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The Ed Show for Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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Date: November 20, 2013
Guest: Holland Cooke, Joan Walsh, Sarah Slamen, David Stockman


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And living in a van down by the river.


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: There`s about half a dozen other things that I
can lead with tonight but you know what, I`m going to lead with this guy.

I want to talk tonight about leadership, responsibility, character
because for years we`ve been told by the Right Wing talkers of America that
character counts. This is a guy who stood next to Mitt Romney. This is a
guy who stood next to every big time Republican in America, said he could
do the job, was ready to represent you in Florida.

Guess what? He`s a cocaine user. Well, you know what they --
Congress is holding in the toilet, probably, because the guy is like this.

I give him no quarter. This guy right here is exactly what`s wrong
with Republicans in Congress and yes, there are some Democrats who have had
some shortcomings, but I guess my question tonight is what does it take for
a guy to decide? You know, maybe it`s time to resign. Maybe, this gig
just ain`t for me.

Tea Party Congressman Trey Radel of Florida, well he was busted on
October 29. What day? October 29th? What`s today? Almost a month ago.
Interesting how it`s just coming out. Authorities say that he bought 3.5
grams of cocaine during an undercover sting operation. After buying the
drugs, he was allowed to return to his home. A short time later, FBI agent
say, "Just stop on over to the house to charge him" and according to the
USA Today newspaper, Radel, was never even handcuffed or even taken to
prison? I guess, you can say this is the new DC liberal treatment that`s
out there. I know a lot of Black folks get that a lot, you know.

Earlier today, Radel appeared in court in Washington DC. He pleaded
guilty to cocaine possession. He said he was an alcoholic who needed help.
And he is now pursuing treatment. Radel also said that he wants to
continue to serve as a Congressman. Hold it right there. Radel also said
that he wants to continue to serve as a Congressman.

I got three phone calls today on my radio show from truck drivers who
said that if they were ever involved in something like this, they`d be
tossed out the window.

I know of it if I was ever involved in something like this, I`d be out
on Sixth Avenue in about 10 seconds. And I know that if a college athlete
were to be involved in cocaine, the athletic director would probably give
him a boot and -- or any college student for that matter and that the
problem would be the refund on the tuition.

You see, Congress is special. Congress, you don`t even get
handcuffed. There`s no doubt that Radel got off easy. He was given holy
smokes. How is he going to deal with this? A year of probation and a huge
$250 fine.

According to police, Radel spent $250. That`s what he spent. $250 on
his 3.5 grams of cocaine. So I`d say that the $250 fine is probably pretty
damn good deal he got from the judge. Radel also just got one year
probation, I`d say that`s another pretty dog gone good deal would you.
Possession of cocaine in Washington DC, if you`re just an average schmuck
out there, well heck, it could land you 180 days in jail and up to $1000
fine. But you see he`s a Congressman, says he wants to stay in the
Congress. So they sure is only going to throw book at him.

You see, if Trey Radel were a poor African-American youth with no
lawyer, no attorney, no legal help, no back up, there is no doubt that he
would be facing jail time because that`s just got to how it works.

This is a disturbing double standard and oh, by the way, the story
gets worse. In September, Radel voted for legislation that would allow
states to make food stamp recipients take a drug test. How about that?
Anybody ever thought about maybe can Congressional members should take a
drug test?

Nancy Pelosi addressed this on Tuesday.


interesting, right pursuing (ph) on the hills that date on the Hill so the
Republicans voting to make sure that everybody who had access to food
stamps was drug tested.

It just that -- It`s like what? If he get a food stamp they`d be drug
tested and so, you know, I hope that they will humanize, shall we say,
their thinking.


SCHULTZ: Did I say that Radel wants to stay on and serve in Congress?
Sure. The Everett Food Stamp benefit pays out $137 a month in Washington
DC. Oddly enough it`s the same cost of 1 gram of cocaine in Washington DC.

Earlier today, Florida Senator Marco Rubio from the same state as this
guy said that he had no comment on Radel`s drug bust.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Senator, can we ask you about Congressman Trey

SEN. MARCO RUBIO, (R) FLORIDA: Sorry, sorry guys. I`m not going to
comment on that.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are you concerned that`s going to have effects
for Florida as he is a member of the Florida delegation?


RUBIO: Yeah. I`m not going to comment on that and let`s .


SCHULTZ: Wow, a United States senator can`t render judgment about a
guy from his state in the other chamber of the House who got busted for
cocaine. I`ll tell you what, that`s presidential leadership for you, isn`t
it? Folks, this story makes me sick. I`m sick and tired of how they`re
such a double standard for elected officials in the media let`s them right
off the hook.

There are three issues here, first of all, food stamps. Think about
this. This guy right here wants to deny people food stamps. He is part of
the party, the Republican Party that thinks food stamps are just a big
budget problem. They wanted to cut $40 billion or was it $20 billion, oh
then, they opt it to $40. That`s what they want to cut out. They want to
take food stamps away from veterans. This cocaine user wants to take food
stamps away from the most vulnerable in our society and he wants to test
him and say still gets food stamps.

What`s his issue? Well, he can do whatever the hell he wants. Then
there`s the issue of drug rehabilitation. This guy says that he`s an
alcoholic. I don`t know what the correlation is between being an alcoholic
and going out and buying cocaine? I`m not an expert on that. But I do
know one thing, he`s drug rehabilitation, I`d be interested to know if
there`s any other media people out there that would investigate exactly
what kind of health insurance he has in Congress and will his drug rehab be
covered because there is 50 million people in America who don`t have health
insurance that he has voted to deny health care that probably might have
had their drug coverage and their rehabilitation covered under the health
care plan.

The third issue of course is leadership. Have we gotten to the point
in America where we just expect too much of our elected officials, did he
not see the questionnaire, did the people not see the questionnaire, I
think it`s question number 13, do you think you can stay out of jail when
they`re asking for your vote? We just come to expect too much. This is
really a liberal sentence this Tea Party your gut (ph). I remember Anthony
Weiner. He didn`t break any laws but he sure got raked over the coals by
the conservatives to the point where he resigned.

Mr. Spitzer who was the Governor of New York stood up in restitution,
stepped out of position, respected the office of governor enough in the
State of New York to say, this is not my time, I can`t lead, I`ve damaged.
I need to move on. Why can`t this guy do that?

Now, I understand as a press conference called for tonight at 10:30.
What`s wrong with right now? Why 10:30? And from experience, let me tell
you, conservatives they don`t accept apologies. They have a record of
that. All they take us all is in is the fact that you have to give an
apology. But, when it`s one of their guys, nobody came out today, not John
Boehner, not Eric Cantor, and certainly it`s all the tape of Marco Rubio
over in the senate.

Nobody had the character to come out and say, "I think he needs to get
out of the House of Representatives and go home and take care of himself.
We`ll get somebody else to represent that district. They just couldn`t
bring themselves to doing it because who knows, people in glass houses
can`t throw stones. I don`t know. But I do know this, there is a serious
double standard in our judicial system, there is a serious double standard
when you start talking about character, and I think it is flat out gross
that this guy isn`t having the book thrown at him that he doesn`t have the
intestinal fortitude to resign immediately after thinking that people on
food stamps all that take a freaking drug test. That`s what`s wrong with
the Republican Party. There isn`t anybody in this country that thinks that
this guy is really getting justice and at the way he has voted is fair.

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think tonight`s
question. Should Trey Radel be allowed to continue to serve as a
Congressman? Text A for Yes, text B for No to 67622. You can always go to
our blog at We`ll bring you the results later on in this

And one more thing, ask yourself the question if you`re a
conservative. Is this American exceptionalism? Conservatives love to talk
about American exceptionalism part of being exceptionalist taking
responsibility and stepping out. But, this guy is void of leadership and
he`ll be protected. You know, there`s not going to be any Right Wing
talkers out there that. They`re going to think that this guy needs to get
out. It`s just cocaine, just breaking the law, that`s all that is, not a
big deal. Point being here is that there is infrastructure to protect
people like this.

For more, let`s bring in Talk Radio Consultant Holland Cooke, a media
consultant. Holland, good to have you with us tonight.


SCHULTZ: Your reaction to Trey Radel`s arrest and how this could play
out in the sun culture?

COOKE: I lived in Washington 12 years, so I got called up for jury
duty a couple of time and one of them was a drug bust. So you`re not
kidding about this double standard thing and it was only until a few years
ago that members of Congress were bouncing checks with immunity at that
House bank. So the double standard thing is obvious. I think the Florida
voters are going to have their say, but this guy`s bad luck is that it was
a slow news week. Supposed this happen last week, with the storms ravaging
the upper Midwest, this might have just been a Florida story not

SCHULTZ: Well, actually, it happened just for four Halloween but they
kicked it under the rug.

COOKE: We came out.

SCHULTZ: . which is another issue I think, the Republicans are, the
conservatives are always are squawking about transparency, what about this?
This seems like it was managed to the point where maybe I`ll see if I can
get out of this thing and wiggle out of it. It`s not that big of a deal,
that`s the impression that I get on this.

COOKE: If they picked this date for it to pop, they don`t get media
relations at all because it`s slowing up news week that it became a
national story. He`s playing it better than Rob Ford who wanted to just
shut up. Whenever you have bad news to manage, get out in front of it and
don`t suffer debt by a thousand cuts. He`s got that part down.

SCHULTZ: And should this guy resign? I think he should resign. I`m
consistent. I said that Anthony Weiner should resign. I said that Charlie
Rangel should have resigned. I was also very critical of the congressman
who had $90,000 in his freezer down south who was a Democrat. Those are
three Democrats that I have said on record should step aside. This guy
needs to step aside. But of course, there are no standards here.

Here`s the point. Big companies in America, they don`t mess around
with this kind of behavior. Why does the Congress? Why is there an avenue
for this guy to come back? Don`t throw it up from the voters. The voters
should have at least some expectations that the people that they`re going
to be voting for can at least stay out of jail and not get arrested and of
course abide by the laws that they of course raise their right hand to

COOKE: Well, they should writing narrative. Why can`t run the
government like a business in private enterprise, this guy`s out the door.

SCHULTZ: Absolutely, he is out the door. OK. Who`s going to defend
him? I mean, from the standpoint, do the Right Wing talkers say, I think
that this gets enough attention that they of course will back off and say,
"Well maybe he should go."

COOKE: Number one, blame it on the booze.

SCHULTZ: Oh, absolutely.

COOKE: That makes it OK.

SCHULTZ: You know what, he just got into Congress.

COOKE: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: Just back in early 2013 of this year because it was in 2012,
a year ago, this is his first term. He`s a year-end to it and he`s a
boozer and he`s got busted for cocaine..

COOKE: This ain`t your job. And his whole Twitter act is all about
hip-hop and everything. So, he`s kind of played into that culture. What
happens next is he`s going to go to the well of the House floor, make a big
apology. And because he`s from Florida, he will then reiterate the apology
in Espanol and then you can hold your breath until he says the word "Jesus"
because he`s going to go to church and then he`s going to find whoever the
new Oprah is. Is it Megyn, you know, is he going to go on Fox News?

SCHULTZ: I think we learned a little bit about Marco Rubio here too.
You mean to tell me that Rubio couldn`t turn to the camera when he was
asked and say, "I don`t think anybody should be buying cocaine." There is
presidential leadership for you. And this is a guy who has gone after
President Obama time and time again on leadership. Now, we find out when
the hot camera is on, Rubio has nothing to say about one of his colleagues
from Florida who has clearly broken the law and pleaded guilty to it.

COOKE: And you`re right about the body language from a media
standpoint just sprinting away from the camera thing just looks guilty as
hell. Stop and say something.

SCHULTZ: Holland Cooke, good to have you with us tonight. I
appreciate is so much.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the
screen. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @EdShow and on Facebook.
We want to know what you think.

Coming up. Save the date, January 15th, Republicans are manufacturing
a new crisis for the New year. But first, Michele Bachmann teaches the
opportunity of a lifetime. Act now while supplies still lasts.



REP. MICHELLE BACHMANN, (R) MINNESOTA: We hate to say we told you so.

This was about the happiest I`ve seen members in a long time.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Literally, if you think you`re happy now, will you
give this?

HOWARD KURTZ: Well President is getting troubled that seems to be by
the mainstream media.

BACHMANN: Literally.

ERIC BOLLING: The Right warned about ObamaCare.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Surely, it can`t be serious.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: . and Katrina warning.

LESLIE NIELSEN: I am serious. And don`t call me Shirley.

BACHMANN: I`m not hearing the negative.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: President Bush did not create Katrina.

BACHMANN: We all look like geniuses now because we predicted this
would happen.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What else you got Einstein?

BACHMANN: We hate to say we told you so.


SCHULTZ: Well, apparently, the queen of the Tea Party is delighted
about ObamaCare`s rocky rollout.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann said ObamaCare`s problems are the
opportunity of a lifetime because liberalism is crumbling right in front of
our eyes.

I`m glad to see Michele Bachmann is so happy about a loss problem. I
think it`s fair to call Michele Bachmann`s attitude anti American.


BACHMANN: The news media should do a penetrating expose and take a
look. I wish they would. I wish the American media would take a great
look at the views of the people in Congress and find out, are they pro-
America or anti-America?


SCHULTZ: Yeah. Are they pro America or anti America? 30 million
Americans will get life-saving health care. Thanks to ObamaCare. 45,000
Americans die every year because they don`t have health care.

President Obama and the Democrats created a law that begins to address
this travesty. Under ObamaCare, peoples` lives will be saved. It`s an
absolute. And I think it`s fair to say that Michele Bachmann wanting to
deny 30 million Americans health care is anti-American. I think it`s also
fair to say Michele Bachmann wanting a law to fail is anti-American.

Joining me now,`s Joan Walsh.

Joan, good to have you with us tonight. If they want to have fun
making analogies, we have them all day long. What do you think of Michele
Bachmann saying ObamaCare`s problems are the opportunity of a lifetime.

JOAN WALSH, EDITOR-AT-LARGE, SALON.COM: Oh, I`m so -- I`m delighted
to be here with you tonight, Ed and I`m delighted that Michele Bachman will
be leaving us soon. You know, it`s so awful. This is all they have. All
they have is waiting and waiting and waiting for Democratic programs to
fail. And the idea that she could be delighted, that she could be
delighted by the fact that people might have a delay in getting health
care, I`m sure she`s delighted by the millions of Americans who won`t get
Medicaid because Republican governors won`t be expanding Medicaid. She`s
delighted by human suffering and I`m delighted to say goodbye to her.

SCHULTZ: Absolutely. You know, these comparisons that are I think
which means to Americans just outrages. I think the majority of Americans
don`t see any correlation whatsoever. But I think the media has been so
anxious to find something on President Obama and pin it on him whether it
be the Benghazi or whether it be the IRS. All of these hearings that
Darrell Issa has had that have amounted to absolutely nothing.

WALSH: Right.

SCHULTZ: Now, if they can turn the American opinion against the
President and say that this is failure, this is their big rose in the

WALSH: Well, Right. I mean, we lived through them trying with
Benghazi, right? It was all over. In May, it was all over for this
President. He had Benghazi. He had the IRS non-scandal. And he had some
actual legitimate problems with -- over investigate in journalist, right?
It was over for him that was to try sector of Obama scandals.

Now, look, we`ve talked about it. There are problems with the
implementation of this law but we also know that the problems are worst in
states with Republican governors and that the program is working relatively
well in states where people want to make it work. So, they`ve instructed
it from the beginning, and now, they`re delighting in its stumble, its

SCHULTZ: It doesn`t have a specialty of profoundness when the
President of the United States openly says that Republicans are invested in
seeing this law fail. I mean, that`s almost unprecedented for a President
to come out and target on a law as a reaction from what the opposition has
been doing. Is that winning favor of the American people? Do you think
the American people are on board with something like that that would -- it
give this some momentum that they don`t understand the opposition because
of so many people that are being helped by it?

WALSH: Well, for one thing we`re seeing that a lot of the polling
data breaks down sort of the way you`d expect it to, Republicans are happy
that it`s failing and are still against it. Core Democratic groups, women,
people of color, younger voters are still are mostly OK with it or mostly -
- and certainly cheering for it.

So, there are no surprises there. I think, I mean, I don`t think
there are any surprises. I guess I`m happy that the President is blatantly
in my humble opinion, targeting Republicans and making it clear that these
-- are that people that he`s been trying to work with from day one, who`ve
been rooting for him to fail that they`ve started plotting before he took
office and have kept it out for five years.

SCHULTZ: The Republicans have never admitted that ObamaCare will save
lives and they have never brought anything to the table that will save
lives. So, we have to ask, do they care if American lives are saved?

WALSH: No, they don`t care. You know, Ted Cruz today had a little
hissy fit when Chris Cuomo, another network, CNN, did his job and pushed
him on what is, OK, you don`t like ObamaCare, you`re trying to repeal it,
what is your alternative? Ted Cruz accused him of lecturing me or you`re
lecturing me this morning. Thin-skinned, little man without any
alternatives big Ivy League, degrees, no policy chops at all.

SCHULTZ: Republicans comparing Iraq and Katrina. Your reaction to
that to ObamaCare.

WALSH: It`s immoral.

SCHULTZ: They`ve lost their moral compass. I don`t think .

WALSH: People died. People died in -- thousands of Americans died in
unnecessary war, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and 1800 in Katrina.
They`ve lost their mind.

SCHULTZ: And I think that`s the question now to reverse it to them,
who has died because of ObamaCare? Who is the -- people died because of
Katrina, people died because of Iraq, a war of choice, who has died because
of ObamaCare?

WALSH: It`s not a matter for them of life and death and sadly if not
about -- for a lot of our friends in the media, they don`t seem to care
either. They are really interested in a kind of tip or top political
strategy. Oh, he`s suffering and you know, he could have handled it
better. That is equivalent to somebody ignoring a great city drowning and
sending people off to fight a war and under false pretenses those are
equivalent because politically that`s the -- all we can do is score the
game. All -- Some of us can do is score the game, Ed.

SCHULTZ: So the words of the Obama Administration now is what, get
real techy and fix this thing? I mean, if they don`t, obviously the
negativity is going to spiral out of control, it really -- and I was in
Florida the other night and I`m listening to the speech by young Joe
Kennedy just in the Congress, very impressive.

WALSH: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: Very well researched. And he made a profound comment, I
think about he said this last night too that, you know, the Democrats
aren`t going to let 50 years of work, you know, fall apart because of a

But of course do we as a country have the patience to wait for this to
work. I mean, I think we do but this is politically it could be a hard

WALSH: Well, look we can just look at the last month, a month ago you
and I were saying we wished, I`m going to be honest here, we wished that
midterms were next month.


WALSH: Well, now, you know, it depends on this one and it`s tough to
be a Democrat right this minute.

But these are policy questions and these are moral questions. They`re
not merely politically question. And, yeah, we`ve got to get check.
They`re getting checked. They got to be scrupulously honest with the
American people about what the problems are and they got to hang tough.

SCHULTZ: Well, I`m looking forward to just a couple of weeks before
the midterms next year. Because I think the number that`s going to be on
the board is going to be well into the millions.

WALSH: I think so.

SCHULTZ: I think that what are the conservatives have to say about
this number? Do they want to take health care away from these many millions
of people? Who I believe are going to sign up for ObamaCare. The stories
are going to multiply.

When neighbors find out what their other neighbor is getting .

WALSH: Right.

SCHULTZ: . better coverage, less deductible and a lower cost, you
know, we`re consumers. Americans are consumers. We want a deal. We want
a good deal and you`re going to get it with ObamaCare.

Some rates for some people obviously you`re going to go up. Not
everybody situation is the same but the majority of people .

WALSH: The vast majority.

SCHULTZ: . the vast majority of people, the rates are going to go
down, the coverage is going to be a lot better. We`re going to have more
people covered in America and then we`re going to get better outcomes.

I know this is over The Five head across the street. I know it is.
And I know they need five people to talk about it. I just need Joan Walsh
and me. You know what I mean?

Joan Walsh stick around we got another big story coming up out of
Texas and I want to get your take on.

Coming up Rick Perry`s Wild West show, well it hits Washington. And
later winter is coming Paul Ryan takes on the role of Mr. Freeze. But next
I`m taking your questions Ask Ed Live is next. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Love hearing from you. I love
your questions. Thanks for all the tweets. We appreciate that Ask Ed Live

Tonight our first question is from Tammy Sollars and she wants to
know, here we go, "When will Harry Reid fix the filibuster?"

Maybe never, seriously. I know there`s a lot of confrontation about
it right now because of the three judges that were filibustered in
Washington DC in the circuit of court. But the closer Harry Reid gets to
the midterm the more dangerous it is for it to blow up at his face. If he
was going to fix the Senate rule he should have done it in the beginning of
the session of this Congress, because a lot more could`ve gotten done.

So, I`m not really sure right now that Harry Reid even though some
Senators have moved over saying, yeah, I think we should change the rules.
I`m not so sure Harry is going to do that.

Our next question is from Francie R, she wants to know, "What happened
to compassionate conservatism?"

Well, I have always maintained the position that that`s an oxymoron
and that never happened. Compassionate conservatism is certainly what the
Tea Party doesn`t go together.

Let me recall a story for you just recently a five-year-old kid, in
San Francisco was part of the Make a Wish (inaudible) cancer. And he
wanted to be back there. And 50,000 people in San Francisco responded to
it to bring this kid`s wish to fruition.

So, here comes Ted Cruz and Darrell Issa tweeting out about what a
wonderful story this is and how just fantastic it is. But they forgot the
other kids in this country who are going to be affected by their vile
attitude towards health care in this country with vote after vote after to
say no to ObamaCare that probably would have help hundred of thousands of
other kids that might be in the same position to that little guy.

It`s a heck of story, but for all the wrong reasons that Ted Cruz and
Darrell Issa were talking about. They`re trying to gain political favor.
They don`t care about kids who don`t have insurance. Compassionate
conservatism, it doesn`t exist.

Stick around Rapid Respond Panel is next.

your CNBC Market Wrap. Stock down as the day (inaudible) pulling back on a
single program over the next few months. The DOW moving 56 points, the S
and P falling 6 and the NASDAQ dropping by 10.

The cost of living edge down in October, consumer prices tell by 0.1
percent driven many by low gas prices. Retail sells rose at 0.4 percent in
October. The American collect (ph) purchasing power on (inaudible) cars
and dining out.

And existing home sells dropped for a second month, down 3.2 percent
in the month of October.

That`s it from CNBC. First in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. I`ve said it before. Very
easy to put forth, George W. Bush was the most successful conservative
president ever for a number of reasons.

Number one, Bush put two hard core conservatives on the Supreme Court,
of course, gave tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans. Bush may have gone
but -- he maybe gone but, you know, his legacy is still there in the form
of the Supreme Court.

Now, you don`t have to look any further than his home state of Texas.
On Tuesday, the Supreme Court conservatives refused the request from
Planned Parenthood, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and the ACLU to
intervene in the ongoing legal battle over Texas` extreme anti-abortion law
HB2, that the law has already forced a third of the states` abortion
clinics to shut down operations.

Researchers at the University of Texas estimate that next year, more
than 22,000 women from mostly low-income in rural areas could be denied
safe and legal abortion under the law. But to be very clear about this,
this is just isn`t about abortion, this is about restricting women`s access
to basic health care because the clinics, Republicans are targeting provide
a heck of a lot more than abortions.

In a state where more than 25 percent of the population is under 65 is
uninsured, many women are forced to rely on Planned Parenthood for
affordable access to mammograms, cancer screenings, contraception, and
basic preventive care.

But you know what they say? Everything in Texas is bigger even the
attack on women`s health.

Joining me now, our Rapid Response panel tonight, Sarah Slamen,
Women`s Rights Activist from Texas and also Joan Walsh, Great
to have both of you with us tonight.

Sarah, you first. When this bill first passed, you said you
considered leaving Texas. You planned to stay there and fight and what has
been the response of women in the state to this?

question, yes, we just moved into our new apartment today, actually. I`m
going to be staying in Texas to make sure that there are some change in
state leadership and I hopefully, Wendy Davis will be our next governor in

I think that we always expected it to get kicked up to the Supreme
Court, but with enough attention and grassroots activism, we expected the
focus on the harms and unconstitutionality of this law to lie very clear.

And so that`s why it`s shocking, once again, to be left in the eternal
ping-pong between two Bush courts like you just mentioned, the Supreme
Court in the United States and the Fifth Circuit Court in Texas, that rules
over us Mississippi and Louisiana.

The people are exhausted. We have done our part and that`s why I join
you in demanding reform in the filibuster in the senate. We cannot allow
another generation to be saddled with these 5-4 ideological votes.

We need reform now. You know, I read a really encouraging article
today that some female senators are open to change. Just because the
Senate lives by 18th century laws does not mean that the rest of the United
States and that people in need of abortion should live by 18th century
laws. We need you to not just be open to change. We need you to be the
change now.

SCHULTZ: Sarah, how big of an impact is this going to have in the
next election cycle in Texas? Is this the issue that could really turn the
majority of women against the Republicans?

SLAMEN: I think everyday, we`re meeting Republican women who were
saying, "I`m so uncomfortable. I have no place left to go. I want to vote
for Wendy Davis." We`re already seeing that on the ground in Texas. We
already know there`s 400,000 undecided women voters in Texas.

So yes, I think -- you want to look on top of the governor rejecting
the Medicaid expansion with the most uninsured children in the state of
Texas. It is largely women who care for those children alone, working low-
wage jobs.

When Senator Harry Reid said that we shouldn`t focus on 20-week
abortion band, we need to focus on working class issues. I have some news
for you Mr. Reid. Women are part of the working class. We are 63 percent
of the low-wage workers in Texas, OK?

This is not a fringe issue ask the women in Albuquerque if it`s an
issue. Ask the 20,000 people who you just mentioned will be in need of
abortion services in Texas if it`s a fringe issue.

I don`t think we have anywhere left to go, but I think we get the
bottom in Texas when it comes to the denial of health care access based of
discriminatory standards like race and sex. We`ve hit rock bottom.

SCHULTZ: Joan Walsh this fight`s far from over could this be the
turning point?

WALSH: I think it`s a turning point, Ed. I mean Sarah is a microcosm
of what`s happening right? Progressives for a long time felt like they
just need to leave Texas because there was no place for them there.

Sarah was on her way out and she stood up to protest the HB2. She was
marched out by four state troopers. She became a hero of the feminist
nationwide and now she`s staying. And you`re seeing women across the
country be electrified by Wendy Davis is filibuster and say we are not
going to leave Texas women on their own anymore.

And Texas women saying we`re not going to assume that this is a red
state and that we have no rights in this state. We`re going to stay and
fight for our right.

SCHULTZ: Well, these clinics that are closing down obviously do a lot
more when it comes to abortion. I mean the cancer screenings, the
mammograms, all of these things and 63 percent of low wage workers in Texas
are women. How can this not be a sea change and of course we`re seeing
this around the country this rush of anti-abortion legislation is being
push by radical right legislatures.

Would this walk the Democrats right back into the power in the House?
I mean, I know it` Texas and I know it`s a gubernatorial race but it`s also
a statement that`s being made by the Republicans and pockets of the country
can only think that this is exactly obviously what they want nationwide.

WALSH: Well, you know, I think we saw the way this issue played out
in Virginia where women, you know, were awakened and not only women but
people saw the extremism of the Republican Party in Virginia and said they
weren`t going to have it anymore. I think we`re going to see that in Texas
and, you know, the thing about Texas is they were the petri dish for this
infection of conservatism that wasn`t compassionate.

Karl Rowe practiced on Texas, first he started by taking out and
Richards out of the governor`s office and then also went on his awful --
the redistricting they did there, focus on Democratic women. They got rid
of side women in the legislature and they have out in the most
conservative, the most reaction, and the most anti-women state House, you
know, possibly in history. And women and their male allies are slowly
going to take that back.

I don`t know that we can do it 2014. It`s possible. But we can`t do
it ever if we don`t start trying and the idea the Texas is going to someday
eventually go purple and then blue. It will but it will happen faster if
national Democrats get involved and help Texas people do with themselves.

SCHULTZ: All right. Joan Walsh, Sarah Slamen, Sarah great to have
you on the Ed Show. We`ll have you back. You`re a fresh voice no question
about it. And with a lot of enthusiasm and common sense and I appreciate
the fact that you went after the Senate talking about the filibuster.
That`s really what it`s going to take.

If we`re going to have change in this country, the Senate is going to
have to change the way it does business, because all of the obstruction
that is been put out there by the Republicans. Thank you so much.

Still ahead.


NED STARK: Winter is coming.


SCHULTZ: That was another government shutdown. And you can call Paul
Ryan Mr. Freeze.


SCHULTZ: And in pretenders tonight the BFF, Sean Hannity. Hannity`s
dear friend run into some trouble this week.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: George Zimmerman is back in the news tonight; he`s
been arrested after alleged domestic dispute in Florida. Police say his
girlfriend accused him of pointing of shotgun at her during an argument.
Zimmerman has been charged with aggravated assault, battery, criminal


SCHULTZ: Zimmerman of course denies that, but George Zimmerman is
just so unlucky that the cops just seem to be always picking on him.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Since Zimmerman was acquitted on charges of second
degree murder four months ago he`s been pulled over Texas in for speeding,
sited in Florida for traffic violation. And two months ago police
respondent do a fight between Zimmerman and his wife Shelley.


SCHULTZ: No, charges were filed. They just don`t see Zimmerman the
way his buddy Sean Hannity does.


SEAN HANNITY: He`s been just rushed to judgment by so many. If this
was some type of racially-motivated killing and George Zimmerman does not
seen to fit the profile bounty on Zimmerman`s head.


HANNITY: The bounty on George Zimmerman`s head.

There`s a bounty out on the head of George Zimmerman. We don`t know.
And I want to emphasize that we don`t know. I want justice in this case.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He had called Sean Hannity of Fox News directly,
not through us and we believe, I can`t confirm this, we believe that he
spoke directly with Sean off the record and he is not even willing to tell
us what our client told him.

HANNITY: And I speak to Mr. Zimmerman. I`ll keep that conversation


SCHULTZ: What a pal, he wouldn`t leave him hanging now, would he? If
Sean Hannity does going to do everything in his power to defend his good
old friend George Zimmerman, he can keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. This is the story for the
folks who take a shower after work. So, here we go, on July 15th the
government is going to shutdown again? Republicans have no plans to
prevent it from happening. You don`t have to take my word for it.


REP. JIM CLYBURN, (D) SOUTH CAROLINA: January 15th is day that will
put us at the front door of another budget shutdown. If we do not come up
with a budget.

REP. STENY HOYER, (D) MARYLAND: We shut down the government for 16
days, for the first time in 17 years a conscious decision to shut down

REP. CHRIS VAN HOLLEN, (D) MARYLAND: We stand ready to fix those
problems, but Republicans want to play politics with the Affordable Care
Act at the expense of the priorities of the country.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: America is rightfully disgusted with the Congress
of the United States.


SCHULTZ: The Democrats are singling out one guy for the stalemate,
the champion to the budget committee and that is Paul Ryan. Ryan is
failing to present a GOP proposal as the clock ticks closer to December
13th deadline for a bipartisan deal. Ryan is putting the country at risk
for another shutdown on January 15th. Chris Van Hollen, Senior Democrat of
the Budget Committee and a negotiator of the budget talk says, "Ryan is in
charge with the negotiations and he should take action."


VAN HOLLEN: The Republicans are now chairing this conference
committees, their turn, they`re in charged and although we put our
priorities forward we have not seen any plan, not any plan from our
Republican colleagues.


SCHULTZ: And more news comes today, we`re going to be in Afghanistan
for few more years. Republicans continue to flex the real issues. David
Stockman, Former Office of Budget Management, Director under President
Reagan joins us tonight. David great to have you with us.

Glad to be here.

SCHULTZ: You know, it gets worst. I mean, not Afghanistan is back on
the table that means a heck of a lot more spending the defense budget is
the big elephant of the room then everybody is going to address. How is
this going to work out?

STOCKMAN: Well, I think it`s going to work out to the disadvantage of
everyone in America, but especially progressives. What`s really going to
happen this time is a bipartisan punt. The Republicans are in a different
mode, they are now shilling for the defense department, the military-
industrial complex running around with their hair on fire saying, "The
pinprick that is sequester on defense can`t be absorbed it would be

Frankly, in the year 2000 defense spending was $400 billion in today`s
inflation adjusted dollars. That was before the huge Bush billed up and
the wars of invasion occupation, et cetera, but with $400 billion we were
in good share, we didn`t have any threats around the world of military
industrial states that could harm American security. Today, after the
pinprick it would be $600 billion, in other words they are trying to take
it back the $650 billion more than 50 percent higher than we got along with
that worked in the year 2000.

Now, the Democrats are saying, "OK, we`ll give you the defense back
but we want our domestic spending back." And they`re wrong because if you
take domestic discretionary spending when Bill Clinton left that he wasn`t
starving the budget, it was $300 -- it was $400 billion and it will be $575
billion after the pinprick.

So, therefore progressives ought to figure out how to call the bluff
of the Republicans, let the defense department be cut deeply because it
needs to, the Cold War is over 25 years ago.

SCHULTZ: Mr. Stockman, what are the good strategy for the Democrats
just to go with the American people and go with the populous view that
nobody wants to -- in fact they`re talking about extending Social Security
benefits, increasing them, they want any cuts to Medicare and Medicaid,
that these cuts are going to have to come from defense, the majority of
them, isn`t that just go with the American people?

STOCKMAN: Absolutely, and that`s why frankly they should let the
sequester happen, that`s $55 billion out of defense easily absorbable more
than is called for -- less than is called for at this time, let the
domestic discretionary go by, and then recognize the issue on Medicare and
Social Security is not the 55 million people getting it, it`s the several
million affluent retirees who can be getting up to $50,000 a year in social

SCHULTZ: You think that ought to be change, ought to be mean tested?

STOCKMAN: Means tested and instead of going after and across the
board so called, but from the chain index.

SCHULTZ: I hate to make it sound like a business, OK?


SCHULTZ: But, OK, you got to get to this number here, this is a
number that we`ve got to get to, whatever that number might be but nobody
wants to give anything up and we`ve got this ideological lag jam over
budget talks.


SCHULTZ: How do you break it?

STOCKMAN: Well, I don`t think it`s-- I see no chance that it`s going
to be a change that is going to be broken. I think the Republicans will
continue to say, "No taxes, more defense." And .

SCHULTZ: Shutdown steady (ph).

STOCKMAN: Shutdown steady (ph). I think the Democrats and the
progressives unfortunately are so dug in on all of Social Security that
they`re letting retirees in Florida living on a golf course somewhere get
these huge checks that we can`t afford. So .

SCHULTZ: You got something for rich people out there who are on

STOCKMAN: Well, exactly. I mean, the point is .

SCHULTZ: So, that`s a cut that you would definitely get after?

STOCKMAN: Absolutely.

SCHULTZ: OK. Well, that`s a definitive answer, that`s more than we
give for most people I tell you there. Mr. Stockman, appreciate your time.
We`ll have you back, do you think there will be another shutdown?

STOCKMAN: I think it`s unlikely, this time they`re going to have a
bipartisan punt.


STOCKMAN: And move on for another crisis.

SCHULTZ: All right, David Stockman, thank you for your time tonight.
That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz. Politics Nation with Reverend Al
Sharpton starts right now. Good evening Rev.


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