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Conservatives complaining that President Barack Obama "injected race" into the discussion over Trayvon Martin's death, are now making the claim that the lmedia ignores the issue of "black on black" crime. Michael Eric Dyson and Joy Reid join Ed Schultz to discuss.

Conservatives complaining that President Barack Obama “injected race” into the discussion over Trayvon Martin’s death, are now making the claim that the lmedia ignores the issue of “black on black” crime. Michael Eric Dyson and Joy Reid join Ed Schultz to discuss.

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    >>> black on black violence.

    >> black on black crime.

    >> black on black murd.

    >> black on black crime.

    >> black on black crime.

    >> should the african-american community focus on that, the black on black crime, carnage in our inner cities and not on george zimmerman .

    >> was there something going on at fox where they all happen it say black on black crime? this very same conservatives complaining that president obama injected race into the discussion over the death of trayvon martin are now making the claim that we in the media ignore the issue of black on black crime. i refuse to ignore black on black crime or any crime. because conservatives aren't telling the whole story. majority of murders are between people of the same race. that's right. 94% of black victims were killed by black offenders. but wait a minute. 86% of white victims were killed by white offenders. what is going on here? my friends, there's a distortion of facts going on that breeds the same kind of fear-based profiling which led george zimmerman to follow trayvon martin. the same rhetoric that had fox news hosts anticipating riots instead of protests in the wake of the zimmerman verdict. this is exactly the kind of rhetoric president obama was asking us, as a nation, to examine. what gets me though is conservatives aren't bringing up black on black crime calling for justice. there is no outrage over racial disparity. black male born in 2001 has 32% chance of spending more, some forcing of his time, and life in prison . white male born the same year has just 6% chance. now conservatives aren't exactly rolling up their sleeves and addressing the lack of economic opportunity in black communities, are they? they aren't outrages when they bought president obama 's job act or schools closed in chicago or communities that node them the most. they are not addressing republicans refusal it pass gun safety legislation supported by the majority of people in this country. no. conservatists -- if conservatives are going to act outraged by figures on black on black crime they need to be outraged by factors contributing to the problem. and i think they are part of the problem, the way they tell it to the american people . michael eric dyson back with us it note for the discussion. also joining us, joy reed. always great to have you both. joy, in your opinion is rampant black on black crime just a myth?

    >> you know, all of this discussion from the right -- first of all, black people are not disabused of this notion that these conservatives on fox or elsewhere care at all on black on black crime or victims of the same. they are saying this to deflect from the fundamental issue because the reality is that killers, criminals, murderers, tend to operate within their own geographic space. so a killer will operate within the community he lives. he wouldn't go into a black community and kill children in a preschool there. he stays local and does it in his own community. we don't talk about white on white crime when we talk about white people killing other white people .

    >> michael, your response to that narrative tape, it seems like they are on a mission.

    >> of course. and i mean, they are ignoring what you put out and ignoring what joy reid so eloquently articulated. people kill where they live. if if you want activity of stealing and robbing and other mayhem, then have the communities integrated. they usually go for local work. which means they kill people they know. people harm people they have met. for the most part. and people within their circum navigated geography. the reality is fox news tried to pump up the volume with black on black crime.

    >> i think their naftive of black on black crime is narrative of letting detroit go bankrupt. it is just a bunch of black kids doing it to one another. i think it all ties in together. i believe that. joy, your son asked a tough question in an op ed this weekend. tell bus it.

    >> my son, jamar, who is 16 years old, walks a verdict with his dad, brother and sister like a lot of people did, the zimmerman verdict. he was surprised. he thought zimmerman would be convicted. in his mind following and shooting a black kid should mean you go to jail. he felt afterwards it deval i'd his own life, life of people like him. my son doesn't operate in an all black context. his best friend is white. he lives in a community and goes to school with kids of all cases. now he feels singled out. me, as a young black man, this is him, saying my life is less valuable.

    >> if we invest in detroit, it changes the focus of how we care about the judge of this country. that's why i think these stories are very much connected. president obama took heat from tavis smiley this morning. has president obama done enough on the race issue? has he addressed it enough?

    >> look, obviously we always want more. you know what we want to hear from president obama because he is a smart guy on race. he wrote " dreams from my father ." you don't want michael jordan in the white house and not talk about basketball. you don't want barack obama in the white house and not talk about race. the reality is however, the consequences of his discourse, have been from the far right wing assault and look, tavis smiley is a friend of mine, i love him. but tavis and his buddy, dr. west, are in hateration. i think the comments filtered through the prism of personal an mouse and they can't see the larger landscape and they never acknowledge the good that might be good. tavis is wonderful and is right in giving us more but now the president that has give us more because he is such an insight if race in america.


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