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As the 2004 Presidential election campaign kicks into high gear, on July 25, 2004, MSNBC presents two special hours: "Picking Our Presidents: The Greatest Moments," an in-depth look at our nation’s political process with "NBC Nightly News" anchor Tom Brokaw and "Hardball" host Chris Matthews, 8-9 p.m. (ET) and "John Kerry: Bringing the War Home," 9-10 p.m. ET, an illuminating hour, anchored by NBC News’ Brian Williams, documenting Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry as he returned home from Vietnam and became a prominent and very public voice against the war, butting heads with the White House along the way.

"Tom Brokaw is the preeminent news anchor of his generation and Chris Matthews is among the most respected and politically well-versed journalists on television," said Tammy Haddad, executive producer, "Picking Our Presidents: The Greatest Moments." "We’re proud to present this special look at the last half-century of political conventions through their eyes."

"This program offers an unprecedented look at one of the most controversial, least understood chapters of John Kerry’s life. It’s a side of Kerry few people have seen, yet it’s essential to understanding what he’s made of, and who he is today," said Andrew Franklin, executive producer, "John Kerry: Bringing the War Home."

"Picking Our Presidents: The Greatest Moments," hosted by Tom Brokaw and Chris Matthews, is a look at the most fascinating moments from America’s political conventions, and how those moments affected the presidential process and the history of this country. Brokaw, who has covered the conventions for the past four decades, and Matthews, who spent 15 years in politics and government before becoming a journalist, look back to the 1956 Democratic convention, where John F. Kennedy lost his fight for the vice-presidential nomination, through the 1980 Republican convention where candidate Ronald Reagan almost recruited former president Gerald Ford as his vice presidential nominee; Brokaw and Matthews also reflect on the role of women at the conventions and on some of the most powerful political speeches of the 20th century.

Anchored by NBC News’ Brian Williams, "John Kerry: Bringing the War Home" is a fascinating look at John Kerry’s first emergence as a public figure, as he arrives home from Vietnam a decorated war veteran and becomes a passionate advocate against the war. His testimony in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971 drew national media attention—and drew the attention of President Richard Nixon. Using Nixon’s own words, as heard in Oval Office audio recordings of conversations, as well as rare archival video and interviews with Kerry, "John Kerry: Bringing the War Home" presents an in-depth look at how Kerry first entered public life.

Tammy Haddad and Scott Hooker are co-executive producers, "Picking Our Presidents: The Greatest Moments." Andrew Franklin is the executive producer, "John Kerry: Bringing the War Home." Phil Griffin is Vice President, Primetime Programming, MSNBC.


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