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Dorinda McCann is hopping mad over a toad she found in her salad.

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McCann, 34, found the two-inch long toad in a takeout salad bought at a McDonald’s in Hanson on June 16.

Both the restaurant’s owner and the town health department are investigating, but McCann said did not hear from the owner until Tuesday, and she is still awaiting word from the health department.

“I was sick — what if I had salmonella poisoning? Did anybody call?” she said.

Town health agent Vincent Flaherty said he is waiting to learn the origin of the toad, which is being tested by the California-based company that processes the lettuce used in McDonald’s salads.

Restaurant owner Mark McBee tried to contact the McCanns on several occasions and never received a return call until Tuesday, said Tara Richards, a spokeswoman for McBee.

“The safety of our food is very important to us and we are taking this matter very seriously,” she said. “We are working to gather all of the facts. The health department completed a thorough review of restaurant operations and gave the restaurant a clean bill of health.”

Meanwhile, McCann, her husband, Thomas, and their two daughters, once regular McDonald’s customers, have stopped going to the restaurant.

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