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The Ed Show for Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

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April 15, 2014

Guest: Mike Papatonio, Jane Kleeb, Tim Burke, Nina Turner, Ruth Conniff

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to the Ed Show
live from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. I`m ready to go. Let`s get to work.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re in opposition over the Keystone XL Project.

REP. JOHN BOEHNER, (R-OH) HOUSE SPEAKER: Complex. Do you think the
Keystone Pipeline is complex?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s coming bordering right on the tip of our tribal

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Pipeline is going to across my parent`s land.

BOEHNER: There`s no -- there`s nothing complex about the Keystone
Pipeline. It`s time to build it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let`s talk a little bit about the cattle battle.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The western ranch showdown.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I fear guys this is not over.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In the showdown with the government.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What`s happening to this western state when the
Federal Government just gobbles up all of this land (ph).

BOEHNER: There`s nothing complex.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The politicians were watching this, Democrats in

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Harry Reid gets on a horse and saddles up and goes to
the gun version of the "OK Corral."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They were the ones ratcheting this up.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There are many that say, this is about freedom.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why are Liberals actually blaming me for this standoff?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is something that has to do with just protecting
the integrity of our land and the freedom of the people.

BOEHNER: There`s nothing complex.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I was scheduled to be out there tonight. If they come
back, I`ll be out there with you.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks for watching.

We start tonight with a story about a guy that Paul Ryan might call a
taker, a person who has been freeloading off the Federal Government for
some 20 years. And the Right Wing media and Republicans are absolutely
obsessed with this story. It`s the story of the Nevada rancher Cliven
Bundy. We don`t know if he`s Al Bundy`s brother, we haven`t confirmed that

Bundy owns roughly 400 cattle. He`s all hat, no cattle. And that of
course is they`ve been grazing on federal lands in Southern Nevada for 20
years. Now, the land does not belong to this gentleman, Mr. Bundy, it
belongs to the Bureau of Land Management. How the Bundy ranch should have
been, should have been, should have been paying land use fees for decades.

But wait a minute folks, we got a problem, Houston, Cliven Bundy doesn`t
recognize the Federal Government.


CLIVEN BUNDY, RANCHER: We run cattle here, grazes natural resource of this
public land, and I abide by all of Nevada state laws, but I don`t recognize
United States government as even existing. America better wake up if we`re
going to live in this country with any kind of freedom and liberty.


SCHULTZ: Well, unfortunately for Cliven, the Federal Government doesn`t
care what he thinks. You see, Bundy was ordered to pay a million dollars
in back land use fees, a million bucks. Now, when Bundy refused to pay his
fees through a court order, the Federal Government seized his cattle.
Well, this of course outraged anti-government militias and protesters from
Nevada and surrounding states.

On Saturday, they staged an armed demonstration against the government.
The demonstrators made clear, "hey, they weren`t messing around."


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No one is going to live forever. So, you know, this is
a righteous cost as far as I`m concern. And I`m willing to lay my life

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, people will see that there`s people out there
willing to, you know, come out and support them for their lives on the

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But why the gun (inaudible). They have guns. We need
guns to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government.


SCHULTZ: Later on Saturday, there was a stand off between demonstrators
and the Bureau of Land Management. Thankfully, a gun battle was avoided.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Protesters flooded this federal holding pen area aiming
to release Cliven Bundy`s cattle.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: First, we back off out the gate for right now. Let me
work with (inaudible) and you and I want you to come in with me.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s the people or not and you guys need to leave.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You push these people back so they can do it

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`ll give you my honest word right here. I`m going to
walk in so you can negotiate with your father up top.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Walking past arm BLM rangers, the Bundy`s started
talks about releasing the cattle and calming the crowds.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So, what I need you to do is to keep this crowd calm .

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I will do that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: . above and below.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The incident commanders agreed to release Bundy`s
cattle, but say ultimately, it`s not their call.


SCHULTZ: The BLM ended up releasing Bundy`s cattle. They didn`t want
anyone to get hurt. Now, the Bureau of Land Management said it will pursue
Bundy further in court. Now, immediately, Bundy was defended by Fox News
and given a platform to take down the government.


SEAN HANNITY, HOST, THE SEAN HANNITY SHOW: We have rapists and murderers
and bank robbers and pedophiles out there and they`ve got 200 agents, you
know, surrounding your ranch because your cows are eating grass on land
that they don`t even want or need and that you`re arguing isn`t even

BUNDY: I have a response for every sheriff across the United States, every
county -- sheriff across the United States that these harm the federal

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Fox was the only truck in that parking lot and that is
disgusting because the entire country should know what`s going on and only
you and Sean and the other people of Fox. I could not believe there were
not network trucks there.

HANNITY: To me, it`s almost like a tipping point that people are fed up to
hear what the government pushing people around that I think your case just
become a rallying point. If they come back, I`ll be out there with you.

BUNDY: Thanks for being with us.


SCHULTZ: Oh, Hannity is going to be out there with folks who were defying
a court order. It`s so American isn`t it? Politicians are jumping into
the fray as well. On Saturday, Mike Huckabee, former governor who knows
all about this, from Arkansas was outraged. The law breaker Cliven Bundy
could actually be in this position.


FMR. GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE, (R) ARKANSAS: Out in Nevada today, federal agents
are pointing rifles at American citizens in an escalation of a standoff
over a man who for 20 years has grazed his cattle on some land that the
state owns. I`m not here to jump in on the middle of whether, you know,
Cliven Bundy ought to pay the state or pay anybody.

Is this government more interested in some cows eating grass in Nevada than
they are as to why Brian Terry was murdered with guns that our government
provided drug dealers in Mexico?


SCHULTZ: He`s getting a fan club, isn`t he? But folks, time out, there`s
a double standard here, a major double standard coming from Republicans on
this entire thing, case endpoint. The Keystone XL Pipeline, hey, what
about land rights? Republicans have no problem with private land being
taken over by a multinational corporation that does business outside the
United States, Conservatives are fine with TransCanada just coming through
the Heartland and bullying residents of Nebraska and they are quick to
label the opposition of bunch of damn hippies and tree huggers, right?

They are dead silent when landowners peacefully protest toxic oil flowing
over their land over the aquifer. You know what`s interesting? Hold it
right there. I didn`t see any other trucks out there from any other media
when we were there talking about eminent domain for these landowners in
Nebraska. Where was Fox News?

You see, on the flip side, Republicans are wrapping their arms around the
law breaker who owes the government $1 million in fees but they have no
problem with Bundy abusing federal lands as long as it`s in the name of
freedom. It`s fine as long as you`re taken on the tyrannical Federal

You see, they are praising, armed demonstrators who bring guns to face off
with the Federal Government and talk like Buford Pusser Walking Tall. The
big difference between Bundy and the Keystone opponents in Nebraska is
that, you see, Bundy is breaking the law. Another difference is that Bundy
is using guns instead of peacefully protesting. People on food stamps or
unemployed folks across America, you know what they`re called? They`re
called takers and freeloaders.

Meanwhile, Cliven Bundy, holy smokes, this guy is a hero, because he`s been
stealing from the Federal Government for 20 years and he`s now backed up by
Fox News who`s blaming the government for collecting what`s rightfully
theirs. Republicans, you know what they do? Along with Fox News, they
pick and choose who they want to fight for and they make the case.

Ask yourself the questions, is that consistent? But I really want to see
Sean Hannity out on the front lines with an AK-47, defying a court order
and standing with those folks. Listening to some of those sound bites
folks, go back and watch this on DVR. You know what those guys are?
They`re Posse comitatus. They think that nobody outside the county sheriff
has a greater law than them. And you know what? There`s been shooting
matches in this country before, Gordon Kahl, on the prairie of North Dakota
in Medina, North Dakota, where two U.S. Marshals were shot and killed.

This is dangerous stuff. It can spiral out of control and it is absolutely
irresponsible for any national broadcaster to be saying, "Hey, I`m going to
stand with you folks. The hell with the federal law, the hell with paying
the fees. Oh, it`s only a million dollars."

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think tonight`s question.
"Who was a bigger freeloader, Cliven Bundy or an American on Food Stamps?
Text A for Clive Bundy, text B for someone on food stamps to 67622. You
can always go to our blog at We`ll bring you the results
later on in the show.

Let me go to America`s lawyer tonight, Ring of Fire Radio Host Mike
Papantonio. Mike, good to have you with us tonight. What are we dealing
with here? From what these guys are saying, it sounds like Posse comitatus
to me that they`re against the Federal Government. They`re only going to
pay attention to the local sheriff and they`re not going to recognize any
kind of federal fee or any kind of state fee for that matter. What are we
dealing with legally here Mike?

MIKE PAPANTONIO, HOST, RING OF FIRE RADIO: Ed, that small group of Tea
Party militia types and white supremacist that are dying to call themselves
noble patriots or anything but that. When you follow the facts, they`re
really group of odd balls, everything from a group called the oath keepers
to sovereign citizens to white supremacist that are defending a dead beat.
There`s no other way to describe this guy, that he always ask, if you`re
watching this program, he owes you a million dollars in taxpayer money that
he`s taken from you.

Since 1993, Bundy has basically been stealing taxpayer money by letting his
cattle graze on public land when everybody else has to pay for it. Ed,
it`s so bad they`ve tried to negotiate within for years. They brought
three court orders against him. They said, "OK, you know what, you can
graze your cattle for a $35 per head per month," and what this guy says
"That`s too much money. I`d rather do it for free. I`d rather have
taxpayers pay for everything."

But, there`s nothing noble about. This is where the Huckabees and the Fox
News nuts get way off base trying to make this look noble. This is a
welfare cowboy. That`s what he is. As a matter of fact, he`s such a flake
that the Nevada Cattlemen`s Association has distance themselves from him
because they know his a flake. They have to pay other cattlemen out there
in the Nevada. Have to pay as high as $5 per head per month to allow their
cattle to graze on private lands.

And so, this -- the idea .


PAPANTONIO: . of how could we try to make this guy sound noble is
ludicrous. Three court orders .

SCHULTZ: This is .

PAPANTONIO: . years of a chance to negotiate.

SCHULTZ: This is like a parking fee. This is like you go downtown to the


SCHULTZ: . metropolitan area and you put your court order (ph) in the
parking fee. Well, so, I`m not going to do that where you get a ticket.
Now, this guy has defied the law for a long time. And now, the Bureau of
Land Management has walked away from it saying that they`re going to deal
with him differently, legally. What are their options, what`s going to
happen here?

PAPANTONIO: Ed, that was the thing to do. The options are to freeze his
account. At some point, he`s going to try to sell the cattle. They simply
interrupt the sale of the transaction of the money. They take the money.
They put judgments on everything he owns. Look, it was a good decision for
the Federal Government to back down on this because what you had, you have
this people. I don`t -- Ed, this was so crazy out there that you had a
former sheriff who was in the crowd saying, "You know what, we put the
women upfront, we put the children upfront because if they were going to
get shot, we knew that that was gonna be something that would cause such
pandemonium that it basically would start the next revolution."

That`s what this guy was thinking when they said let`s put the women
upfront, let`s put the children upfront. These people are waiting .


PAPANTONIO: . for the big federal apocalypse. They`re waiting for the big
war. This has nothing to do with money.


PAPANTONIO: You had people coming from Idaho, California, all over the
country that would know which into the cow to feed much less what this was
all about. They simply want to bring their AK-47s, become disrupted, and
pick a fight with the Federal Government. That`s all this was about.

SCHULTZ: All right. So we`re going to find out just how not recognizing a
federal court order is going to go over. This is long from over. The fact
that the Bureau of Land Management just backed off to avoid the
confrontation does not mean that this is over.

Mike Papantonio, well, plot (ph) of the story. I appreciate your time
tonight. Thanks so much.

I want to turn now to Jane Kleeb of who joins us via
telephone tonight.

Jane, your reaction to the Republican double standard on Clive Bundy and
the Keystone opponents. What`s different here as you see it?

JANE KLEEB, EXEC. DIR., BOLD NEBRASKA: Yeah. I mean, so having access to
affordable land and water for cattle is obviously in the (inaudible) basis
of lot of ranchers. The problem is this particular rancher gives everybody
by name. Ranchers live by a code to protect their land and water and to do
good. And that means paying your taxes, and all the fees that go along
with your livelihood. So that`s grazing fees and that check off fees. And
so, it`s crazy that Mr. Bundy is being essentially treated like a hero in
Right Wing media for not paying his taxes when the real property rights
issue is happening right now in states all along the route and none of
those TV stations.

Like you said Ed, or politicians are rallying behind the farmers and
ranchers who`ve just want to (inaudible) their crops and raise cattle with
clean water. And yet, this foreign oil corporation TransCanada is bullying
them with threats of eminent domain. So where`s everybody? You`re the
only that come here.

SCHULTZ: So, you would welcome all these critics over on Fox News to come
out to Nebraska and do a story on eminent domain and landowner`s rights
because you`re being cash whipped and run over, and now, of course, it`s
going to the State Supreme Court. So, it`s clearly a double standard.
What`s the latest on the Keystone XL at this point? It`s all waiting for
the State Supreme Court to make a decision?

KLEEB: The State Supreme Court will hear both sides sometime late this
fall and will probably make a decision in early of next year. There`s
another kink in the plan which is South Dakota have the permit process as
well, and TransCanada loses their permit in South Dakota as of June 28th.

And so, if the president doesn`t make a decision by then, TransCanada is
not only looking at a yearlong process in Nebraska to the Public Service
Commission, they`re also looking about that same timeframe in South Dakota.
So while, you know, TransCanada, you know, trains both the FBI and local
police officers how to use terrorism laws against us and Nebraska citizens,
protecting our land and water without guns. And yet, where is Sean Hannity
to either tell the process about the Supreme Court or tell the process of
how TransCanada was training our local police officers to use terrorism
laws against us, that`s the story.

SCHULTZ: That is absolutely amazing. Now coming up, in a couple of weeks,
you`re going to have an encampment in Washington, D.C. and a march on the
White House, tell us about that.

KLEEB: Yes. So is where viewers can kind of learn
more information. We`ve been working with different tribal nations to
bring over seven TPs on the National Mall and we`ll have various actions
all throughout the week. And we`re sending the clear message to the
president that he has to reject the Keystone XL in order to protect our
land and water.

And so, you will see hundreds of farmers and ranchers along with tribal
groups coming to Washington, D.C. and showing the president our faces,
showing him really what that risk. Whether it`s the leaks in the aquifer
or whether it`s threats of eminent of domain. We`re coming and saying
we`re not going to take it anymore and we want the president to see our

SCHULTZ: All right. Jane Kleeb, great to have you with us. Appreciate your time tonight. We`ll follow the story
and I will be in Washington covering that coming up on April 26th.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the screen.
Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @EdShow and on Facebook. We want to
know what you think.

Coming up, Ohio voters relying on public transportation face journeys up to
three hours round trip just to get to the polls to vote. Nina Turner joins
us on the Rapid Response Panel.

But first, shoe thrower truthers, they`re out and about the latest
conspiracy theories from the Right Wing. Trenders is next. Stick around.
We`re right back.


SCHULTZ: Time now for the Trenders on the social media. You can check us
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Here are today`s top Trenders voted on by you.


SCHULTZ: The number three trender, blood moon rising.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A spectacular light show brightened up the sky over

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Great name blood moon? Is it just because of the red

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There`s no blood on the moon, Miller.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Every (inaudible) because the moon`s made of cheese.

SCHULTZ: Night owls caught a glimpse of a rare red moon.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s a little great (inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: An explanation is probably long overdue.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Our shadow sort of creep across the moon`s surface
until it totally blocks the moon. When that happens, the moon is going to
appear red.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This isn`t your average eclipse. It`s the first of
four total lunar eclipses in the next 18 months.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Please Louise (ph).

SCHULTZ: The number two trender, selfie sufficient.

S.E. CUPP, CROSSFIRE CO-HOST: Where older generations might lament the
explosion of selfie culture.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I do it my own.

CUPP: I`m actually not surprised and also kind of optimistic about where
this all going.


SCHULTZ: S.E. Cupp says selfies are a part of a millennial movement.

CUPP: Millennial. So the government lead us into too really expensive
worst (ph). So, an economy collapse.

JIM PARSONS, ACTOR: That sounds awful.

CUPP: They`ve seen their heroes. We`ve found ways to solve problems on
their own.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, Anna, I do what I want (ph).

CUPP: Why would a millennial say, "Can you take my picture for me?" When
they know they can take their own picture better than anyone in the history
of time.

SCHULTZ: And today`s top trender, soul searching.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The woman in the cocktail dress hurled something at the
former first lady.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who throws this shoe? Honestly.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Federal authorities have now filed two criminal charges
against 36-year-old Alison Ernst.

Hillary, big whoop.

SCHULTZ: The Right Wing shoe truther conspiracy falls flat.

LIMBAUGH: I can totally relate to people who think that everything that
Clintons do is staged.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You`re a fake and a phony.

LIMBAUGH: I just do not attach much genuineness to them. Maybe it`s
because in my subconscious, I think it was staged.


SCHULTZ: Joining me now, MSNBC political analyst and author Jonathan
Alter. Jonathan, great to have you with tonight, I mean, this is the
strangest .


SCHULTZ: . conspiracy theory I think I have ever heard. And .

ALTER: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: . they will reach as far as they can when it comes to Hillary

ALTER: Yes, they will.

SCHULTZ: What is your take on this?

ALTER: Well, first of all, we need to remind ourselves that Rush Limbaugh
is not just a blowhard. He`s an extraordinarily powerful blowhard. Nobody
in the Republican Party will ever defy him. If they criticize him, they
immediately have to apologize. He`s had for 25 years a two or three hour
advertisement for the Republican Party. A two or three-hour negative ad
against the Democrats that has in undated and in some cases, polluted the
minds of broad swaths (ph) particularly of rural America.

So he is significant in anything he does. And when he gives credence to
some completely idiotic conspiracy theory like this, it`s a reminder that
they will basically say anything they can to take down Hillary Clinton and
other Democrats.

But here`s the good news for Democrats out there. When they get desperate
like this, when they become shoe birthers just like when they were birthers
with President Obama, that means they are almost out of ammunition. They
have nothing real to go after these Democratic politicians on. So they go
for these idiotic conspiracies.

SCHULTZ: Well, you know, there`s a pattern here. This isn`t the first
time Clinton conspiracy has been pushed out by the Right Wing.

ALTER: Right.

SCHULTZ: In 2012, they claimed that she was suffering from Benghazi flu
which she became ill before, I believe, a hearing on the attack. Now, are
Conservatives going to be suspicious on every move that Hillary Clinton
makes because they are desperate for a narrative? I mean, I think they
hate Hillary as much as they hate President Obama.

ALTER: Yeah. And when she start to actually running in earnest if she
does run, it will get a lot worst than this. But, Hillary Clinton is used
to it. She has a thick skin. She knows that this nonsense is not believed
by the American public and that there`s a desperation that this shows, you
know, they couldn`t get anything to stick on Benghazi. So now, they`re
saying that this person throwing the shoe was actually a Hillary person who
is doing it to lampoon the people who don`t like her, the crazy people who
don`t like her on Benghazi. Whatever their, you know, conspiracy notion of
the moment might be, it all falls in the department of desperation on the
right side of the spectrum.

SCHULTZ: Oh, what they`re not explaining is what is the upside for Hillary
Clinton having a shoe thrown at her? I mean, is that the sympathy? Why in
the world would they ever even -- I mean, that is just -- it`s the most
outlandish thing I think I`ve ever heard. They are desperate. I mean,
Limbaugh suggesting that the shoe throw was an attempt to make the Benghazi
people look like nuts.

ALTER: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: And over at the national review, over the national review, they
made a Benghazi connection as well. Will the Right ever drop the Benghazi
talking point? I`d say probably not.

ALTER: No. They won`t because what it does is it helps rev up their base.
They know they`re not persuading any independents much less Democrats with
this. But what it does is its red meat for the conservative base. It
didn`t do anything for them during the 2012 campaign and won`t do anything
for them in 2014 .


ALTER: . or 2016. But it`s become like a golden oldie for them.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Well, this is a kind of garbage that Limbaugh is coming up
with. That`s probably why it was yanked up the big station in San
Francisco, in New York, and Los Angeles by its own company.

ALTER: My question for liberals Ed is, when do more boycotts of Rush
Limbaugh`s sponsors come? You know, there`s been some .


ALTER: . racist garbage over the years. He`s been racist on any number of
occasions. And so, you get a little bit of a boycott or a little bit of a
sense that, you know, the sponsor should be challenged as they would be on
the other side of spectrum of the shoes, so to speak, where on the other
foot, on the foot of a Democratic talk show host.


ALTER: But you don`t see any sustained organization on the part of
liberals to go after Limbaugh. We`ll see if that takes place in the

SCHULTZ: All right. Jonathan Alter, good to have you with us on the Ed

ALTER: Thanks Ed.

SCHULTZ: Appreciate your time tonight.

Still ahead, Republican voters suppression, Republican voter suppression
tactics. I`d say, well, they`re getting pretty creative in Ohio. Nina
Turner joins me in the Rapid Response Panel to discuss the latest assault
(ph) on voting rights in the state. It`s amazing.

And later, Wisconsin Republicans, what do they want to do? They want to
include the threat of secession in the state party platform. Ruth Conniff
weighs in on that.

But next, I`m taking your questions, Ask Ed Live coming up right here on
the Ed Show on MSNBC. We are right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show.

We love hearing from our viewers. And tonight in our Ask Ed Live segment,
first question comes up from Twitter user Orken Warrior, he wants to know,
"Is the United States seriously heading for an oligarchy?"

Well, Orken Warrior there`s an awful lot of evidence out there that says we
are. But let me reverse this, try to make the argument that we aren`t.
Bernie Sanders is making the case as he`s done in recent visits on this
program and on the radio show and I agree with him.

Next question is from Marcus, "How are the Republicans going to keep the
House with such a low approval rating?"

It`s not about a poll, it`s not about an approval rating, it`s about
tactics, meaning voter suppression it`s about gerrymandering, socially
engineering the vote, keeping as many people away from the polls as those
who come. They are very confident that they`re going to hang on to the
House. It`s going to take a big, big turn out for the Democrats for that
to be turned around, it can be done.

Stick around, Rapid Response Panel is next, we`ll be right back on the Ed

Market Wrap.

It was busy day on Wall Street, the Dow gaining 89 points, the S and P up
12, and the Nasdaq adding 11.

Consumer prices edged up in March of 0.2 percent mainly due to rising food
and rent prices. Coca Cola shares jumped nearly 4 percent after strong
sales in China pushed case volumes up 2 percent, topping the Wall Street
estimates in the first quarter.

And Google Glass is on sale today, but just for today. The going price of
the wearable computer $1,500.

That`s it from CNBC first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show.

Well, the Republican effort to suppress the vote shows no sign of slowing
down. I mean they`re getting more and more innovative all the time.
They`re getting very, very creative on how they do it.

Case and point Hamilton County Ohio. Now, last week we followed State
Senator Nina Turner who took a trip to the newly approved Hamilton county
board of elections site.

Now, the current board of election site is centrally located in downtown

Now, the new site is located in Mount Erie, nine miles outside of the
downtown area.

Now, using public transportation to get there, it took over an hour and a
half one way.


YVETTE SIMPSON, CINCINNATI CITY COUNCIL: Even in the best scenario we got
here an hour and half, hour-45 minutes. That is just, and for what? I
mean I can see you go back to for what? To save a couple of dollars
because this was a gift? Guess where the cost is now being shifted to.
The cost is being shifted to the people who have to pay and time, energy
and money to get here. And the reality is that that`s not acceptable.


SCHULTZ: Ohio Secretary of suppression Jon Husted broke a tie vote in
February to approve the move which is scheduled to happen after the 2016

Well, let`s just see how 14 goes. You can trust these folks. We can`t
wait until then to take up this fight in this issue and bring it to light.

Here is the situation, over 41,000 households in Hamilton County, they
don`t own a car. They don`t have private transportation, they rely on
public transportation. And the burden is being shifted onto these folks,
these Americans. They are said to be strategically disfranchised by this

And if you think about it, without a car you would need to -- probably a
car about three hours just to account for a round trip to go vote. Does
that sound like America to you, all in the order to exercise your right to
vote and the freest country in the world? I mean this should not be
happening in America not now, not in two years, not ever. But why is it
happening? Because Republicans want to suppress the vote.

Now, I want to alert our viewers tonight. This story came to us from State
Senator Nina Turner. We can`t find any other scenario that`s playing out
in a country that is similar to this one. But we might be missing it.

So I`m asking our audience tonight if you`ve been on the issue of voter
suppression, and redistricting, and moving offices, and making it harder
for people to vote, we want to know if you have something that is similar
to this. Because if this is what their plan is not only in Ohio but maybe
in North Carolina or in Colorado or in States that could go either way that
are purple, that have gone Democrat in the past, gone Republican in the
past or have a great deal of legislative pressure on suppressing the vote.
We want to know about it. But we can`t find anything that parallels this.

Joining me tonight, our Rapid Response Panel Ohio State Senator Nina
Turner, candidate for Secretary of State, also with us tonight Tim Burke,
he`s the chair of the Hamilton County Democratic Party and Hamilton County
Board of Elections.

Mr. Burke, you first, how outrageous is this if it goes through and how
much of an impact will it have on Hamilton County voters?

You`ve already hit on the fact that there are 41,000 households, not just
people, households in Hamilton County that do not have cars. They have to
rely on mass transit and Senator Turner demonstrated just what a burden
that can be.

Even Secretary Husted has said that the Republicans on the board and the
Democrats ought to get together and try and workout a solution. Our mayor
and our city council members have said, "Let`s sit down. Let`s talk.
We`ve got free sites inside downtown that can be made available." The
Republican chair, the Republican president of the county commission refused
to even meet to talk about alternatives.

SCHULTZ: Nina, what`s your response to that? It takes two to tango here.
Two parties think that the vote is important. What`s going on?

STATE SEN. NINA TURNER, (D) OHIO: Absolutely Ed, and thank you so much for
highlighting this, and I also want to thank Senator Eric Kearney whose
district we were in when we took that bus ride.

But again, the Secretary of State broke the tie so let`s not lose sight of
that when he could have very clearly said, "No, that location will not move
and if it does move, it will move to a location that that is easily
accessible by bus, and easily accessible by car.

And as Chairman Burke highlighted, I mean what are the arguments that the
Republicans made on that board was about the car, the car. Are we supposed
to pretend that in the great country -- with the great state of Ohio and
then this great nation that only people who have access to a car will be
able to vote? That is outrageous.

You know, less than one percent of the State of Ohio`s transportation
budget, a $7 billion budget, less than one percent of it Ed, goes towards
public transportation. It doesn`t make a whole lot of sense to make it
harder for people to vote, to take an hour and half one way. And Ed, that
was only one community. We could have selected other communities, by
enlarge it was taken a lot longer.

Fifty years after the signing of the Civil Rights Act, 50 years after the .


TURNER: . march on Washington, and next year will be 50 years after the
signing of the Voting Rights Act and this is where we find ourselves in

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Mr. Burke, let`s say that this goes as scheduled for the
Republicans. Let`s say that this plan is put into place and this is the
way it`s going to be. What`s the game plan or could there be a game plan
that would mobilize all of these folks, I mean how are you going to make
sure that all these 41,000 households are going to be represented? They`re
going to need some help, aren`t they?

BURKE: There`s no question about that. We`re going to have to work with a
lot of the community groups. The NAACP, the pastors of the many churches
who rely on encouraging their parishioners to get out and vote prior to
elections, we`re going to have to work with all of those folks to overcome
this kind of a voter suppression effort.

SCHULTZ: You know, Nina Turner, they want this to take place after 2016
but if the alarm isn`t sounded, you can`t put anything past them. They
might try to do it even before then. Is there an opportunity depending on
how the election goes in 2014 that this could be implemented for 2016?

TURNER: Yeah, there is an opportunity Ed, and it`s called the election on
the November 4th of 2014 here in the State of Ohio where if folks want
different types of policy makers, people who will stand up for the middle
class and working -- the working poor in this nation will stand up for the
right to vote then we need different types of elected officials.

So in Ohio, Ohioans will have a chance to make their voices heard and to
vote for people who care about a government that is for the people and by
the people .


TURNER: . that is the kind of government and it`s the by the people point
Ed, that we have to keep pushing for. People must get out to vote and
exercise their right to lift their voices, the only place where we are all
equal but they are trying to take that away.

SCHULTZ: Mr. Burke, you take away 40 some thousand votes away from a state
election or a federal election, would that be "an election mover" or

BURKE: Ed, it certainly has that possibility. We had a juvenile court
race here that took us 18 months to get resolved after the election because
of how close that was on a countywide basis. You take away .


BURKE: . 10 or 20,000 votes here in Hamilton County and you can change the
results in this county. What the Republicans are trying to do is return
this county to what it used to be when it was a solid Republican county.
It is no longer that. And people like Senator Turner we`re counting on to
help us ensure that it will continue to be a democratic county in the

SCHULTZ: Bottom line folks they have no boundaries, they`ll do what ever
they have to do. Nina Turner, Tim Burke, great to have you with us
tonight. We`ll follow the story. And again we want ask are viewers, "Does
this sound familiar that somebody who uses public transportation in your
neck of the woods in your state would take an hour to get to the polls?
This is the model that the Republicans want to use?"

Coming up, John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, tries to blur out old alliances.

Pretenders is next stick around will right back.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, forget me not, John Kasich. The union
busting governor, well he`s living in the past.

Kasich is using old photographs for his commercials and website. But this
particular picture leaves out the full story folks. You see the Columbus
Dispatch, noticed how the Kasich campaigned blurred out a sign for Mitt
Romney. John Kasich would love to drop his association with the failed
presidential candidate.

The governor has photos, but we have the tape.


GOV. JOHN KASICH, (R) OHIO: I`m from Mitt Romney for a bunch of different

This is the man that is the trifecta, he`s got it all.

I`m very, very enthusiastic about this.

We need Mitt Romney as the president.

We`re sitting down with the guy that`s probably going to be the president
of the United States, you know.


KASICH: I need Mitt Romney as the president of the United States, that`s
what I need.


SCHULTZ: No one came out harder for Mitt Romney than John Kasich. If John
Kasich believes Ohio`s memory will be as weak his campaign promises. He
can keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed show. This is the story for the folks who
take a shower after work.

Conservatives in the most politically divided state in the country are
taking divide to a new level of crazy. Some Wisconsin Republicans what to
secede from the union, that`s right, seceded from the union.

You may remember just a few years ago when Texas Governor Rick Perry talk
about secession.


GOV. RICK PERRY, (R) TEXAS: I think there`s a lot of different scenarios.
Texas is a unique place. When we came in the union in 1845, one of the
issues was that we would be able to leave if we decided to do that. If
Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know
who knows what may come out of that? But Texas is a very unique place and
we`re a pretty independent lot to boot.


SCHULTZ: Well, Rick Perry has been dogged by this comment ever since he
made it.

Republicans in Wisconsin, you know what they going to do? They`re going to
vote on whether to include this rhetoric, this threat of secession into
their party platform next month. Eight regional GOP caucuses have already
approved the proposal for the state convention. Some on the right wing are
trying to distance themselves from the idea including Governor Scott
Walker. But guess what folks? It`s too late. You can`t run from this.
The petition has already been filed. The party will vote on this at the
State GOP Annual Convention next month.

Ruth Conniff, Editor, Chief -- Editor in Chief of the Progressive magazine
from Wisconsin joins us tonight.

You know, I know that Wisconsin is a state that is politically rich and
anything can happen, but this? Ruth, can we take this petition seriously?
What wing in the Republican Party has coming up with this?

RUTH CONNIFF, THE PROGRESSIVE MAGAZINE: It`s for Tea party wing. Then you
know what? It puts Walker in the real jam, because our Governor Scott
Walker has said in the past that he was the original Tea Partier in

Well, you know, he doesn`t really like it now, I mean it looks bad for him
to have to --as he posted he have a presidential campaign, he`s running for
re-election for governor in the state that might want to be a national to
its own. You know, it`s not great for him.

And also for the Republican Party, which is found in Wisconsin in 1854 as
an opponent of secession, it was founded to defend the unions, to run
Lincoln for president, to fight against slavery.

So they really come full circle with those ones.

SCHULTZ: What is this threat of secession actually accomplished for the
republicans? I mean what is this -- why are they doing this? Do they
really think that America is going to unravel to the point where Wisconsin
would become its own country? I mean that`s really where they are on this.
What do they aim to accomplish?

CONNIFF: Well, I think that this recent iteration of this sort of favorite
line of the Tea Parties, because this is sort of a national rallying cry
for Tea party folks. I think it has to do with disliking Obama. It has to
do with saying, you know, we need states rights which has the certain
racial residence. And it also has to do with resisting Obamacare. So one
of the issues that they`re talking about this -- in this little confounds
is whether they can arrest federal agents who come and try to impose
national healthcare on the people Wisconsin. I mean it`s a real parallel
universe you allure of.

SCHULTZ: That is amazing. And there`s some careful language in here this
says, they could secede from the union if conditions became severe. But it
doesn`t really explain what these severe conditions would be. I mean
Obamacare is severe in Wisconsin? What do you make in that verbiage?

CONNIFF: I just think it`s way of asserting the idea that, you know,
whatever the folks intend and had to worry about, you know, conditions are
becoming so severe, they have to get out their guns and fight for an
independent nation and Wisconsin think it`s going to happen and sort of
pushes their buttons. I mean these state party conventions have gotten
more and more Tea Party dominated. And they`re so far to the right now
that they actually vote for -- they support the candidates who do the worst
in election.

They`re top candidate for senator when Tommy Thompson run was the guy who
has the lowest vote getter in the primary. So they`re too far to the right
for Republican primary voters in Wisconsin.

SCHULTZ: Yes, so Walker is trying to distance himself from this but you
think it`s going to be hard for him to do it at this point, I mean he is
going to have to.


SCHULTZ: . at the convention take a stand on this. Isn`t he?

CONNIFF: Yeah. And one of the supporters of this secession idea, Mike
Murphy said rather bitterly that, you know, they want us to come out and
vote but they don`t like our ideas in the resolutions committee. I mean
and that`s right, you know, he plays to this base, he stirs them up and he
needs their votes, they`re very motivated voters and yet at the same time
he`s trying to run a national career that doesn`t -- he doesn`t want to be
associated with this kind of nuttiness. The other thing that`s happening
at the.


CONNIFF: . same time is there`s a purge of moderate Republicans going on
in the state of Wisconsin. And so these folks are really taking over.

SCHULTZ: Sure. Ruth Conniff, great to have you with us tonight, thank so
much, I appreciate your time on The Ed Show, thank you.

That is The Ed Show, I`m Ed Schultz.

Politics Nation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now. Good evening,


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