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On last night's show, criminal defense attorney Paula Canney suggested that if Scott Peterson actually killed Laci, their dog would have essentially held a grudge against Scott when Scott returned from dumping Laci's body. "If somebody killed me, my dog isn't going to hang with that person," she said.

I say it's essentially hocus-pocus to get into the psychology of the dog. 

Here are some e-mail viewers sent me about this theory:

Sue Geiss from Pike County Pennsylvania who's handled dogs for over 30 years amd owns a pet resort, she agrees with me:  “The only time a dog may not go with a person is if they see harm done to their owner - if they see harm done to their owner is if they were specifically trained to protect or to guard.”

Marjorie Caruso, who founded and manages a rescue group from New York City says,  “If the murder is a person that the dog considers its owner, then most probably the dog is not going to be able to determine that this person has done something wrong or sense anything wrong about the person in question.”

And Susan Hendricks in Brooksville, Florida on the theory that Laci was abducted while walking her dog by someone other than Scott Peterson: “There is no way Laci was walking her dog and got abducted without that dog making all kinds of commotion that would have drawn attention.”

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