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The Ed Show for Thursday, December 19th, 2013

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December 19, 2013

Guests: John Larson, John Fugelsang, Ruth Conniff, Michael Eric Dyson, Leo Gerard



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I feel like an idiot. I will currently the only
person not getting preschool and I`m just.



ED SCHULTZ, HOST: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks for

You know, there used to be a time when facts mattered. When you said
something, you could back it up with some facts. We got facts for you
tonight on the people that are going to be hurt in this budget deal.

Talk about hurting folkster (ph) in the holidays. One thing that I
just can`t wrap my head around is why would anybody vote for a bill that
they know is going to hurt a fellow American? Why would you do that? Why
would you take something out of the defense budget? "Okay, we`re not going
to buy as many guns this year" or "We`re not going to have as many flight
hours." Why is it that we have to have a bill that`s been passed in the
house and of the senate, the president`s going to sign it, and we`re going
to hurt Americans?

You know, at this time of year, businesses get together and they say,
"Well, you know what, we got a pretty good year. What do you say we have a
cocktail afterward? You know, let`s go have a party. Yeah, we`ve really
hit the bottom line. We hit the number." Numbers matter. And numbers
matter to these 1.3 million people that are going to be left behind. And
all we have is a facts list statement from Republicans that "Oh, we`re
going to work with you on this." Yeah, really.

Some of the rhetoric they`ve thrown out today is unbelievable. So the
fact is, we really have nothing to go on right now when it comes to making
sure people weren`t hurt in this budget bill. The clock is ticking.
People got bills to pay.

How would you feel if you in your heart, you have done everything
right, you were in your late 40s, you`re in your 50s, there`s a big
discussion out there in America about employment discrimination at the age
of 50s, something and beyond, it`s hard for people to recycle back into the
economy. So let`s say that you are now in a predicament and you`ve seen
this budget and you`ve run out on your unemployment benefits, would you
feel like a winner or a loser? How would you feel? Would you feel like
people are standing with you? It`s the holiday season. Why do we have to
have ice in our veins? We can find this money but we didn`t.

Well, now, we`ve got another opportunity. Now, I`ll make it very
clear. Over the last week, we have made it abundantly clear on this
program that this budget deal, it`s bad for a lot of reasons, for 1.3
million reasons. That`s how many reasons there are. End of discussion.
But there`s more.

On Wednesday night, of course, we know the senate passed this thing,
this bipartisan budget bill that leaves the unemployment line. It`s going
to be getting longer.

On December 28th, 1.3 million unemployed Americans are going to be
stop receiving their benefits. They`re sitting at home thinking, "Gosh,
you know, I paid taxes for 25, 30 years. I abide by the laws. I did
everything I was supposed to do but they`re run out now. I`m going to get
hurt." They don`t know why. Do you think they feel like the country cares
about them?

Democratic senator Jack Reed and Republican Senator Dean Heller --
well, here we go. It`s this new spirit over the holidays. We`ve got a
Republican and a Democrat which is encouraging.

They have introduced a three-month unemployment extension. Hold it
right there. This is great. Two guys have decided to get together from
one side of the aisle and the other side of the aisle to do something that
everybody says that they really were going to do. But this is the time
where we going to find out whether the Republicans were lying or not. This
is their opportunity to do something. And when they came out with this,
they put up this chart today. Long term unemployment is now at 2.6.
That`s right. It`s double the rate of past jobless benefits when they have
expired plus you throw an income inequality. This is not a good chart.

Democrats planned to pass the unemployment extension in the New Year.
I said that there`s no way that the Republicans are going to be able to let
this thing fly so they picked one guy to get on board and try to do
something about it. I can`t wait to see how many Republicans really come
out and say, "We`ve got to do this."

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid twitted something out today that
really caught my attention. He twitted out and said that the Republicans
are holding unemployment insurance extension to an unreasonable demand that
we withdraw all pending votes on nominations first.

Aren`t they just wonderful people? The very time they`re saying that
they`re going to help this 1.3 million people, this is what`s happening.
Republicans are holding unemployment extension hostage to an unreasonable
demand, meaning, they`ve never had to go through this before, that we
withdraw all pending votes on nominations first, meaning the Republicans
are saying, "We don`t give a damn if Barack Obama wants to hire some people
and put them on the place to do government`s work like in the court system.
We don`t care. You want unemployment insurance, the box stops right here.
The president is not going to get whatever the heck he wants. Nominations
have to stop first before we solve the 1.3 million people from getting

This proves you cannot trust Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. They
want to obstruct the president of the United States, tear down the poor,
and do nothing for the economy. But we`re going to believe them. You know
what they got? This -- I don`t know about you, but I got a flu shot the
other day. I`m not going get the flu this year. I`m totally confident.

Do they have a shot for vulturitis because these Republicans, hell,
they still got vulturitis? We`ve got a chart. I`m charting about -- this
goes in 2009. We`re really cutting Republicans a break because we haven`t
extended it out to 2013. We`ll do that next year when we come back, OK?

This is still the best model they have. You know, Republicans have no
plans to address income inequality. There`s poll out there after poll out
there that says that this is one of the biggest things Americans are
concerned about. So basically, what we have seen here is we have seen the
Republicans wage war on women. We`ve seen them wage war on the voting
rights. And now, they`re waging war on the poor.

It`s the holiday season. Feel warm and fuzzy yet?

On Saturday, Republican Congressman Jack Kingston of Georgia said
school children, "Well, they`ve got it too easy." Kingston wants kids to
learn that there`s no such thing as a free lunch in life. Now, hold it

I have been talking recently about what do the Republicans have for
the 1.3 million people. What are they going to do? We know how they lie.
We know how they want to hold everything hostage. But here`s what this guy
told the Jackson County Republicans at a meeting about the federal school
lunch program. Here`s his plan.


REP. JACK KINGSTON, (R) GEORGIA: But one of things I`ve talked to the
Secretary of Agriculture about "Why don`t you, you know, have the kids pay
a dime, pay a nickel to instill them that there is, in fact, no such thing
as free lunch? Or maybe sweep the floor of the cafeteria. And yes, I
understand that that would be an administrative problem, and I understand
that it would probably lose your money. But think what we would gain as a
society in getting people -- getting the myth out of their head that there
is such things as a free lunch.


SCHULTZ: Think about that. These Republicans don`t have a clue what
it`s like growing up poor. They don`t have a clue about what it`s like for
a kid. Now, we`ve had a lot of stories on all the networks in the media
about bullying, haven`t we? Right. Kids going to school and bullying
other kids. What do you think it would be like if his kid had to go sweep
the floor, do you think kids might bully his kids and "You got to sweep,
you got to sweep the floor if you`re going to eat lunch."

Now, kids aren`t that way, are they? Let`s get real.

Kingston`s argument is absolutely absurd. First of, the kids already
get their lunch free. Their parents give them the money for it. I don`t
know of any little kids in elementary school or whatever that pay for their
own lunch. His plan would simply humiliate the less fortunate children in
school, but remember, all those Republican governors, they`re experts when
it comes to reforming education. Now, he takes the cake.

We should point out that this guy is -- hell, he wants to be in United
States Senate. He`s running for Senator Saxby Chambliss` senate seat and I
think he`d fit right in there with Ted Cruz. Cruz could have someone to go
to lunch with. They can sweep floor together.

This isn`t the first time. They point this out. This isn`t the first
time a Georgia Republican has suggested that poor children clean the
schools. Here`s Newt Gingrich during the 2012 Republican Presidential


something like, you shouldn`t go to work before you`re what, 14, 16 years
of age. Fine. You`re totally poor. You`re in a school that is failing
with a teacher that`s failing. I tried for years to have a very simple
model. Most of these schools have to get rid the unionized janitors, have
one master janitor, and pay local students to take care of the school.


SCHULTZ: I`ll tell you what. It`s always the union`s fault, isn`t
it? Let`s get rid of those union janitors. Bring the poor kids and let`s
have them sweep, and if they sweep well enough, we`ll feed them lunch.
What if they do it twice a day, we might let them start out with breakfast
as well too and a little extra orange juice.

These people are nuts. They don`t have a clue what this country is
all about. And it`s a good thing for school children everywhere that Newt
Gingrich`s campaign didn`t fail. It totally failed. And his TV show is
not doing very well, either.

This isn`t just about school lunches folks. Republicans attack the
poor every chance they get. They consistently go after Medicaid, food
stamps, unemployment, and other programs that lift people out of poverty.

Now, this is a real "I told you so" moment. What we have seen in
recent days is Ryan talked about hostages. We`ve seen McConnell talk about
hostages. We now have an ultimatum given to Harry Reed that if he wants to
do unemployment insurance, you know what he`s going to do? Stop nominating
people. Earlier today John McCain said that he wanted to help the
unemployed on the Senate floor.


SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R) ARIZONA: Won`t you let us at least have debate
and vote an amendment? There`s some others that think that this program
can be improved to help those who are unemployed. But now, the way the
senate runs today is that it`s either take it or leave it. And I`ll tell
the Chair and I`ll tell my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, we`re
getting sick and tired of it. We`re getting sick and tired of the
dictatorial lay that the United States Senate is being run.


SCHULTZ: No senator, you missed the script. You should have said,
we`re getting sick and tired in helping out people. They can`t get a job.
What is with McCain? One of the biggest priorities the American people
have is addressing income inequality. When was the last time you were
Republicans out of the blue all of a sudden is so concerned about
unemployment benefits? But now, after they get the budget that they want
that gives them election protection and there`d be no shutdown, now that
they`re back talking about hostage taking, we have to go out and say "Oh,
we`re really tough to the Republicans because we haven`t given them a
chance to put an amendment in the help of the unemployed in this country."
Give me a break.

Get your cell phones out. I do want to know what you think tonight.
The question is, do you remember Republican ever caring about the
unemployed? Text A for Yes, text B for No to 67622. You can always go to
our blog at We`re bringing the results later on in this

For more on this, let me turn to my friend Congressman on the
Democratic side John Larson of Connecticut. Congressman, good to have you
with us tonight.

REP. JOHN LARSON (D) CONNECTICUT: Good to be with you Ed. Great
intro, by the way.

SCHULTZ: Well, thank you sir. You add to it. You`re now taking over
the Ed show and talk, right?

LARSON: Well, I`m going to talk and let me say something.

SCHULTZ: What do you think about it? Tell me whether I`m right or
I`m wrong? What`s going on here?

LARSON: Well, you know, here -- you know, and the other thing is --
well, this is all the underpinnings for the true message. And when they
talked about entitlement reform, this is what really cuts I think to the
core and Democrats, especially, but people all around the country whether
you`re Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green, Tea Party, it doesn`t
matter. Entitlements. Let`s be clear about one thing. Social Security
and Medicare are not entitled.

SCHULTZ: They`re earned benefit programs. Yes.

LARSON: This is the insurance that you have paid for. And as you
see, what they`re setting up here is you -- as we head into the New Year,
is to go after this and the hostages they want to take are presidential
appointments, the debt ceiling debate again. And then, what they would
call entitlements which are actually the insurance that people have paid
for and have earned. It`s called the Federal Insurance Contribution Act.
And we have got in the public needs to be.


LARSON: . educated about this. They`re already there. I believe
that to be the case and to listen to the litany of things that you just
went through. It`s hard to decide whether it`s a Scrooge or the Grinch or
the -- oh, maybe the Gingrinch that stole Christmas here from the .

SCHULTZ: It`s all free. I mean, I think they`re all under the tree

LARSON: But it`s about, you know, you have to laugh at it because you
know, that clearly Gingrich is intelligent enough to understand that that`s
not the case. Jack Kingston is a better person than that. To blame things
on the janitors and the children that`s where .

SCHULTZ: But, that`s the reason. You know, I`ve been.

LARSON: . the problem is. That`s the problem that exists, you know.

SCHULTZ: Congressman, I`ve been asking this question on this program.
What is the plan that the Republicans have? Why would they pass a bill
that would hurt people? Why would Congress do that? I mean, OK, so
there`s the political reality of it, I understand that. But, you`re still
passing a bill where Americans are going to hurt in this economy. And then
they say "Well, they`re going to back and work with you on something."
Yeah, if you stop the nominations. Yeah, if we can pick a hostage. This
is the why Americans hate Washington.

LARSON: They do and.

SCHULTZ: They can`t stand. This is the whole thing because those 1.3
million people have paid their taxes, they`re trying to get back into the
economy, there`s checks and balances to the unemployment insurance that`s
out there, yet they`re called takers by one party in this country. And if
we don`t call them out on it consistently, it is not going to change the
thinking of the American people to not stop putting pressure on these
people. And so.

LARSON: And who are they holding hostages? They`re holding the
American people hostage.

SCHULTZ: The most vulnerable.

LARSON: And the most vulnerable amongst us. But -- and you made
another salient (ph) pointing at the -- in you`re opening dialogue. And
that`s this whole issue of people you said between the age of 50 and 65,
those people in near retirement age. Those people who are wondering, am I
going to get late off? Am I going to have a job? Will I be able to
matriculate and find another job? And at a time, when here`s -- the
Republican is talking about teaching a work ethic, how about working
yourselves? How about staying in congress and getting the job done?


LARSON: How about a jobs bill that if it was put on the floor and be
passed tomorrow? How about an infrastructure bill that would get about --
rebuilding the country, putting people back to work, roads, bridges.


LARSON: . school systems, et cetera. These are things that are
neither Democrat or Republican, they are very much American. And this is
why, as you point out, the Americans are so angry, because they see
congress down here twiddling (ph) and diddling and not getting much. We
take great pride, and listen, let`s be fair about this and say this was at
least a compromise that got us moving in the right direction.


LARSON: From what we need to be.

SCHULTZ: That`s.

LARSON: And they mean to do this, but.

SCHULTZ: Like a short-term memory loss is what they got.

LARSON: Exactly.

SCHULTZ: That`s what they got. Congressman John Larson, you have a
great holiday. It`s great to have you on the Ed Show. Thanks for speaking
up. I appreciate it.

Remember tonight -- remember to answer tonight`s question there at the
bottom of the screen, share your thoughts with us on Twitter and at Ed
Show. We always want to hear what you have to say this.

Coming up, Senator Ted Cruz quotes the movie "Spinal Tap" to describe
the budget deal. Plus, the conservative media is defending a Duck Dynasty
patriarch for nasty comments. Stay with us.


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This is a good one. Here are today`s top Trenders voted on buy you.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hello (inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number three Trender, amplified.

SEN. TED CRUZ, (R) TEXAS: This is a president who initially
campaigned on hope and change.


CRUZ: The new town has been nasty partisan politics.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What we do is if we need that extra push over
the cliff, you know what we do.

SCHULTZ: Ted Cruz tops the movie trivia to criticize Democrats.

CRUZ: As they say in "Spinal Tap," "Ours goes to 11."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you can see.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: . the numbers will go to 11, 11, 11, 11.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right and mostly.

CRUZ: And the nasty partisan politics from this administration really
does go to 11.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Does that mean it`s louder? Is it any louder?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, it`s one louder, isn`t it?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number two Trender, free crime fighters.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re arresting individuals who`ve broken the law.


ALYONA MINKOVSKIS: Texas cops are now getting warned before crimes
are even committed.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have a warrant in my pocket that says murder.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A Texas court ruling lets cops plays psychic.

MINSKOVSKIS: (Inaudible) may have kind of search warrants based on a
prediction of this future crime.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Don`t you really want to know?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m placing you under arrest for the future murder
of Sarah Marks.


SCHULTZ: And today`s top Trender, duck and cover.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Some things go crazy redneck up in here.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Duck Dynasty star put on indefinite hiatus.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In an article in the new issue of GQ, Phil
Robertson called homosexuality sinful.

PHIL DYNASTY: What a whinny?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Phil was very graphic and frank in describing that
point of view.

SCHULTZ: Conservatives shoot down criticism of Duck Dynasty`s big

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is a concise (ph) example of the word

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And he made it very clear he prefers heterosexual
sex to homosexual sex.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right. We got that -- I got that feeling.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But I`m not just agreeing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why he is so popular because of how he spoken
these things.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But I`m not just agreeing. Wait, I`m not --
right, but I`m not his (inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: His political correctness that`s gotten malignant.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sheriff Halin who wrote those intolerance hating
and taking on the Duck Dynasty patriarch were voicing his personal opinion
are taking on all of us.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The fact that they are legitimate and rural and
country folk and bible folk, let them be.


SCHULTZ: Joining me now, Liberal Commentator and Committee, John
Fugelsang. I could feel hours on this. What do you mean let them be? No
discrimination of the pre Civil Rights era and he didn`t see it. Give me a
break. I mean, there`s a lot on pack here. No question about it.

Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty, fabulous show because people watch it,
right? 8 million people watch it. It`s a big property for A&E but they
are justifying what this guy said. They are defending it.

start up by saying I love Duck Dynasty. I think it`s great. I
acknowledge. I`ve seen Civil War reenactments less staged in this show but
it`s very fun.

The issue here is that Phil is claiming that his bigotry is backed up
by Christianity even the gospels.

SCHULTZ: Even he calls himself a bible thumper.

FUGELSANG: Well, then bible thumpers seem to get thumped with the
bible sometime because being gay is natural. Hating gay is a lifestyle

Jesus never said anything against our gay brothers and sisters. Saint
Paul has taken out of context in Romans. That`s not about consensual gay
sex. He`s going by Leviticus. You shall not lie with a man as with the
woman, right? That`s what Phil lives by, but the fact is, if Phil lives by
what`s in Leviticus, he is abominable for eating shellfish. That shrimp
cocktail, according to Leviticus, is every bit is abominable as George
Michael Knight at the Ramrod Bathhouse, Ed. This guy is violating the

SCHULTZ: All right. This was not just a comment. This was an
explanation of a belief system. Now, A&E has put him on the sideline for
awhile although it won`t affect this season because they`ve already taped
it. So people are going to be watching it starting at January thinking,
"Oh, I thought this guys got suspended." No, they`re going to play this
year, and then next year, he`s not going to be on the program.

But a belief system, how does A&E going to bring him back and be
associated with these guys. It`s not like he`s sorry. This is what he
believes. He`s the patriarch in the family. How do we know that he hasn`t
talked this kind of belief system to the rest of his family? Where does it
live all this?

FUGELSANG: Well, I`m shocked as you are that folks in the show would
have homophobic beliefs, Ed. And by the way, good to GQ for having this
interview. I`m looking forward to the Honey Boo Boo cover of Vogue.

The thing is, A&E has the right to do this. His free speeches
completely protected, but the thing about being grown up says there are
consequences for what you say. So, no one is infringing on his free speech

SCHULTZ: He has the right to say it. He don`t have a right to a TV
show or on a business climate that don`t want to tolerate that kind of

FUGELSANG: And the business he works for has the right to protect
their investment and not alienate their sponsors and audience.

SCHULTZ: Do you think that because of his belief system, he may -- I
got to call on this today and I thought rather intriguing that he may have
just be trying to blow up the show, that he`s had enough, that, you know,
he`s just had enough doing it, he thinks that maybe some other people on
the family are getting a little too grandiose in their lifestyle?

FUGELSANG: No. I didn`t think that. I thought that the GQ interview
were really went fishing looking for something hot and controversial for
this. It`s not a huge shock that he said it. And I would like to see this
be in time for Mr. Robertson to open up his heart, recognize that hating
gay is the opposite of Christianity and the values of Jesus and maybe he
could be a real leader in terms of accepting people.

SCHULTZ: Is this rule in America?

FUGELSANG: Partly, it`s some rule in America but there`s -- you know
this. There`s lots of great good hearted conservative folks who have no
problem with their gay brothers and sisters because they follow the
teachings of Jesus.

SCHULTZ: So, the conservative commentators are defending him.
They`re giving him license to go out there. It`s almost like they`re
playing him as the victim right now. And they`re all in chorus on this.

FUGELSANG: Well, that`s one of the defining characteristics of
Fundamentalist Christianity. You know, no matter how Fundamentalist your
religion is, Christian, Muslim, Jew, there`s a few things you have in
common and one of this is the more right wing your faith is, the more women
are second class citizens, the more violence is OK -- if my side does it --
and the more you put down gays, and the more you play victim. And Ed, on
his last worst day, Jesus didn`t play victim the way this guy`s fans are

SCHULTZ: So how does A&E bring him back? They send him off to
counseling and change his belief system? I think that didn`t going to
happen. He`s going to come back the same guy.

FUGELSANG: Well, but if.

SCHULTZ: What are they going to say? Just don`t say that stuff

FUGELSANG: You know, Ed, they`re going to use this show until the
ratings go away. A&E will tune (ph) up and spit him out when they`re done.
But the thing is, this guy gets at the end of the interview, "It`s not my
place to judge." Well, it`s a little bit late for that Mr. Robertson but
there is a chance. They`ll bring him back when the right -- when the time
is right.

SCHULTZ: John Fugelsang, good to have you with us tonight. Thank you
so much.

FUGELSANG: Merry Christmas, Ed.

SCHULTZ: You bet.

Coming up. A potential political rival takes a shot at Hillary
Clinton`s Iraq vote. Still ahead, online news magazine POLITICO needs to
work on its comparing and contrasting skills. POLITICO lands in tonight`s
Pretenders. But next, I`m taking your questions live. Ask Ed Live coming
up on MSNBC. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back t the Ed Show. My favorite segment, Ask Ed
Live. They always come in. I appreciate it very much.

Our first question comes from Shelton Robert Hart. And the question
is, "Do you have any New Year`s Resolutions?" Not yet. I normally don`t
start thinking about that stuff until after Christmas. But I have thought
about doing as many shows as I possibly can from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
in 2014. See and feel and let me do that. See the crew here works so
hard. They need some more time off.

Our next question is from Amy Johnson. She wants to know, "How is
that turkey dinner when -- with Wendy and the president?" Well, we didn`t
have dinner with the president. The president last night at the White
House, I was there, you know, with Michelle, the First Lady and they were
taking pictures as we go through a line and what not. Now, I didn`t go
there to socialize last night. I mean I`m upfront about these folks.

Nobody in the world cooks turkey like the guy at the White House. So
I went right to the Turkey Bar when I got there. I went to the Turkey Bar
three years ago. I went to the Turkey Bar two years ago. And I didn`t let
tradition end. I went there last night. It`s really kind of cool. They
got great food there. You wouldn`t believe the bunch that they have to,
you know, feed the media and everything. It was kind of cool.

And so, we went and took our picture with the president. The
president asked my wife, "Wendy, how are feeling? Does Ed know that I`ve
been asking about you?" and she said, "Yes." "Well, you look beautiful and
you`re healthy 100 percent." And it was a neat 30 seconds, OK? So that`s
what we did at the White House last night.

And if they invite me back next year, I`m going right back to the
Turkey Bar.

Stick around, Rapid Response Panel is next.

I`m Breaking News. A theater collapsed in Central London leave dozens of
people injured. The theater was packed with about 700 people for an
evening holiday performance when the collapse occurred. It happened at the
city`s famous Apollo Theater located in the west end.

At this point, officials say, seven people where seriously injured,
more than 70 others were also hurt. All those who were trapped inside had
been freed. The police say it is unclear what caused the collapse.

Stick around and we will be back in just a minute.



BARBARA WALTERS, ABC NEWS ANCHOR: I have to push for the answer about
whether or not you might run for president.

made up my mind. I have -- really have not. I will look carefully at what
I think I can do and make that decision, you know, sometime next year.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. You heard it folks. Get ready
for another year of speculation and rumors about the future plans of former
Secretary of State and First Lady, Hillary Clinton, and a Senator from New
York at one time.

The Former Secretary of State was named Barbara Walter`s most
fascinating person of 2013, but it sounds like we`ll have to wait until
2014 to get an answer. Gosh, that could be a few weeks, right, by the

At this point it clear, Clinton has considered the leading Democrat
for the 2016 race. But that hasn`t stopped other potential presidential
hopefuls from testing the waters like Former Montana Governor Brian
Schweitzer. Schweitzer sure sounded like a candidate during a speech in
Iowa in front of 100 people where he took a thinly veiled jab at Clinton
about the Iraq war.

Schweitzer said, "I didn`t vote for that war and I didn`t think it was
a good idea. And George Bush got a bunch of Democrats to go to that war.
I was just shaking my head in Montana." Though he didn`t mention Clinton
by name, it`s pretty clear who he was talking and taking aim at. According
to the Des Moines Register, after his speech, asked about Clinton`s vote,
Schweitzer answered with a grin on his face "Did she vote for it? I didn`t
keep track. I think there were 21 Democrats who didn`t vote for it. She
might have been one of those." Well actually, there were 23 Senate
Democrats who didn`t vote for the war and Hillary Clinton did vote for the

So, here we go, the race is on.

Joining me now, Rapid Response Panel. Ruth Conniff for The
Progressive Magazine and Michael Eric Dyson Georgetown University Professor
and MSNBC Political Analyst. Great to have both of you with us.

Ruth, is this -- from Brian Schweitzer`s standpoint, is this the
perfect way to tell Hillary Clinton that, "You know what? There`s going to
be some competition."

a few other thing, they are also very intriguing. He talked about how the
progresses in this country don`t want a corporatist to be a governor or
rather to be president.

You know, he -- I think like he had kind of a soft spot for this
Midwestern and Western Populist who are not fans of Wall Street and who are
not afraid to say that as much as there`s a left and right division in this
country, there`s a top and bottom division. And that the Democratic Party
should be more progressive and should standup for the little guy.

And I think that`s the case that he`s making and I think there are a
few other people who are going to get out and make that case. And they`re
making it against Hillary Clinton who not coincidentally last week was on a
love fest tour of Wall Street speaking to Goldman Sachs, sitting down with
the Carlyle Group and really indicating that she would be a friendly
candidate for Wall Street.

So I think there`s a real fight to be made from the left in the
presidential primary and it`s interesting to see some people get in the

SCHULTZ: There`s nobody else getting that question, "When are going
to announce are you going to run?" No other Democrats are getting that
question. I`ve asked Howard Dean, I`ve asked Bernie Sanders. Howard Dean
told me, "No. Bernie`s going to run. Bernie`s ." I don`t know yet. I
mean the intrigue out there right now, Michael, is that it`s still all
about Hillary.

time -- it`s about her. I think, Ruth, is right that obviously we have
some deep sympathies, all of us, all three of us, for -- since the time
from the Midwest as well in Detroit for those Midwestern Populist who talk
about, you know, the poor people at the bottom who talk about working class

And then on the other hand, you`ve got people who are actually
electable. Now, we face that dilemma all the time. How much do we
capitulate to a kind of corporatist , if you will, conservative agenda that
says, "Things as they are must be dealt with and any politician who has a
chance of getting elected should be placed above the interest of the

The question is, "Can any populist make a dent on -- of the race in
2016?" I think Hillary has it lock, stock, and barrel, I don`t think much
opposition will be put forward. And when she announces if she does indeed
announce, I think that everything becomes about her and, you know, lining
up behind her to try to stop the Republican who will be on the ticket.

SCHULTZ: Ruth, does she have to have a competition? I mean -- and
this is .

CONNIFF: Absolutely.

SCHULTZ: . very -- could very well happen. There might be just a few
others, there won`t -- there might not be a stage of eight or nine people
up there at the first of several -- few debates on the Democratic side.
Your thoughts.

CONNIFF: Well, let`s not forget that in 2008, there was an awful lot
of talk about how Hillary was inevitable. And in fact she wasn`t
inevitable and a lot of younger people, a lot of women in fact my age and
younger ended up voting for Barrack Obama because he had a more progressive
sounding message. And towards the end of the race, Hillary started
sounding more and more progressive and actually she (inaudible) Obama in a
certain way. She talked about trade, and the real problems of job loss in
this country because of unfair trade deals.

You know, she started to sound more and more Left especially in the
Upper Midwest as she campaigned. And I think we`re going to see a similar
dynamic. In fact, I think it`s gotten worse .


CONNIFF: . because young people have now suffered through the crash,
they`re carrying enormous debt and this is no joke. I mean it is -- being
the candidate of Wall Street is not an appealing prospect to a younger
generation of voters.

SCHULTZ: Well, it`s going to be interesting what -- when her
announcement is going to be. Is it going to be before the midterm? What
president -- what person would want to inherit this Congress and who knows
what you`re going to be facing if the Republicans were to hold on to the
House, would it be much more inviting if the Democrats have the Senate and
the House to make a run in 16? It`s all -- I think terribly interesting.

All right. Michael Eric Dyson, I have to ask you, I just have two
words to say, Duck Dynasty. Your thoughts.

DYSON: You know, it`s -- if it sounds like a duck and it quacks like
a duck, it`s a duck. And what we should be doing is ducking out and trying
to avoid, you know, all sensors and sorts of bigotry. I saw your interview
there with John Fugelsang and, you know, he said at the end where he says
well, you know, he left some room for improvement. But the reality is that
all of us whether it`s about race, or class, or ethnicity, or gender, or
sexuality. We have got to come to grips in 2013 with the fact that this is
a multiracial, multicultural nation of all sorts of people .


DYSON: . and until we make room for everybody, nobody really stand.

SCHULTZ: But he did say that he thought that black people were happy
before, you know, before the Civil Rights Movement. Basically that`s where
he came from.

DYSON: You know what? If happy means you`re anesthetized and that
happy means you were forced into an agreeable disposition because you`re
trying to undermine the dominant culture, a lot of black happiness were
subversive. It was smiling in the face of white people to undermine
culture and to resist their politics.

So when he looks at happy Negroes, he better think again. First of
all, when black people saying Negro spirituals, they were signifying to
each other, "Hey, we got to get out of here in time for the revolution to
take place." and secondly, they would make all of these quilts and white
people would say, "Aren`t they beautiful?" And they were pointing to
different ways to get out.


DYSON: So black happiness is often subversive, brother. Don`t be

SCHULTZ: Michael Eric Dyson, Ruth Conniff great to have you with us
tonight. Thank you so much.

Coming up, Mitt Romney is trying to rehabilitate his image. That
stops here tonight and you`ll meet Wendy Schultz and some of the kids when
we come back on the Ed Show. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, the big reach, Politico News
Organization drop a huge misdiagnosis.

Politico compare President Obama`s second term with President George
W. Bush. The comparison is not only premature it`s down right ridiculous.

Let me remind you what Bush`s second term actually look like.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: As we speak, as you say, there are people with
sign saying help .


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: . come and get me. Nurses are phoning in and
saying the situation on hospitals is getting ever more dire.

They expected they say to rise (ph) that the day after this hurricane
that there would be a massive and visible armada of federal support.
What`s taking so long?

BUSH: (Savannah), you`re doing a heck of a job. The team or
directors working .

Major financial institutions have teetered on the edge of collapse and
some have failed. We`re in the mist of a serious financial crisis.

You know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the
war on terror. Thank folks that are bombing innocent people in Iraq were
the ones who attacked us in America on September the 11th.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: As for a link between Iraq and 9/11, a just
completed study of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi documents captured after
the US invasion found no evidence of any operational ties between Saddam
Hussein and Al-Qaeda.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He said, all I can tell you is the size ten and
they continued to take questions.


SCHULTZ: In President Obama`s second term, well, let`s check the
facts. The stock market is at a record high. People are signing up for
good affordable health care. Unemployment rates are dropping. And this
president is just getting started

Politico should know the difference between a military surge and
getting out of a war. If Politico thinks President Obama is anything like
President Bush, they could keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. This is a story for the folks
who take a shower after work. Mitt Romney is getting the star treatment in
a new original Netflix documentary.

The trailer for the film titled "Mitt" was released on Wednesday. It
shows a softer side of the Former Massachusetts Governor during his run for
the Republican presidential candidacy in 2012.


we`ll still love you. The country may think of you as a laughing stock and
we`ll know the truth. And that`s OK.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And just getting beat up constantly. Oh, Mitt
Romney`s a flip flap, or he`s this, he`s that. I think, "Oh man. Is this
worth it?"

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A year ago we told you that we love you no matter
how these things work out and .

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And now, you`re not so sure?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And now we`re not so sure.


SCHULTZ: The trailer gives a behind the scenes depiction of a warm
and fuzzy Romney and family. But as any observer of Mitt Romney`s 2012
presidential campaign can attest, he had plenty of perkily moments on the


ROMNEY: Corporations are people, my friend. We can raise taxes up,
of course they are, every big corporations earn ultimately goes to people.
So, what do you think it goes?

I like being able to fire people that provides services to me.

There are 47 percent of the people who vote for the president no
matter what. My job is not to worry about those few .

I went to a number of women`s groups and said, "Can you help us find
folks?" and they brought us a whole binders a full of women.


SCHULTZ: Well, in an interview last summer with the Wall Street
Journal`s Peggy Noonan, Romney admitted he`s hunted by the verbal gaps he
made during his campaign, but blame the media.

He told Noonan, "You`ll be taken out of context. You`ll be clipped
and you`ll be battered with things you said."

This documentary had cameras rolling on Romney 24/7, but you can be
sure the film is edited. "Mitt" will premiere on Netflix on January 24th
at midnight Pacific Time.

Let`s bring in Leo Gerard, United Steelworkers International President
joins me tonight.

Mr. Gerard, it`s almost as if the Republican rebranding has already
started and let`s go back and tell you what you really miss with Mitt

What`s your impression of this and the effort behind it?

think that the reality is that Mitt Romney branded himself by his actions
not by a bunch of phony running and I don`t know over his shirt. The fact
of the matter is look what he did to the workers at Ampad, look what he
said about the 47 percent. Those weren`t gaps. Those were putting his
beliefs out there in the open. Look what he did to those workers at
Sensata. He claims that he wasn`t there at Sensata but he got the profits
out of that mess that he created.

So I think it doesn`t matter what the film is going to say. I think
what Mitt Romney and what Mitt Romney said when he is explaining his
beliefs tells us who Mitt Romney really is. And then I want to make the
point of -- when they acquired Sensata which was a very high tech auto
parts company that made sensitive equipment for the auto industry. They
told those workers, "You won`t be here in one year." And they moved those
jobs to China.

And when the Chinese people came to take the equipment out and to be
trained, they took the American flag down. That was owned then by Bain
Capital. Whether Romney or not was that Bain Capital, he should have at
least said we`re not going to move this plant, we could make money here,
we`ve been making money here, they`ve been making money here and we`re
going to protect American jobs.

SCHULTZ: So I mean .

GERARD: He can earn all the cups he wants. He still is what he is.

SCHULTZ: It take this as the Republicans trying to show that they`re
sensitive, that they are all about family and, you know, who isn`t all
about family. Bottom line here is that they`re going to have the hard time
rebranding what they really do and how they vote and who they are.

GERARD: Yeah. Let`s not forget that Mitt Romney`s immigration policy
with self deportation. That wasn`t a miss quote. That was his policy.
And when they want to rebrand themselves, they`re rebranding themselves now
when they got Paul Ryan out there bragging that they prevented more a than
million people from getting unemployment insurance extension.

So Mitt Romney is branded by his actions and by his words, not by some
phony edited .


GERARD: . film clips, you know, and .

SCHULTZ: Gaps happen, everybody does them but blaming the media, that
strategy is that going to win over some people?

GERARD: No. It`s not going to win over anybody because there -- what
he said, look at what he did with the 47 percent. He was in front of
people that were from his economic class, $50,000 a plate dinner, and he`s
in there and saying that, you know, the 47 percent of the population are
takers and would, you know, they`d vote for Obama because he`s going to
give them something.

Well I can tell you what. I represent lots of those 47 percent people
who work in their workplaces everyday trying to make ends meet and they
don`t expect anything for nothing except to give them a chance to earn a
decent living. And he had no connection to that reality whatsoever, he was
born with that silver spoon on his mouth as they say, he was born on third
base and thinks he hit a triple.

SCHULTZ: Mr. Gerard, great to have you with us tonight. I appreciate
your time. Leo Gerard, President of Steelworkers International.

GERARD: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: The rebranding of the Republicans is not going to be easy.
That`s the Ed Show, but before we go tonight. I want to share with you the
people that I love so much. This is my lovely wife Wendy. We were at the
White House last night. The President said she`s beautiful, I agree. Once
again, the President`s got it correct. And our family Dave and Kelsy,
Kelsy where you`re from?

KELSY: Fargo, North Dakota.

SCHULTZ: How`s that for an accent, folks? And also Billy Joe, Ed
Joe, and my brother-in-law John, his wife Felicia, this is only just a --
this is only a fourth of the Griswold Christmas on the Northern tier.
Look, this is -- I love them. They`re a wonderful family and they
appreciate you watching the Ed Show and we want all of you to have a
wonderful, wonderful holiday season. We`re heading back to the North
Country. We`ll come to you from Detroit Lakes tomorrow. God bless all of
you and Reverend Sharpton, I just want you to know my son, Dave, he wants
to introduce the show tonight. So, Dave, go ahead and give it to him.

DAVE SCHULTZ, ED SCHULTZ`S SON: This is Ed Schultz and family. This
has been the Ed Show, next stop, Politics Nation with Reverend Al Sharpton.
Take it away, Rev.


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