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Video: Is a former Nazi commander living in U.S.?

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    >> is a former nazi commander living in the united states ? the associated press reporting a man who led an ss unit during world war ii has been living here for decades. that unit, accused of horrific war crimes . according to an associated press investigation, 94-year-old michael carkotz lied to authorities about his war time past to gain entry into the u.s. shortly after world war ii eventually settling in the suburbs of minneapolis with his wife and kids.

    >> couldn't believe it. it's not that i wouldn't want to. i couldn't believe it, because he just doesn't appear to me that, whatever that would be, you know.

    >> reporter: neighbors say he and his wife went on walks, mowed the lawn, and were active in their local church .

    >> he's kind of a gentle guy, quiet spoken.

    >> reporter: even more shocking, residents say there are holocaust survivors living in the same neighborhood.

    >> for my entire life she lived there and she was a holocaust survivor . there is another holocaust survivor that lives down the street.

    >> reporter: according to the ap records do not show he had a direct hand in war crimes but statements from that time confirm the unit he reportedly commanded killed civilians. authorities in poland say they'll investigate and help gather any possible evidence for the u.s.

    >> if you commit crimes as terrible as the crimes of the holocaust even many years later there will still be an effort to find you and hold you accountable. in this case we're talking about a local nazi collaborator .

    >> late friday karcoc's son accused the ap of defaming his father saying, quote, my father was never a nazi.


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