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While the national media is paying attention to Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is quietly laying the tracks for a presidential bid in 2016. E.J. Dionne, John Fugelsang and Ruth Conniff join Ed Schultz to discuss.

While the national media is paying attention to Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is quietly laying the tracks for a presidential bid in 2016. E.J. Dionne, John Fugelsang and Ruth Conniff join Ed Schultz to discuss.

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    >> could enforce its policy requiring a permit for dem demonstrations.

    >> walker is acting like a typical school yard bully.

    >> maybe a thousand tomorrow.

    >> i feel like it's an injustice.

    >> moving wisconsin forward and people want to continue down that path. we need to do that nationally as well.

    >> this is the kind of candidate that republicans wanton a negligen national level /* /-.

    >> walk this way , talk this way

    >> folks on the ed show, well, he's back. take a look that guy, scott walker . while the national media is looking at chris christie , rand paul and ted cruz , there is also this guy, governor scott walker of wisconsin . he is quietly putting together the presidential bid for 2016 . you remember this guy. this guy made his mark in 2011 by signing some of the most anti-worker legislation and conservatives absolutely adore him for it. a move which drove tens of thousands of protesters in madison, washington to the capitol to make sure their voices were heard. this man took away rights for unions to bargain, get better pay and job security and benefits just to hang on to what they had. he expanded a taxpayer finance school voucher program at the expense of public schools . think about that. in midst of a financial crisis , he started making austerity cuts. he cut a billion dollars out of the education budget and fired teachers. he cut taxes for the wealthiest. that's right. he cut income taxes . he signed a mentor requiring women seeking an abortion it view an ultra sound before the procedure. so he's right in on the republican war on women. it makes sense that republicans just love this guy. his only challenge right now is name recognition. that's why he is on the rubber chicken circuit. scott walker is looking to cash in on all of this. that right, folks. governor scott walker wants to be president scott walker . how do we know? take a look at this map. this tells you all you need to know . these are the states where scott walker has visited just this year. and on the heels of raising millions of dollars. he is raising money and teaching other state legislators how to go after workers. how to destroy unions. this is what he talks about. i mean, it's not concentrated in one portion of the country, is it? he is trying to be a national candidate. now if you're looking for a new paper weight or if you want to paper train your puppy or line your bird cage , he's going to give you the opportunity. he's got a book out this fall. the title of the book is "unintimidated, a governor's story and a nation's challenge". now on friday, walker gave the keynote speech at western conservative summit in colorado. while walker was out campaigning and promoting himself, dozens of his constituent, back in his home state of washington , were being arrested in the capitol for singing. you heard me right. for singing. throw woeks after a federal judge said wisconsin could legally require permits for group under 20 it started. every weekday since march 20011, a group of walker protesters participated in what they call a sing-along at the capitol . it is enthusiastic at their part. now they are being arrested. by friday, who than 60 people had been arrested. since when do you have to have a permit to exercise your constitutional right as free speech ? i thought these righties love free speech . this is what scott walker 's government looks like. you know what else scott walker 's government looks like in in 2012 wisconsin ranked 33 among 50 states in the private sector for growth. that of course is the lower second half. lets it continues to trail the national growth rate as well and at the current pace, there's going to be about 124,000 private sector jobs created by the time walker 's term ends in 2015 . that's half of the 250,000 jobs that walker promised to create on the campaign trail. and wisconsin 's average wages still lag behind the national average. walker's government rejected medicaid expansion. his budget will force 90,000 low income people off the state 's badger care program and into the federal system . where they will face cost increases. so basically to recap, folks, this is the man who i think is the sleeper candidate for the republican party . his policies are anti-worker. he is right in on the anti-woman agenda. he is trying to privatize education in his state . and he is leaving his own constituents without affordable healthcare. sounds familiar, doesn't it? he is arresting people who disagree with him for exercising their constitutional right to free speech . if that what the republicans want to hold up on the national stage, coming up in 2016 , i believe one old politician said, bring it on. he offered a perfectly packaged example of what is wrong with the republican party . he is the corporate golden boy right now. he is not getting the publicity buzz he doesn't say the flashy things that christie does. aeb he is not out there getting the national headlines. but behind the scenes , if you look closely at his machine, he is doing everything i think correctly. he is laying all the bricks. laying the foundation. to do what he has to do. and he is kind of the say anything do anything you tell him to do politician. wait until you gets in front of the wall streeters. they will love this guy because he bends quickly, big time . and he is a selfish guy. he doesn't like workers. he doesn't believe in middle class . he may be the perfect candidate for the republicans . in fact, he will be the best debater on the stage. you wait and see. get yourself on. i want to know what you think. tonight's question, who would you like to see the republican nomination go to? text a for scott walker , text b to chris christie . or go to our blog. we will bring you the results later on in the show. joining me is washington poekst ej payi pagan. he has to have ledge lative help to get all of this done. is this what wisconsin is all about, is the badger state changing under this i go?

    >> well, it's been transformed. i mean we have been taken over and you have been covering this story a lock time, ed, so you know about the 30 million walker spent in the recall effort against him. he brought money into this politics and this state like never before and 75% of the money came from outside the state . just as he is on a national tour gearing up for his presidential campaign he is bringing outside interest into the state and he has a powerful machine. he now controls all three branches of government. he is in the governor's mansion. our legislature which used to be democratic is republican in both houses. there is a lot of outside money that's gone into buying those seats. he has incredible power and for that handful of people who continue to show up at the capitol to sing solidarity forever , it turns out he can physically drag them out of our capitol building . it is pretty amazing to see what is happening here.

    >> what is the reaction of people there, ruth , to the arrests taking place and are they blaming walker for this?

    >> absolutely. the day after walker had those 22 singers arrested, and by the way, i have my solidarity sing along book here. in case we want to have a solidarity sing along in a couple of minutes. these are people i know . these are retired teachers. progressive magazine. you know, folks who work downtown. really peaceable people coming to the capitol , singing their songs, day after day for 2 1/2 years. nice people who have been happy to step aside if there is a wedding or other public event. he has dragged them away, the next day of after he dragged away the 20 singers, there were 2200 people in the capitol . he is doing the opposite of dragginging away folks.

    >> he is doing exactly what the koch brothers want. he is going after public employees, going after employees. cutting education, trying to privatize. is he the sleeper? is he a i go that republicans really should invest in?

    >> i think you're right that he is a sleeper. i kind of hear you rooting for are for him because i think you would like to argue with him for about two years.

    >> since you brut that up, i want to tell you, next weekend we are broadcasting from minnesota. it is very interesting. what ruth was saying about the political power of scott walker just across the river, mark daton has the political power and you see a democrat ing run state and republican run state . and there is a drastic difference as to which state is moving forward. but along the lines after national sleeper, on the heels after wisconsinite being on the last ticket, do you think national republicans would accept a guy from wisconsin if he is doing the all the right things? what do you think, ej.

    >> i think there is one guy wh might get in the way of that and that paul ryan , also from wisconsin . and also if ryan want it run, i think he could get in walk are's way. republicanes have an interesting problem here because they've got ryan and walker from wisconsin . they got marco rubio and jeb bush from florida. so there's going to be a lot of sorting out to do. but on those demonstrations a lot of conservatives like to call themselves libertarian. many of them actually are libertarian. i would love to see some libertarians step up and say, look, it is an a libertarian thing to do, to go to the judge and get in the way of free speech and free assembly . maybe ruth can sing to that song to book it expression views on that.

    >> john saying where is walker vulnerable in your opinion?

    >> i think you're right, ed. in saying he is probably the gop candida candidate with the best chance of being completely hug humiliated by hillary clinton .

    >> or joe biden .

    >> or joe biden . leaving out he turned around $810 million for a rail line connectioning milwaukee to manson. he also opposes hospital visitation for lgbt couples. scott walker brought his fate aechb he has been very public. that's his driving rational for draconian abortion legislation that won't be popular with the general public and the general election . despite the fact jesus never said anything about abortion but he was quite specific about how to treat the less fortunate. when you lock at scott walk are's record, collective bargaining rights for teachers hurts the deficit but tach cuts for gazillion airs doesn't. that's the crown jewel in scott walker 's kingdom of corn dog .

    >> ruth , he is not a washingtonite. does that help him? does that help republicans ?

    >> maybe. he has this folksy appeal. he gave a speech in indiana and couple of right wing blockers called him awesome sauce. he has a plain style speaking pch if you look at the results of his tenure here in wisconsin , we are dragging behind the rest of the region in job creation . and every time he has a job summit with our legislature, we have more forced ultra sound bills and cancellation cancellation of sex ed bills. so it is clear in wisconsin we aren't doing well under scott walker . i think the nation might look at that.

    >> e.j., when you look at walker and the candidates, they have to say where they stand on the nsa. could this be his weakness? i don't even know where he stand on this right now. but he has to formulate an opinion that will pick either the radicals or going to pick, if they are still left, pick mainstream republicans still left. what do you think?

    >> i think this is big problem in the republican prty though. when you lock at that vote in the house it also split democrat. but you have a very substantial group of republicans who are critical of this. would you think that given walker's record he would lean toward the libertarians on that. but he is also a social conservative . i think it is hard choice for him politically and it will tell us a lot about which kind of conservative is he really, depending on which side he comes out on that.

    >> john, at the end of the day , how many jobs did you create? they've been working over president obama saying he hasn't created enough jobs.

    >> he is prove, ed, this struggle isn't between conservatives and liberals. i was playing madison throw times last year. if you are looking no for role models, dent lock for politicians. i think it is great we are 50 years later seeing a crack down on folk music . scott walker been around 50 years ago, if he listened to beatles, we could have listened to pat boone still. i would love to see the eyes of america turn those in the capitol . they out there petitioning for grievances as founding fathers did every single day and they make me proud to be an america.

    >> john, ruth , e.j., thanks for being with us on "the


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