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After a veto override in Illinois, all 50 states now have concealed carry laws.

Residents of Illinois will soon be allowed to carry concealed guns after legislators overrode Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn’s veto this week. The law’s passage means that all 50 states now allow some form of concealed carry, but after years of horrific gun violence in Chicago, is that a good thing? The panelists on Up with Steve Kornacki, including Rep. Robin Kelly, an Illinois Democrat, discussed what this says about American culture as a whole.

Kelly was elected in a special election earlier this year, and the campaign that included a massive Super PAC ad campaign paid for by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg attacking Kelly’s opponent for her extremely pro-gun record. Kelly won her race, but the NRA is still flexing its muscles in preparation for next year’s election, and momentum for new gun regulations in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre faltered.

What happens when there are more guns in more hands? As the Guardian’s Ana Marie Cox points out, more people die, not from murder, but from suicide. It also means the individual states’ widely varying gun rules could cause major enforcement headaches.

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    >>> as of tuesday, it is now legal to carry a concealed weapon in public in every state in the country. that is thanks to illinois becoming the final state in the nation to pass a conceal carry law. federal district court had found the ban on concealed weapons to be unconstitutional and private property and places of work and worship unless property owners post signage that indicates otherwise. in an attempt to veto the legislation, pat quinn suggested changes to individuals carrying one gun at a time and prohibit guns in restaurants that serve alcohol. overwritten by the democratically controlled legislatu legislature.

    >> it is very, very important that we protect the people. i think the legislation today does not do that. it has shortcomings that will lead to tragedies.

    >> chicago witnessed more than 70 shootings, at least 12 of them fatal just over the july 4th holiday weekend alone. meanwhile, the political battle over congress effort the national rifle association is sending a mailier to 200,000 wv virginiaens that would have expanded background checks on gun sales. new york mayor michael bloomberg who is bank rolling a push for tougher gun laws is hosting a fund-raiser for him later this month. manchin receiving campaign costs from the billionaire. gun control advocate robin kelly defeat her opponents for an illinois congressional seat making congresswoman kelly for advocates saying they can turn gun control into a winning campaign issue. congressman, you're here. wanted to have you on for a while, a lot, but really for this subject. your story, as we say, this is the story the political world 's treatment of guns for the last two decades has been any affirmative push for gun control is politically risky. you could only pay a price for it, if you do it. and in your case, you ran against a former member of congress for the special election in illinois , i think back in february who had a very, she had a very good rating from the nra and, actually, i want to play. this is michael bloomberg and his group that bank rolled a campaign that ran ads like this in congressman kelly's district.

    >> in the race to replace jackson halverson got an a against banning assault weapons and banning ammunition clips. she co-sponse frd a bill that would allow some criminals to carry guns across state lines. when it comes to promoting gun violence , she gets an f.

    >> so, you won that race by a lopsided margin. i'm sure lots of reasons for it. but $2.5 million blanketing the air waves is a big factor. i wonder, you're in washington now, you're in congress now. did that experience of how you got there, did that send a message that resonated with any of your colleagues in washington?

    >> i think it relaxed people and let them see, yes, you can win a race when being for gun safety and gun control . i mean, beside the mayor, before he got involved in the race, he received all the attention, but the net roots community supported me, also. they supported me earlier and that was from sea to shining sea that they supported me and they donated to the race and they helped put me on the map also. and, again, just to be clear, he didn't give me any money.

    >> superpac, no coordination. but your record on guns was clear and your opponent's record on guns was clear. and in this case, the candidate who had the strong record on, you know, sort of the nra side paid a real political price for it. when you look, though, the three or four months after sandy hook when you were elected and now i think we passed the six month mark a while back. how frustrating to you that you got elected and sent this message and we are where we are in the middle of summer of 2013 .

    >> very frustrating that we can't get a background gun check law passed even the majority of nra members want this past. i don't understand it myself. i was shocked when i was there that it did not pass. and we just have to keep pushing pushing, you know, to bring the bill back and to work hard to get it passed. i promised the moms. either speak with them or text them or e-mail them somebody from the movement every day and i promise them that i'm going to be a voice and there are other people that feel like me, also.

    >> and i would say bloomberg and what bloomberg doing financially, the people he is affiliated with, the great hope of how to turn the politics of gun control around. this is, we need more races like this.

    >> this particular member of congress is a great example of how this can work, but what michael bloomberg is doing with other races is not very similar. let me explain. in this instance we had an nra a plus congresswoman debbie halvorson bad on gun control and a much better option here. when you go into states like arkansas and go after a senator who is maybe a c minus from the nra perspentive and you don't have a better option that you are pushing, prior. you don't have a better option that you are pushing, you run the risk of going from the c minus nra person to an a plus nra person and that's not productive. when you go after the candidates who are bad on gun control , you also have to get involved with candidates and grassroots and having a better alternative. this was a great alternative and i'm glad that you won and not just mayor bloomberg that put you over the top . i will say it, a lot of factors there. but that is the kind of model that can be used in other states where it doesn't help to just go after the bad guys . you also have to have good people to replace them with.

    >> you're taking, as we talked about this in the show before. the strategic question. if you have a democrat with a bad record, do you go after that democrat against a republican who maybe would ultimately have a worst record. do you think there is value in that politically?

    >> one of the problems now, at least in the house, i was the 201st democrat and 234 republicans and we need the numbers to take back the house. and if we don't do that, then we're going to continue with this nonaction in a lot of ways. so, that's the other thing you have to weigh also. even though i definitely want to see things change as far as gun safety and gun laws . but as long as we're in the majority, i don't think it's going to happen because the moderate republicans don't, you know, it feels like there is democrats, republicans and tea party folks and the tea party folks seem to have a lot of control over the moderate republicans or regular republicans.

    >> but your race was a primary. i'm saying, we could challenge a primary in a democratic primary be a better democratic candidate to then go up against.

    >> in 2014 when he's running against a republican and go and have an a plus. we want to talk about


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