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Some conservatives have jumped on the Detroit's bankruptcy filing as an example of the failure of liberal governance.

Tonight on All In with Chris Hayes: despite having one of their demands met late last week–a meeting with Governor Rick Scott–the group of Trayvon Martin supporters protesting Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law continued their occupation of the governor’s office Monday. The “Dream Defenders’” frustration was echoed around the country over the weekend with protests held in at least 100 cities. Michelle Alexander, Associate Professor at Ohio State University and civil rights advocate, and Phillip Agnew, Executive Director of the Dream Defenders, will join the table to discuss the latest in reaction to the Trayvon Martin verdict and the national conversation it has sparked on race in America.

Plus: following the news of Detroit’s bankruptcy, city retirees are facing “significant” pension cuts, according to emergency manager Kevyn Orr. Michigan unions are fighting back, but face an uphill battle as the pension shortfall makes up nearly 20% of Detroit’s debt. Meanwhile, some conservatives have jumped on the city’s bankruptcy filing as an example of the failure of liberal governance. Chris Hayes will talk with AvikRoy, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and former member of Mitt Romney’s Health Care Policy Advisory Group, about the conservative accusations and what lies ahead for Detroit residents who rely on their city pensions.

Later, Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida will join Chris Hayes to talk about a new profile from Slate‘s Dave Weigel that labels him “the most effective member of Congress,” a weighty title considering the level of partisan gridlock plaguing the Capitol.

In light of Monday’s birth of the Royal Baby, Chris Hayes will also delve into the issues of heredity and upward mobility. A new study shows that even in the United States, where a child is born has a significant effect on his or her likelihood of moving up economically. Heather McGhee, Vice President of Demos, will join the conversation.


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