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You'll never guess where they might issue permits to shoot down drones. No, it's not Texas.

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Hey, whatever happened to all of those Obama “scandals” everyone was so worked up about?

Josh Marshall calls Marco Rubio the “main political fatality” of the immigration debate, writing ” there was so little to the man in the first place absent his fortuitous would-be positioning as the young new Hispanic face of a Republican party reeling from a reputation for having little to no traction with America’s burgeoning non-white population.” Is Rubio’s political career donzo?

Dear Trail, CO is considering issuing licenses to shoot drones.”Either the nose or tail may be damaged, but not both,” the proposal notes.

Unearthed audio from 2009 reveals an irate Kanye West saying all sorts of very Kanye-ish things about Taylor Swift and Pink after the 2009 VMAs! What do you want from me, it’s been a slow day.

And finally, please enjoy this video of a Guinness Record breaking 275,000 dominoes falling down, as dominoes do.


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