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In an aggressive interview, Bachmann threw personal barbs and, at times, fiction, at the president for his policy agenda.

The Republican Party should give the president a “spanking” and take his “perpetual magic wand” away, Rep. Michele Bachmann said on Monday.

In an interview with World Daily Net, Bachmann threw personal barbs and, at times, fiction at the president.

“He has a perpetual magic wand and nobody’s given him a spanking yet and taken it out of his hand,” the Minnesota Republican said, criticizing President Obama and advising the House to use their powers of funding to derail his agenda. “That’s what Congress needs to do, give the president a major wake-up call. And the way we spank the president, we do it through the checkbook. We’re the ones who say, no! You can’t have the money!”

Bachmann said that if Republicans vote for immigration they could risk losing control of the House of Representatives.

“Contrary to popular opinion, Republicans won’t get patted on the back or get new votes because of passing amnesty—they’re going to get blamed,” she said.

She predicted the president would use his “magic wand” to give voting rights to undocumented immigrants, something she said he’s already done for Latinos “under age 30,” an apparent reference to the executive order he issued to halt the deportation of some young immigrants brought here illegally. The order did not grant them voting rights.

“I’m not crying wolf here,” she said in the video republished by Right Wing Watch.

The president will push his legislative agenda on the American people, Bachmann alleged, slamming the president for advocating comprehensive immigration reform.

“Of course he does what he wants, unless we pinch his ears back,” she said.

Bachmann has said she will not seek reelection in 2014.


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