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'The Rachel Maddow Show' for Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

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September 18, 2013

RACHEL MADDOW, HOST: And thanks to you at home for staying with us this

There was an unexpected announcement today from the Federal Reserve that
the Fed was not going to dial back on its efforts to help the economy. The
Feds said today they would continue their own version of an economic
stimulus for the country as best they can.

News of that surprised decision today led to -- look at this -- led to a
huge rally on Wall Street. You can see the before and after very clearly
there. The S&P 500 hit a new record high today.

The Dow went through the roof today. Happy days, right? If you own stocks
better go catch them. They have taken off running again.

And you know, they basically have run all year, stocks up by 20 percent
overall. Happy days on Wall Street -- particularly today where they just
put an exclamation point on the dollar sign today.

Don`t get too excited, though. Because in a week or two we`re about to
throw down the tire-popping speed strip in front of the racing economy,
because on purpose, we`re going to shut down the federal government. And
maybe default on the national debt for fun -- for fun and for profit.

This is one of the weirdest and most entertaining hallmarks of this era in
conservative politics in our country. It is the scam part of conservative
politics. And usually, the scam part of conservative politics is just
funny and sometimes a little sad and exploitative.

But right now, it is why we are going to shut down the federal government
for no good reason and why we are maybe going to default on the debt.

We have seen how this works in sharp relief for the past few years now.

Exhibit A, back in 2010, the politician Mike Huckabee needed a job. He
used to be governor of Arkansas. He tried to be president of the United
States. Those things were over or they didn`t work out. So, instead, he
created for himself a new job, the job of Obamacare repealer-in-chief.


MIKE HUCKABEE, FORMER ARKANSAS GOVERNOR: It`s one thing to have to take
our medicine when we`re kids. But American voters are grownups. We expect
and demand to be treated like it, and we weren`t.

Well, now, we`ll do our spanking on the Congress and show them that we
still rule in this country. That`s the way it`s supposed to be and the way
it will be when we get this petition signed.

ANNOUNCER: Call right now to sign the petition, or go online before
serious damage is done to our health care system and our economy. We must
leave Washington no options.

HUCKABEE: We can do something about it. Join me in the most massive
petition drive the nation has ever seen and help us repeal it now.


MADDOW: Do our spanking on the Congress. Repeal Obamacare. Join the most
massive petition drive the nation has ever seen.

And by all of that, we mean send Mike Huckabee a check. Hit that giant
button at the bottom of the screen, help fund the battle. Preferably at
the $2,500 level, which is also known as "The Huckabee Special." Act now,
operators are standing by.

Seriously, operators are standing by. Mike Huckabee wants you to call this
number, the number right there on your screen so he can repeal Obamacare.
I was watching the Mike Huckabee "repeal Obama care ads" today. And I
thought, sitting there on my desk, you know what, I`m going to call, OK,

Here`s what happens when you call.



OPERATOR: To ensure proper handling, this call may be recorded.

RICHARD SIMMONS: Hi, this is Richard Simmons. Thank you for calling to
order Project Hope. I`ve taken everything I`ve learned over my 38-year
career and packaged it into one 90-day program that will change your body
and it will change your life. You can leave your living room motivating
you every step of the way. It`s time to get off that couch and get the
body you have always dreamed of. Don`t you think you`re worth it?


MADDOW: Yes, you call Mike Huckabee`s repeal Obamacare number and what you
get is Richard Simmons. You call Mike Huckabee to repeal Obamacare and you
get the astonishing hair guy with the glittering exercise suits who is
ready to give you the body you have always dreamed of.

Mike Huckabee has been working this scammy anti-Obamacare thing for so long
that the infomercial gods have recycled his toll free number and given it
to Richard Simmons, who is still thin and lithe after all of these years.

And you know what? And I am quite sure that jumping around with Richard
Simmons will at least burn a calorie or two, but how exactly sending Mike
Huckabee a check is going to lead to the end of Obamacare? That part does
not compute. But that is what Mike Huckabee is promising, send me money
and I will take care of this whole Obamacare thing -- even though there is
no conceivable connection between Mike Huckabee getting your money and that

This is a standard con. You find people who have fears or strong desires,
particularly if those fears and desires are poorly informed and very
visceral, and then you capitalize on those fears and desires, you capitals
on them literally, by getting those folks to send you their capital, to
send you some of their money, because you tricked them into thinking you
will take care of it, that you`re going to get it done.

But, you know, in this case, this is not just some run of the mill con man.
Mike Huckabee is a very specific kind of con man. He came in second to
John McCain in 2008, in the nominating race for president of the United

The guy who came in second last time in the Republican Party, the guy who
came in second to Mitt Romney in that race, he`s also now got the same kind
of gig -- just set up a Web site and then email list, and go. Since he
finished as the runner up in the 2012 Republican presidential primary, Rick
Santorum has kept close tabs on his great big donate button, as well.

Here you can -- see it at the bottom there? Donate today. Rick Santorum
appeal, this one is against a U.N. treaty on the rights of disabled people.
How will sending money to Rick Santorum stop that U.N. treaty? No idea.
But hey, send some money.

Here is a big donate button as well on a Rick Santorum pledge to keep the
gay people from getting married in this country, because with your most
generous contribution to our campaign, he can urge the Supreme Court to
rule his way. Donate now, or else, the apocalypse.

This leveraging of political fear and rage and not knowing any better into
personal financial gain, this has been around since the first huckster
kicked over a soap box and stood on top of it yelling about the end of the
world and his snake oil that could save you, right? This is a phenomenon
that is always without beginning. But it also appears to have no end.


NARRATOR: Join hundreds of thousands of Americans who simply want the
truth. As a thank you for being part of this petition drive, you will
receive this specially created "got a birth certificate" bumper sticker.
Also, you can help the United States Justice Foundation in their efforts to
force President Obama to produce his birth certificate by making a gift of
$30, that will enable us to send a fax on your behalf to all 50 state
attorney generals, U.S. attorney General Eric Holder, demanding they force
President Obama to supply his official state of Hawaii birth certificate.


MADDOW: A fax? Really?

You send us $30 dollars and by fax, we`ll get President Obama the unmade
president of the United States. That, I`m sure, very profitable late night
profitable infomercial was the product of a man called named Gary Kreep.
I`m not calling him a creep. His last name is Kreep. He has now parlayed
his birther, huckster, fax everybody in sight mini strip mall empire into
an actual role in government.

Last year, it was Gary Kreep who got himself elected as a San Diego county
judge. He`s an actual judge now.

You can make something of yourself in a racket like this. You can make
yourself famous, and you might just get rich while you`re trying.

Just the other day, the folks at the way out there World Net Daily Web
site, they opened an impeachment online super store. I think it was first
spotted by the folks at Talking Points Memo. In the new World Net Daily
impeachment super store, you can buy books on impeaching President Obama
and bumper stickers on impeaching him.

You can buy a bumper sticker telling everybody to honk for impeachment or
turn their car lights on for impeachment. You can buy an impeach Obama
magnetic easy off adhesive bumper sticker that peels right off. Quote, "Do
not be afraid to assert your opinion" with your bumper sticker that peels
right off.

None of that is going to get President Obama impeached. Not the books, not
the stick-on bumper stickers, not the magnetic ones either. But that`s how
that works in the scam sector of the conservative movement. Find a fear,
preferably one that doesn`t make sense, find a visceral desire, say that
you will do something about it.

And because people don`t know quite what they`re afraid of and they have
this desire, they might just believe you. So convince them that you can
fix it for them, put a donation button next to your pitch and voila.

And now, it is happening again. This is the Web site for FreedomWorks,
"End Obamacare" with your generous donations. Same deal at the Senate
Conservatives Fund, do not fund Obamacare. Instead, fund us. Hit the
donate button.

The National Liberty Federation is standing by to defund Obamacare as soon
as you send them your money. Over at Heritage Action for America, the Jim
DeMint thing, quote, "you - you can ensure that Obamacare is defunded.
Find out how." Hint. Donate today.

The scam end of conservative politics has been running this racket for long
enough, and in a way that is sort of repetitive enough, that it is becoming
obvious when they`re doing it -- so much so that it`s making other parts of
the right a little uncomfortable. The conservative magazine "The National
Review" noted this week that, quote, "business has boomed on the right
since the push to defund Obamacare caught on."

"The Daily Beast" flat out named the booming business on the right as a

But diagnosing this swindle, this sort of profit-driven ruse is not the
same thing as making it go away. This is what we are coping with now as a
nation. I mean, the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, right, passed
Congress, signed into law by the president, survived challenge at the
Supreme Court, it was ruled constitutional. It has already resulted in
expanded Medicaid in 20 states. The number of uninsured Americans is
already dropping.

The exchanges where people can buy health care coverage, those are set to
open at the end of the month. The ads for the new state-based exchanges
are running in states all across the country. Premiums for health
insurance that people are going to be able to buy through the exchanges
premium rates are being released, turns out premiums are turning out in
lots of cases to be lower than what is expected.

Health reform is under way. It is happening, no matter what.

But because there is still the possibility of eking just a few more dollars
out of the most gullible conservative patsies out there, who still think
that Mike Huckabee`s patsies are going to change American, because there`s
still a possibility of eking a few more bucks out of enough patsies in this
country who are not savvy enough to realize them sending money to the
Heritage Foundation is not going to make it likely that any of this is
going to happen, because of that, because there`s money to be made, we are
apparently going to shut down the government. Let`s see what it does to
the economy?

We might even default on our national debt. We have a pretty good idea
what that would do to the national economy, or at least going to threaten
to do both of those things.

There`s going to be a vote in the House of Representatives on Friday, that
will pass presumably because it is Republican-controlled. And that vote
will put us on track for a government shutdown. And because we can see it
happening and because it is the same pattern over and over again in this
era of conservatism, we know why this is happening.

It is happening because of the racket. It is happening because people are
making money off of it. We know why it is happening. That question is

The unanswered question is how we`re going to handle the consequences.

Joining us now is Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. Today, she convened
a hearing to consider what the direct costs would be of going through with
this shutdown and this default on the national debt.

Senator Klobuchar, thank you very much for your time tonight.

SEN. AMY KLOBUCHAR (D), MINNESOTA: Well, thank you, Rachel. You did a
great job there.

In my old job as a prosecutor, I went after scams. And so, this is my job
to day, to explain why this is such a scam, and why they are literally
playing with the lives of the American people.

As you noted at the beginning, we are in a fragile state right now. We
have had some good news in many fronts. Unemployment is down to 7.3
percent, real estate market is turning around, stock market is good.

And to just gamble that all away for attaching what is really a partisan
poison pill to defund the affordable healthcare bill, which as you pointed
out is starting to help people, the exchanges are going up, makes
absolutely no sense. And we had actually two Republican economists that
testified today, who talked about how you can`t let that debt ceiling

So, you can`t just shut down the government. The consequences are enormous
-- 57 million American`s Social Security could be at risk, 3 million
veterans benefits could be at risk.

Look at what happened in 2011 -- 2011, when they went to the end of the
debt ceiling, the Dow plummeted 2,000 points, and Americans because of that
credit downgrade had to pay about a billion extra in interest costs.
That`s what we`re talking about -- real money for real families hurting
their actual jobs. And it makes no sense when we`re on this cusp of
economic recovery.

MADDOW: Part of the reason that I wanted to talk about this committee
hearing today was when I saw the guest lists with all of those Republican
economists, Republican people who have been attached to the George W. Bush
administration, advisers to the John McCain campaign, is this one of those
cases where there are elements of the right, of the other side who were
saying that a debt default or a shutdown would actually be a good thing.
We saw some arguments like that for example around the sequester, where
parts of the right started to say, oh, we actually think it would be good
for the country to do that.

Is that the case here, or does everybody admit this would be a terrible
thing for the country?

KLOBUCHAR: Actually, one of the witnesses who`s called by the other side
said, you know, we could look at doing this, was making some arguments some
arguments that might not be that bad. But the two witnesses that I had
called, one, the former McCain adviser, Mark Zandi, and then the other
former Bush adviser, both said that this would wreak havoc on the
country`s economy, wreck on businesses, really wreak havoc on regular
people out there.

So, I think it was interesting we had these four Republican witnesses. It
clearly shows the divide in their own party, but I can tell you one thing,
Rachel, and that is that Democrats are united, as is the press, on allowing
the Affordable Health Care Act to go forward with the benefits which you
have pointed out.

And then, also the irony of this whole thing is that of the non-partisan
Congressional Budget Office has shown that that actually, the Affordable
Care Act in the long term brings the debt down.

So, to repeal it, they actually added an extra $100 billion to the debt.
It makes absolutely no sense.

And what do I think we should be doing? We should get through this debt
ceiling. We should get through continuing to allow the government to go
on. And then we should work on a long-term government budget solution that
replaces sequestration with a balanced approach, which in the Senate, there
are Democrats and Republicans that would like to talk about that.

And can I just add two more things? How about the immigration bill?


KLOBUCHAR: Pass that over in the House. It would save over $160 billion
in the next 10 years. That`s a debt reduction.

MADDOW: In terms of how this is resolved, do you actually feel hopeful
that we`ll solve the shutdown first, and then the debacle thereafter? Or
do you feel like this is something we`re heading towards long-term?

KLOBUCHAR: Well, I am hopeful because you hear a number of Republican
voices in the Senate -- John McCain says that linking this defunding and
delay of Obamacare to the debt ceiling issue is what he calls the height of
foolishness. Other Republican senators have talked about it is a dumb
thing to do, publicly.

And so, I think you`ll have a number of Republicans that don`t want to go
off that cliff. That understand we have some real opportunities here to
move forward on good legislation. So, that`s what gives me hope, as well
as the unity that we have in our own party. And it`s based what we`ve seen
in the history, what we`ve seen in the past, what we know doesn`t work for
the country.

MADDOW: Senator Amy Klobuchar, senior senator from Minnesota, thank you
for being with us tonight. It`s nice to see you.

KLOBUCHAR: Thank you, Rachel.

MADDOW: Thanks.

One thing to watch here as this proceeds, one of things that happened late
this afternoon is that a big fight broke out between House Republican
conservatives and Senate Republican conservatives. Republicans,
conservatives on both sides sniping at each other between the two different
houses of Congress, both accusing each other of being sellouts, and
fighting a fake fight here.

That is a very rare fight to have within the Republican conference. They
have a lot of divide on this issue. Democrats do all seem like they`re on
one side of it. Watching that Republican split is going to be fascinating
over the next couple of days and it`s probably going to make all the
difference as to how this resolves. That`s what to watch.

We`ll be right back.


MADDOW: Here is something to keep an eye on in the upcoming week.
Yesterday, here in New York, the U.N. General Assembly kicked off. It
happens every year in September. It`s the start of two high-level talks at
the U.N.

In terms of big speeches and occasions for news, next Tuesday is likely to
be a very big day. President Obama is going to address the U.N. that day
very early. It`s like the second speech of the day I think. But then
later in the day, there`s going to be a speech for the president of Iran.

And if it is September and it is New York and it is the U.N. General
Assembly, that speech from Iran is usually the thing that has everybody on
the edge of their seats, because usually that speech is nuts. Sometimes it
is threatening. And occasionally in recent years, it also included denying
the Holocaust.

But there`s reason to think, or at least hope that this time, everybody is
not going to be getting up and protest and walking out during the speech
from the president of Iran this year, because this year, Iran has a new
president. It`s no longer the Holocaust-denying, 9/11 was an inside job,
pint-sized podium pounder, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad anymore. This year, it will
be a new president of Iran who is a very different guy.

We don`t know exactly how much the new President Rouhani is going to either
promise or deliver in terms of real change in his country, real moderation.
But there have been some public indications that that`s the direction he
wants to head, maybe towards moderation on key issues like Iran`s nuclear
program, maybe toward less isolation of both the Iranian government and the
Iranian people.

The new president, for example, has a new Twitter account. Today, he
tweeted this picture from his landmark interview with NBC`s Ann Curry,
which aired on "NBC Nightly News" tonight -- his first interview with a
U.S. news outlet since becoming Iran`s president.

Also this week, Iranians were surprised to find out that for a day, at
least, they had direct unrestricted access to Facebook and Twitter. Those
sites have been blocked in Iran since the big protests against the
government there in 2009. But for one day this week, they inexplicably
came back.

Was that a test? A test balloon? We don`t know yet. But it did happen.

And then today, without warning the Iranian government released 11
political prisoners, all prominent political prisoners, all freed without
warning on the eve of the Iranian president making his trip here to New
York for the U.N. General Assembly.

Now, that may all be essentially symbolic, they may all be trying to design
it to make the new Iranian government seem more moderate and maybe they
don`t really mean it. But signs are all going in that direction of

And so, naturally, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
today decided that now would be the perfect time to start drawing up
American plans to bomb Iran. Why not?

Senator Graham has announced he has started work this week on a resolution
to authorize the use of U.S. military force against Iran, because hey,
sure, why not? It`s Wednesday. And he is Lindsey Graham.

You think politics at the U.N. are weird? We are global competitors when
it comes to weirdness. We are right up there with the best of them.


MADDOW: Cheating is terrible. It should never be condoned.

Cheating is also occasionally amazing, amazing enough that it could be
reenacting it live on television.


MADDOW: The Dolphins player is running, running, running, in slow-mo now.
And then what happens? It`s a coach from the other team sticking out his
knee and tripping the nice man who plays for the Dolphins who was portrayed
here by Jameel Smith (ph). See that, see, the telestrator? Yes, see?

The Dolphin is running along the side line, which he is allowed to do. And
here is the Jet`s strength coach, with a huge dose of weak-sauce sticking
his knee out to trip an opposing player, very bad form.


MADDOW: See, we`re not allowed to show the actual tape from the NFL so we
reenacted it. We reenacted to the time when the coach came off the side
line of an NFL game to trip an opposing player. Totally cheating.

Today, we have another edition of amazing cheating in sports. But this
time, there is tape that we`re allowed to show. And so far, this tape has
been the brightest spot in my day, and maybe lots of days before that.
That`s coming up.

Stay with us.


finally stopped in Colorado and the flood waters have started to recede,
the state and country are finally starting to get a sense of the toll of
that disaster has taken. Colorado flooding has known to have claimed six
lives so far. The number of people unaccounted for now stands at 306.

And, that is a very high number, but it actually qualifies as
improved to news. Yesterday it was closer to 600 people, whose whereabouts
were unknown. The day before that, it was more than 1200 people. Being
over 300, that number is still high but at least it is moving in the right

At least 1700 homes have been destroyed in Colorado. At least 30
bridges were destroyed, 20 more were damaged. They are thinking it is
going to be over $100 million worth of damage just the bridges in the
state, $2 billion worth of damage to property overall. But, as the water
starts to recede, there is one other area of concern on the ground that is
starting to get some national attention.

And, it is the thousands of Colorado oil and gas wells that are under
water or that have been under water in these floods. One Colorado anti-
fracking activist has been documenting flooded drill sites in Boulder
County and Weld County. He says a lot of tanks you can see in these areas
that are at odd angles are overturned on the floodwater.

Those tanks hold the waste material from the fracking process. In
Weld County where there are more than 20,000 active wells. You can see
here are ruptured gas lines, shooting up from under the flood waters. That
sent the authorities scrambling to evacuate local residence using boats and
helicopters. This picture appeared up yesterday on Weld County`s Facebook
page, destruction in and around an oil and gas tank. Underneath it, it
says fortunately it is shut off.

How about the other thousands of other similar sites across the
county and across the state? The local CBS affiliate in Denver asked the
head of the Colorado oil and gas association, the trade group there, just
that question.

(Begin Video Clip)

UNIDENTIFIED MALE SPEAKER: What was in those tanks? What is now in
the waters that are flowing down stream?

that we know of were empty. And, the tanks that are askew may have things
like small amounts of condensate, which is a flow back water.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE SPEAKER: Is it possible that some of the chemicals
used in fracking are going to end up being in the water or down stream?

SCHULLER: We hope that our emergency response plans and the really
heroic efforts of the oil and gas industry are preventing any releases from
affecting, but we`re not going to know what is happening until the water


MADDOW: We hope it works out. We don`t know. We would like you to
thank you to think about us as heroes and we`ll check on everything once
the waters recede. Well, today, the waters are receding. What is the
extent of the damage? And, was the industry ready for this? And, what
needs to be done now to account for the affect of all the flooding now that
it has happened?

The third largest oil and gas company in Colorado today already has
announced that had 150 wells that it shut down due to the flooding are back
up and running now already. Joining us now is Miriam Rotkin-Ellman. She
is a senior scientist with the National Resources -- Natural Resources
Defense Counsel. Thank you very much for being with us tonight.

SCIENTIST: Thank you so much for having me.

MADDOW: So, the industry in Colorado says they are unsure what kind
of impact this flooding is going to have on their facilities in Colorado.
They hope that chemicals have not spilled. When do you think we`ll have a
sense of the magnitude of potential damage or environmental impact here?

ROTKIN-ELLMAN: Well, it is going to be hard to say, you know, in
days. But as the flood waters recede, we`re going to start seeing whether
or not some of these facilities were compromised. From my research in
other industrial facilities after major flood events, there is a real worry
of widespread contamination.

MADDOW: When -- I know one of the things that you said studied was
the environmental impact of hurricane Katrina on New Orleans, the aftermath
of the disaster in terms of contamination. Were there lessons from that
disaster that could possibly help the people of Colorado as they are trying
to deal with the aftermath of this flood?

ROTKIN-ELLMAN: Yes. You know, I think there are two really two
important lessons. The first is good science, good and comprehensive
evaluation of the threats. That means testing of the waters. That means
ultimately testing the sediment that is going to deposit out of the flood
waters when the flood waters recede. And, then also really strong and
transparent communication that brings that data to the community and the
public health officials that need it most.

MADDOW: In terms of communications, we actually, just in the last few
minutes, just got a report from reuters first, but now confirmed by some
other sources that there is a damaged oil tank on Colorado, South Platte
River that has spilled 125 barrels of oil into the South Platte. In terms
of the context here, overall, it is hard to know how big that it is
compared to other potential contamination. But, it is that a large, a
significance spill for that river?

ROTKIN-ELLMAN: It is certainly a concern if you`re down stream from
that spill. And, that is exactly the type of contamination concern that we
have when flood waters go through these industrial sites. The containment
unit that is supposed to keep all those -- that whole slew of toxic
chemicals and are undermine by these flood waters and released those
contaminates out into the environment, where they can go into drinking
waters. They can end up in communities and they can ultimately also end up
settling out into a sediment.

MADDOW: Ahead of this flooding, one of the things about flooding like
this is that you can see it coming, that we knew that there was going to be
a large storm system and knew that there was a potential for flooding in
some scale if not on a giant scale that we saw in Colorado. Should the
industries have done -- the oil and gas industries have done things that
they didn`t do? Were there ways to prepare better for a flood event like
this one, than what we know they did in this case?

ROTKIN-ELLMAN: It is going to be really key in the aftermath of the
storm that that question is evaluated. We`re going to need to know if
those sites were located properly. If they responded properly in terms of
shutting them down and containing all the contaminates within -- you know,
so that they wouldn`t spread from the site. And, whether or not there were
any additional steps that shouldn`t been taken to prevent this type of

MADDOW: Miriam Rotkin-Ellman, Senior Scientist with the Natural
Resources Defense Council, thanks for helping us understand this. I
appreciate your expertise here tonight. Thanks.

ROTKIN-ELLMAN: Thank you so much.

MADDOW: All right. Still ahead, the cheating in sports tape that
honestly made my day, even though it is cheating. And, politics taking a
turn for the weird in Virginia. Please stay with us.


MADDOW: OK. We have got one more significant story coming up on
tonight`s show, about the election in Virginia taking a very weird turn in
the last 24 hours. That is still ahead on the show tonight. But, before
we get to that real story, I think it is worth just acknowledging that this
has been one of those weeks of pretty much unrelentingly and compoundingly
terrible news, right?

Once again, we are in a dark time in the news. And, sometimes when
that happens, you just need a little bright spot, right? And, my little
bright spot is this guy. See, we have circled him here. We have spot-
shadowed him here. And, the important thing to know here is that this guy
is not a player on either of these soccer teams that are playing in this

The teams who are playing against each other in this game are these
guys in the white uniforms, versus these guys in the black and white
stripes. See how the guy we circled is wearing a totally different outfit
than either of the two teams. Right, that is because he is not a player.
He is not an either team. He is a trainer who works for the team in white.
The team in white is the team that is on defense here. And, they are about
to have a goal scored on them and then watch what happens.


MADDOW: Hold on a second, wait! What just happened there is the guy
who is a trainer for the team jumped in off the side lines and stopped the
goal. He is not the goalie. He is not a player. He is a trainer. He was
on the sideline and he jumped in and stopped the goal. Highly illegal! Do
you want to know what happened to him after that? Of course you do. And,
I will show you that in just a second, because it is amazing.

But, if this incident has some resident, some familiarity to you. It
may be because this same thing famously has happened before here in our
country, in our version of football. Famously in the 1954 Cotton Bowl,
which was then one of the biggest football games in the country.

That year it was Rice University playing Alabama. And, in the second
quarter, a Rice player named Dicky Moegle took a handoff and broke free.
Open field ahead of him. He is on his way to running free, 95-yard
touchdown when an Alabama player named Tommy Lewis, who was not in the
game, jumped out from the side line and nailed Dicky Moegle.

He came off the sidelines when he was not playing and tackled Dicky
Moegle to the ground at the 42-yard line. Highly illegal. Rice was
awarded the touchdown and won the game. Tommy Lewis, the guy came off the
side lines said, he felt great shame about this for many years after. But,
you know, in the moment, that day at the game, Tommy Lewis got a standing
ovation for what he did, the tackler did, the cheater.

Because according to a Dallas Morning News Managing Editor, who was
there at the game at the time, the crowd basically could tell, "Yeah, he
cheated but you got to love a guy who cares enough to cheat that blatantly
because he just cares so much he cannot help himself.

In 1954, in the United States, the guy who could not help himself,
got a standing ovation just for caring that much even though, blatant
cheating. In 2013, in Brazil, what does the Brazilian trainer get when he
jumped into the game and cheats because he cares so much? What does he get
in Brazil? Watch.


MADDOW (voice-over): Stop it, wait a second, that guy is not a
player. Hold on, what happens? Look out. Nobody is applauding. Oh, oh.
Chase scene. No standing ovation. Oh, God -- there he goes. OK -- Yes.


Today, because of what that guy did, his soccer team was kicked out
of the playoffs. But, obviously, did you care about that team`s playoff
chances anyway? No, no. Should any of us condone the abject cheating that
cost the teams the playoff chances? No, of course we should not.

But, you know what? In a world full of terrible news and apathy,
this random guy who could not bear to see his team lose and who could not
stop himself from doing something totally illegal to try to help them. You
can`t technically be the best new thing in the world because you are a
cheater, but I have to tell you, "Dude, you are appreciated." I needed
that a lot. All right, we`ll be right back.


MADDOW: I promise you I am not talking about 2016. That is still
banned on this show. See, that is our whiteboard in our office. It has
been banned since last November. So, this is not about 2016. But, it
still has to be noted that there is something weird going on with Jeb Bush,
the former governor of Florida, who has been keeping a hand in, in national
politics. Recently, trying to seem viable as a national republican
contender, just in case America ever decides that we want yet another one
of them to be president.

Since the second President Bush left the White House a few years ago,
Jeb Bush has been careful to try to not just stay in the public eye, but to
also cultivate and maintain an image as a reasonable sort of republican.
He is trying to be seen as a policy-driven guy as oppose to the
ideological-driven crazies of the post-Sarah Palin era.

He is all sorts of belt-weight credit as a relatively moderate if not
centrist guy, who might be essentially the grown up republicans alternative
to the wing nuts -- to the other kind of wing nutty republican who keeps
running for national office. Jeb Bush gets all sorts of political credit
for not being one of these guys for representing a whole different wing, a
more reasonable, adult wing of the Republican Party. He gets tons of
credit for that.

But, that it`s not actually what he is doing with his time. I mean
in beltway shorthand, Jeb Bush may be the diametric alternative to Herman
Cain. But, in real life, in April, Jeb Bush appeared at a private retreat
hosted by Herman Cain. Then a few weeks after that, he did a Ralph Reid
gig at Ralph Reid`s Christian Coalition Faith and Freedom event. So, you
know, there is Ralph Reid. There is Donald Trump. There is crazy old
Allen West, and there is Jeb Bush, who is supposedly this other kind of
republican. But, he is at all their events doing all their gigs.

Then, later this summer, Jeb Bush did an event for Tea Party
Republican Governor of Maine, Paul LePage. The one who said in July that
democrats are bending the state over and giving it to them without
Vaseline. Paul LePage said the Vaseline thing, which the right got
excited about, talking about how they feel sodomized by the leftists.

So, Paul LePage says the thing about Vaseline. Then, a few days
after that, there is Jeb Bush doing a fund raiser for him. And, then a few
days after that, Paul LePage says he wants to fly an airplane into the
Portland Press Herald Newspaper Building and blow it up. I don`t know why
Jeb Bush gets all this beltway political credit for his distance from these
guys on the fringe of his party, because he is right there with them.

He keeps doing events with them even the fringiest ones. And, now,
this week, por ejemplo, Jeb Bush has hopped into proverbial bed with the
Cucc, Ken Cuccinelli , the struggling Tea Party Republican candidate
for governor in Virginia. That gubernatorial election of Virginia is just
a few weeks from now.

Then Ken Cuccinelli is running behind. He has had a long career as a
really quite right-wing Tea Party guy in Virginia. But, up until about the
past week he had been trying to run his campaign for governor as a more
centrist seeming candidate. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell had done the
same thing when he ran successfully for governor in Virginia. But, it
hasn`t been working thus far for Ken Cuccinelli.

Whether that has to do with ideology or Mr. Cuccinelli`s own
entanglement in the Bob McDonnell corruption scandal that has been
mushrooming all year long. It is Hard to tell. I should note that Bob
McDonnell corruption scandal is due for a new chapter any second now as Bob
McDonnell`s legal team was asked to meet again this week with federal
prosecutors to talk about whether or not, Governor McDonnell is going to be
criminally indicted for helping a Virginia businessman from whom he and his
family to tens of thousand of dollars in cash and personal gifts.

If governor Bob McDonnell is indicted presumably he would have to
resign the governorship and that would elevate to be the new governor --
the lieutenant-governor of Virginia, who is himself a republican but who is
very, very anti-Ken Cuccinelli. At this late date, if there was a criminal
indictment of Bob McDonnell and therefore a resignation in the governorship
that would elevate a centrist republican candidate, who has been widely
respected and who cannot stand Cuccinelli to the governor`s seat just days
or weeks before Virginia votes on Ken Cuccinelli.

So, we are going to know about Bob McDonnell and the federal
prosecutors meeting presumably very soon. Reporters are basically watching
the back doors of all the lawyers` offices trying to figure out when the
indictment decision is going to be made. The "Washington Post" reported
late today that the meeting has maybe been put off for this week. But, if
so that only pushes it closer to the election heightening the stakes.

In the meantime, while everybody waits for that shoe to drop about
governor ultrasound -- about Governor Bob McDonnell, Ken Cuccineli in the
meantime is busy losing the governor`s race for the Republican Party. It
is close like everybody knew it would be, but he is losing. It has been
more than two months since Ken Cuccinelli was ahead in any state wide poll
in Virginia.

The democratic candidate, Terry Micallef, is leading in every pole
now. The Rothenberg political report has moved the governor`s race in
Virginia from a tossup to leans democratic. So, now to try to shake the
race up and change the momentum, Ken Cuccinelli has decided to return to
his base to go back to his conservative roots.

When he had been trying to seem more moderate, Ken Cuccinelli exerted
exerted a lot of energy trying to distance himself from his running mates
that are going to be on the ballot with him this fall. The republican`s
attorney general candidate is best known for sponsoring a bill in 2009 that
would required any woman in Virginia, who had a miscarriage to report it to
the police within 24 hours.

Think about that for a second. You are pregnant. You suffer a
miscarriage. Then within one day of that you have to call the police and
tell them you had a miscarriage. So, the police can investigate your
miscarriage? So, that`s the republican`s attorney general candidate
running with Ken Cuccinelli. The republican`s lieutenant-governor
candidate in Virginia is this guy.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE SPEAKER: E.W. Jackson, the ultraconservative
minister turned politician address a room of less than 12 today, half of
which were his staff members. It was his first public news conference
since he received a republican nomination for Virginia`s lieutenant-
governor possession. He refuted claims that he thinks birth defects are
caused by sinful parents and that yoga is the work of the devil.

I do not believe that birth defects are caused by parents` sin. And, I do
not believe that yoga lead to satanism.


MADDOW: To be clear, now believing that yoga doesn`t lead to
satanism. That is an evolution if we all believe in that, that is a new
position. Because in E.W. Jackson`s book, the misspelled "Ten
Commandments" to an extraordinary life, he in fact says that yoga, "Lets
Satan get inside you," quote, "The purpose of meditation is to empty one`s
self. Satan is happy to invade the empty vacuum of your soul and possess
it. Beware of system of spirituality, which tells you to empty yourself.
You will end up filled with something you probably do not want." See every
time somebody downward faces their dog, Satan wins another mignon -- hubba

So, Ken Cuccinelli, did not want to seem like that kind of guy in his
campaign. So, he has been distancing himself from E.W. Jackson -- E.W.
Jackson and his other far right running mate, the attorney-general guy.
And, they are all going to be on the ticket together as the republican
slate this fall. Ken Cuccinelli, up until now, had been trying to distance
himself from those guys, but he is not anymore.


E.W. JACKSON: Would you please greet a man who I have the utmost
faith in and honor for. WE are friends. We are working together. Don`t
believe the rumors. We`re working together. And, this is our leader, the
next governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli.

KEN CUCCINELLI: Thank you, thank you very much. It is my job to
start the program, to calm you down. It is great to be here with the whole
ticket. As E.W. just said we are running togrther, and we are running

As E.W. just said we are running together and we are running hard.
Ken Cuccinelli then tweeted this picture of himself with his running mates.
If you look at the look on Ken Cuccinelli`s face he is frankly looking a
little terrified. But, he can`t really afford the luxury of running away
from these guys anymore.

He can`t really afford to be running away from the republican base
anymore. He is losing the race. So, this has been the change intact. He
is re-embracing the right, re-embracing these guys he is running with. He
has also shaken up his campaign staff. He is put back in charge, some of
the old Ken Cuccinelli loyalists from back in his hard right-wing days
before he decided to try to sound like a moderate.

Yesterday, in Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli held a Tea Party rally where
he introduced a rather hardcore right-wing radio host, named Mark Levine.
He also brought back one of the guys who nominated him initially for
governor at the Republican Party Convention that picked him for the job
this past spring.

He is a local Republican Party official in Virginia. And, that guy,
kicked off Ken Cuccinelli`s Tea Party rally yesterday in Virginia with this
joke. This poorly told but rather amazing anti-semitic joke about those
darn money-grubbing Jews. Watch, this, this is -- watch this just because
it its amazing, but watch specifically for the part where the guy who is
holding the camera says, "What the?!" -- this is amazing. Just watch.


Catholic, and one of the things that we -- by the way I`m John Whitbeck,
I`m the 10th district chairman. One of the things that we celebrated
recently is new Pope. Two new popes in a relatively short time. And when
the Pope is elected, the head of the Jewish faith goes to the Vatican and
brings a ceremonial piece of paper. It`s very old. It dates back hundreds
of years.

And, he comes into the Pope`s office and he ceremonially hands the
piece of paper to the pope, the new Pope. And, the new Pope ceremonially
rejects it. And,t he head of the Jewish faith leaves, and he goes about
his business. Well, this time around the Pope said, I got to find out
what`s on this piece of paper.

So, he actually takes it from the head of the Jewish faith, he opens
it and he looks at it and he closes it. And, the Jewish counterpart says,
"What was it?" He says, "Well that was the bill from the last supper."

CAMERA MAN (off Camera): What the hell?!

WHITBECK: Well, on that note, we are waiting for Ken Cuccinelli.


MADDOW: On that note -- and then Ken Cuccinelli comes. His campaign
later distanced himself from those remarks. And, then later that night,
Ken Cuccinelli went onto his fund raiser with Jeb Bush. With this hosted
by Fred Malek who is the guy from the Nixon administration, who President
Nixon assigned to count all the Jews in the labor statistics so they can be
sidelined from that important work, because they were Jews.

That was the Ken Cuccinelli fund raiser after the rally that started
with the money-grubbing Jews joke and that where he met up with the old Mr.
moderate Jeb Bush. Tah-dah! Welcome to the today`s Republican Party. It
is 2013. I swear I checked my watch before the show. Now, it is time for
the Last Word with Lawrence O`Donnell. Have a great night.


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