Adam Joseph shows future meteorologists how to build a simple Anemometer
updated 8/10/2004 2:00:39 PM ET 2004-08-10T18:00:39

Welcome to A.J.'s Summer School. Each week I'll show you easy weather projects you and your family can put together at home.

This week's summer school project is an Anemometer.

This is the device that records wind speed.An anemometer has a handle or rod with cones attached to the top. The cones will spin around when the wind blows. The faster the cones spin, the stronger the wind.

This is an important tool when covering Severe Weather because wind is important to Tony, Lisa, Glenn and me when tracking thunderstorms in the summer and snow storms in the winter.

What is wind? It is energy in the atmosphere that fuel storms and adds more power or have the potential to make them more severe. Severe thunderstorms are usually preceded by high winds.

Anemometers have recorded wind speeds in excess of 200 miles per hours. The record highest wind speed on land was recorded by an Anemometer on April 12th 1934, at the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, a 231mph gust!

Try it and then send me an e-mail and tell me how it came out. Take some pictures of you and your anemometer and send those as well!

Be sure to check back next week when we will stay on the wind chapter and make a wind vane.

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