted.

    >> so it's a good thing.

    >> i think it's probably for the best.

    >> i think i'm just -- this is my first --

    >> brand experience?

    >> brand, yeah. i think it's not listening to hip, it's experiencing, it's just sort of taking it all in.

    >> you're talking about me as if i'm not here and as if i'm an extraterrestrial. you know i'm from a country that's near to you.

    >> we're sort of admiring the whole thing.

    >> thank you for your casual objectification.

    >> it's a positive experience.

    >> i'm glad it's positive for you. absolutely. any more questions? i've become nervous.

    >> why are you nervous? you're a powerful woman. you've got a lovely job. what seems to be the trouble?

    >> i don't know.

    >> you've got hair like princess diana . when she was alive. i wasn't being foioffensive.

    >> i'm petrified of her and you have her on her heels. i love this. keep going.

    >> what seep seems to be the trouble, love?

    >> would you do therapy with willie brant?

    >> who?

    >> would you do therapy with him?

    >> i don't think --

    >> because that's where he's heading.

    >> that's all right.

    >> you should refer to the person by their name, that's basic manners.

    >> that is where willie is heading.

    >> who is willie ?

    >> i don't know.

    >> okay, russell brand --

    >> is that what you do for a living?

    >> yes.

    >> okay, let me help you. i'm here to promote a tour call called messiah complex . these people i'm sure typically very good at their job. you're conveying news to the people of america . people of america , we're going to be okay. everything's all right. these are your trusted anchors. is that news -- these are your papers. i'll shuffle them for you. give us that.

    >> pen, you need a pen.

    >> okay, coming up later, thank you very much, okay, we're going to be talking about the situation with edward snowden . this whistleblower. is it good, what he's done for america , or are our secrets being jeopardized? we'll talk about that. also bradley manning, is bradley manning an american hero ? we care about your views here on " morning joe ." we'll be talking about those later. here with me are brian and cat. brian , nice tie. what do you think about edward snowden ? what do you think about the situation with snowden ? have you got anything to hide? should we be concerned about the rem lati revelations that are occurring?

    >> i understand everything he's saying.

    >> that's because you're look at him. o when you don't see him --

    >> stop saying he, i'm present.

    >> russell --

    >> what's wrong with your manners?

    >> i'm coming in tomorrow with a big necklace --

    >> don't be superficial. that's the problem with current affairs . your forget about ways important. you allow the agenda to be decided by superficial information. don't think about what i'm wearing. these things are superficial. don't be distracted. what do you think that gesture means, the way you're touching that bowl? what's the subtext of that? you need to lose that ring, mika, 'cause it don't mean nothing to you. you're grasping for the shaft. she's a shaft grasper.

    >> that was worth the money. absolutely.

    >> we don't need to see the tour.

    >> i got it now. russell brand --

    >> messiah complex .

    >> thank you, the tour, messiah complex .


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