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Obama meets astronauts, makes no promises
President uses Apollo 11 event to talk about education and inspiration — but not the moon or Mars.
Cosmic Log: Your moonshot memories
Science editor Alan Boyle's Weblog: July 20, 1969, was a day that changed people's lives on Earth.
Unraveling Russia’s moon riddles
The Soviets downplayed Apollo 11 as a "stunt," but a never-used moonsuit tells a different story.
That’s one small misstep for most moon tales
Apollo 11 facts often get twisted out of shape in the retelling. Take that "small step," for instance.

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Sputnik scenes
Fifty years after Sputnik’s rise, historical photos reveal the machines and the people behind the birth of the space age.

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Highlights of space flight
NBC News' Brian Williams reports on the greatest moments of the space race.
Moon anniversary videos
Obama honors Apollo 11 astronauts
July 20: During a White House ceremony, President Barack Obama hailed the Apollo 11 astronauts as "American heroes," saying they were the touchstone for excellence in exploration that inspired the scientists of today.

How Apollo 11 won the space race
Learn more about the moonship, the mission and its meaning.

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Shuttle history
Trace every flight of America's space fleet
Quiz: Test your Apollo space IQ
How well do you know the trivia behind America's moon program?
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Highs and lows
Revisit the achievements and tragedies of America's human spaceflight effort.

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Space bloopers
Test your knowledge of the space effort's trivial troubles.
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