Chris Madden has been turning “homes into havens” for the past twenty years.
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After more then a year of legal maneuvers by the reigning queen of the "home and living" world (and her lawyers), Martha Stewart is going to face her new destiny— a prison sentence.  Martha Stewart’s long court battle will end Friday with a sentencing that will leave her throne up for grabs and other domestic divas vying for her spot. 

Chris Madden and Colin Cowie are two designers who have both been around for years, but have recently been brought into the spotlight.

Chris Madden
Madden has been turning “homes into havens” for the past twenty years. She written over 16 best selling books and penned a syndicated column “Interior Designs” for over 400 newspapers.

Recently, JC Penney spent over 1 billion dollars to fund Madden’s newest collection named “Turning Homes into Havens.”  To date, this is JC Penney’s largest home furnishing asset. Much preparation went into its release, including a large showroom in New York City’s Rockefeller Center.

"Martha paved the way— she helps women impress," Madden once told to the New York Post.  "I try to help them decompress."

Colin Cowie
When Cowie established Colin Cowie Lifestyle in 1985, he quickly became on of the world’s most acclaimed event planners and interior designers. He produces stylish and elaborate weddings, parties, and charitable events, in the United States and Europe.

He wrote five books on such topics, and also had a hit show, "Everyday Elegance with Colin Cowie" on the Women’s Entertainment Network from 1998-2002. 

Cowie was also a contributing editor for InStyle magazine, and a national spokesperson and designer for Lennox China. He's also a spokesperson for JCPenney's new bridal registry program.

In April 2004, Cowie and Oprah Winfrey teamed up for the "Million Dollar Wedding Sweepstakes" that airs this coming fall on Oprah.

Both are talented, but can either one of them take Martha's place in our hearts and homes? Deborah Norville talks to Madden and Cowie on whether or not Martha Stewart can ever be replaced, and the contribution Martha's made to the world of fine living.


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