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Black lawyer group urges Florida governor to repeal 'Stand Your Ground'

MIAMI BEACH, Florida (Reuters) - A leading group of black lawyers on Monday urged Florida's governor to call a special legislative session to repeal the state's "Stand Your Ground" law after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.Full story

Why Florida’s governor needs to stand against ‘Stand Your Ground’

Maybe Florida Gov. Rick Scott thought the whole brouhaha over the "Stand Your Ground" laws would go away now that George Zimmerman has been acquitted. Not even close. Full story

Dear Gov. Scott, time to stand against Stand Your Ground

  Melissa Harris-Perry’s “Open Letter” goes out to Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who has protesters outside his office calling for a change to the state’s Stand Your Ground law. “They want real action that shows you understand this law is unacceptable and should not be used to justify the death of an unarm

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  Revisiting Stand Your Ground laws in the wake of Juror B29

In the wake of Juror B29’s comments on the George Zimmerman trial, Rev. Al Sharpton and author Marcia Clark talk about the impact of Florida’s Stand Your Ground law on the jury’s verdict.