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The Ed Show for Monday, May 5, 2014

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May 5, 2014

Guests: John Garamendi, Lawrence Wilkerson, Michael Eric Dyson, Zerlina
Maxwell, Jon Ralston


UNIDENTFIED MALE: Committee to investigate disclosures.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: There have been 33 investigations.

UNIDENTFIED FEMALE: They rely to a subpoena in John Kerry

UNIDENTFIED MALE: Over 25,000 documents.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: What else about Benghazi is the Obama administration
still hiding?

out trying once again to produce nuclear weapons.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: Monumentally misleading.

CHENEY: We know that he has a long-standing relationship with various
terrorist groups.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: False and based on no intelligence.

CHENEY: Including the Al Qaeda organization.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: Maybe this all does have to do with Hillary running for

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, (R) SOUTH CAROLINA: Anybody who plays politics with
Benghazi is going to get burned.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: Maybe 20 months ago, they anticipated that and they
started covering up then.


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks
for watching.

You know, I`ve always been the one dude not take debate. I`m the guy that
likes to do the fishing. I`m the guy that likes to do the stories that
nobody else is doing. But this one time tonight, I`m going to start with
the story that I just don`t think a lot of liberals in this country are
terribly concerned with. But let`s not be disfocused for a moment.

I want to start tonight with a couple of numbers. The first number is
nine. House Republicans will form the 9th Congressional Committee to
investigate the September 12th attacks in Benghazi. Here go your tax
dollars folks. Today, House Speaker John Boehner selected South Carolina
Conservative Republican Trey Gowdy to head up this new committee.

The next number I want to focus on is 1,101. Fox News has mentioned the
word Benghazi no fewer than over a thousand times in the past year.

Now, one more important number and that would be six. Tomorrow marks six
months away from the midterm elections. That`s what this is all about.
Republicans have one strategy and one strategy alone to distract the
American people from the real issues for the next six months.

They got to drive it home. This is their chance. I got a memo now that`s
not quite what they want, so this is the big story. Now, to keep
mentioning Benghazi, the Right-wing basically has manufactured hysteria
over the release of new White House memos and this special committee gave
Benghazi the spotlight on the Sunday News talk shows.


CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS: We didn`t have actionable intelligence about
9/11. That doesn`t mean it didn`t happen.

GRAHAM: If our Democratic friends are shielding the administration and
trying to protect them and if the administration tried to protect
themselves, their reelection because they couldn`t stand the truth about
Benghazi, then they`ll get burned.


SCHULTZ: Now, that`s an interesting comment by the Senator from South
Carolina that there might be some members in the House who are shielding
the President of the United States. You know, in the other hand, we keep
hearing about how President Obama doesn`t have very good relations with a
lot of House members. Who are all these shields that are out there?

Republicans believe this story will fire up their base. The world will
turn for them. They`ll do their very best to whip up controversy to
convince people to care about it. You got to care about Benghazi.

Fox News will continue to give this manufactured story, countless hours of
coverage you can count on it. On Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume lashed out at
Former California Democratic Congresswoman Jane Harman who mocked the
Conservative obsession with Benghazi.


BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS: The question was whether in the aftermath of the
attack, when the administration sent its U.N. ambassador out to explain it
to everybody, and she did so falsely, that there wasn`t a conspiracy to
create the false talking points that she used.


SCHULTZ: I mean, it`s common from the part of the world that has a
tremendous amount of unrest. Those talking points better be perfect dude.

The Conservatives equate changing the word "attack" into demonstration with
lying to get us into a war. Now, when Colin Powell, if we can remember,
made his Iraq presentation to the United Nations in 2003, he was accused of
fabricating evidence and ignoring repeated warnings in prewar Iraq
intelligence. Meanwhile, Dick Cheney was out in the bed (ph). Oh yeah, he
was outspreading fear about terrorism to drum up support for United States
involvement in Iraq.


CHENEY: How do you deter a terrorist when there`s nothing they value that
they`re prepared to defend, when they`re prepared even to sacrifice their
own lives in the effort to kill Americans, where might these terrorists
acquire weapons of mass destruction?

Saddam Hussein becomes a prime suspect. We know he`s out trying once again
to produce nuclear weapons and we know that he has a long-standing
relationship with various terrorist groups, including the Al Qaeda


SCHULTZ: Now, they know a lot of stuff back then before we got involved.
I wonder what those talking points look like. I wonder if they use the
word "war" or "battle" or "commitment." We`re talking about certain
vernacular to communicate a dire situation to the American people.

If Republicans, if they get control of both Houses after the midterm,
they`ll try to stretch the Benghazi issue as far as it will go, all the way
out to another two or three years. If they`re all -- it`s really --
basically, their only chance to bring down out Hillary Clinton. That`s
what this is about, to scar the president.

The Right-wing has failed doing what? Well, they have failed to derail the
conversation about the economy. They tried to. They`ve work. They`ve
failed to derail the same (ph) called ObamaCare, even voted 50 times to get
rid of it. Well, wait a minute, all these numbers are coming in that are
good and Republicans basically are failing on all fronts.

The only thing Republicans have got left right now is Benghazi. It`s
Benghazi. The Conservative mission is to the American people, that would
be you, to believe Democrats are covering up for President Obama. In fact,
they`re probably holding back to our meetings. Oh my, what are we going to
do now? We got to protect Obama.

No, it didn`t happen. Although, Fox News Contributor George Will is a
Democrat, we`ll try to make the Benghazi investigation. Look like an
obvious partisan exercise.


GEORGE WILL, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I do not know at all why any Democrat
would want to participate in this by boycotting. Now, it just becomes a
redundant, an obviously partisan Republican exercise. And it`s only a
matter of time before Democrats raise to the following question, would
there be a select committee if it didn`t want to have the power to subpoena
the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for obviously reasons
pertaining to presidential politics?


SCHULTZ: And George Will, I just don`t know why you a self-proclaimed
accredited journalist would follow the mob of conservatives who think that
this is a huge issue for America? The Conservative perspective is
President Obama avoided it because what you see, he wanted to get reelected
in 2012. They`re dead wrong on that too.

The reasons President Obama got reelected are because the Democrats focused
on what the American people wanted, you know, caring about jobs, voting
rights, women`s rights, equal rights, social justice, and let`s not forget
the Affordable Healthcare Act and let`s not forget about saving the
American automobile industry. All those kinds of things drove a few folks
to the poles (ph).

The majority of Americans are with the Democrats to this day on the major
issues. We have 90 percent of Americans of this country who wants some
kind of background checks on firearms. We have the majority of Americans
in this country who want to do minimum wage like almost seven out of 10
Americans. We have the majority of Americans in this country who think
that Obamacare is working.

This is about focus and disfocus. The President of the United States and
the Democrats want you to focus on what is really important to this country
for the next generation. Meantime, the Republicans wrong on all the issues
pulling across the board want you to focus on something that is sad, it`s
tragic, but there`s no lie, there`s no cover up, there`s no conspiracy, and
yet, there`s going to be more Benghazi hearings.

Are you yawning yet? This is why Ed Schultz is not covering the story
because there`s nothing there. The only thing that`s there right now is
for them to gin up you, the same way they ginned up the American people
back in 2003, because we were 45 minutes to a mushroom cloud. Did you know
that? He had WMB. He had it all. We had to go. Got to find him over
there instead of find him here.

Let`s just work with the truth for once. Don`t you find it interesting
that everybody on Fox News thinks that Benghazi is a big story? And don`t
you find it interesting that not one Democrat has stepped out and said
"There might be something new here? We better look at this." No.

This is what happens when you have the power in the House. You can call as
for many subpoenas as you want. You can call for as many hearings as you
want. You can waste tax dollars to the nth degree. That`s what`s
happening here.

Get your cell phones out. I want to know what you think tonight`s
question. Will the Republican Benghazi strategy help them take control of
Congress? Text A for Yes, text B for No to 67622, you can always go to our
blog at We`ll bring you the results later on in the show.

Well, let`s go to one of those congressional members on the Democratic side
who`s out there to protect President Obama. Congressman John Garamendi of
California who sits on the Armed Services Committee. Congressman, good to
have you with us tonight. John, how are you doing?

REP. JOHN GARAMENDI, (D) CALIFORNIA: I`m doing very well, Ed. This thing
is just going on and on to boredom actually. The Armed Services Committee
actually did a hearing and the result was there`s nothing here. That
obviously a great tragedy, but Ed, during the George W. Bush period, there
were 13 attacks on various embassies and consulates around the world, 60
people died. In Karachi, there was a death of one of our diplomats and
those were not investigated during that period of time because we`re -- it
was a tragedy. And also, keep in mind that in the 2012 budget, the
president proposed 1.8 billion for security.

The House Republicans came back with 1.4 and ultimately round up with the
$200 million less money than President Obama wanted to secure it. Why?
Because the Republicans refused to provide the money for a security. Do
that have something .


GARAMENDI: . to do with Benghazi? Maybe.

SCHULTZ: Congressman, not one Democrat has stepped out and said there
might be something here. What do you make of that?

GARAMENDI: We have much more important things to do. This has been
investigated, as you said, eight times before. This will be the ninth
time. This is old, old news. And in fact, it`s a tragedy. It was a
serious tragedy. Could it have been prevented? Perhaps, but it did
happened. Now, what do we need to do going forward? Do we need to
investigate it again? No. What we need to do is what you said a moment
ago and that is to focus on jobs in this nation.

We had to focus for a moment under Republican budget that just passed the
House of representative which close a major, major hole in the construction
industry in this nation by basically not .


GARAMENDI: . funding transportation and a host of other things.

SCHULTZ: Congressman, what about this renewed fascination with Benghazi?
Do you -- can you honestly say that there`s absolutely nothing in these
emails that would warrant anytime -- any type of extra effort or
investigation because the White House may have lied and mislead the
American people.

GARAMENDI: Well, I don`t think -- we certainly didn`t see the White House
lying at all. They were trying to get the story out just a moments after
it happened. They didn`t have all the information. We`ve known that,
that`s in the testimony. That`s well-known by everybody. But I think one
of the interesting thing that`s going to happen is going to be a fight in
the Republican caucus.

Darrell Issa has been on this issue for years. And now, they pinpointed
another fellow to take up a special committee. We`re going to have to
watch and see how these two committees work together. My guess is that`s
going to be a .


GARAMENDI: . draw between the two committees.

SCHULTZ: OK. Congressman John Garamendi who sits on the Armed Services
Committee in the House. Congressman, good to have you with us tonight.
Appreciate your time.


SCHULTZ: Let me turn .


SCHULTZ: You bet. Let me turn now to Retired Army Colonel Lawrence
Wilkerson, former chief of staff, the United Secretary State Coll and Pell.
Mr. Wilkerson, good to have you with us tonight.

Do you think Americans care about Benghazi? Do you think that - obviously,
we care about any American that loses his or her life overseas, but where
are we this -- with this? Colonel, do you really think that there is a
smoking gun there as Lindsey Graham had stated?

COL. LAWRENCE WILKERSON, U.S. ARMY (RET.): Of course Americans care, at
least a great majority of them do, I care. I think the Accountability
Review Board headed by ambassador -- career ambassador, I might say, Tom
Pickering and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen,
both of -- both men for whom I have respect, a great deal of respect, as a
matter of fact. And Dick Cheney, with whom I worked for four years at the
State Department who was the real horse of the ARV, found substantial
problems in the rotation of diplomatic security agents and assistant
secretary at leadership in one or two cases and in a -- most especially and
most substantially, the Host Nation.

The Libyans who are -- really, we forget this. They`re the real security
for our consulates in embassies. The Host Nation and they fail miserably.
So, I think this has been looked at. It`s been looked at in states. The
one aspect of it that may not have been look at that Tom Pickering talked
about at his press conference was a classified aspect and they were not
allowed to look into that for a reasons you and I know. And that
classified aspect may show that the CIA have more capability than we`re
seeing right not.

I suspect that because it`s usually the case when the CIA is involved since
they were so substantially, but this issue has been looked at. It has been
looked at thoroughly and recommendations have been made. Let me just say
add that when I was with Secretary Powell at the State Department, we knew
that one of the biggest problems we had, challenges we had, starting with
the trial (ph) commission and before and moving up to this ARV, now
reconfirming it is that Congress cuts the money, allocated for security
enhancement to State Department every time we go and do the budget.

SCHULTZ: So had there been a proper allocation of money, the security
would have been different, correct?

WILKERSON: I think it`s correct to say that had money been afforded in
accordance with these Blue Ribbon Panels that we`ve had over and over again
every time we have an incident. If money had been let out in accordance
with the way those recommendations went, we would have a lot better
security situation in every consulate and embassy that the United States
runs in the world today and that is of statement of fact.

SCHULTZ: Colonel, is there normally a fight or a bickering at the
bureaucratic level about how in a crisis the country is going to talk to
the American people? I mean, it just seems to me that the Conservatives
are looking for perfect wording here. And if they don`t get what they
want, they`re going to think -- go ahead sir.

WILKERSON: Yeah -- no, you`re right, of course. It`s very difficult to
handle a crisis. And you take the talking point from whomever you can get
them who is on the scene. And this case, as I understand it, the CIA
provided most of the talking points that, for example Susan Rice as the
U.N. Ambassador used. Those talking points turned out to be wrong as they
often do in the blush (ph) of first action. You can`t ever get it right,
right up front. So, I don`t find that to be a great problem. And I do, I
do find it to be an enormous problem in my political party. The
Republicans, I`m still a Republican, I find it an enormous problem that
they go after something like this, Benghazi, tragedy that it was, and they
don`t go after something that is a colossal tragedy like the war crimes of
Richard Bruce Cheney.

SCHULTZ: OK. What do you think should be done if the Democrats ever got
total power in the House and Senate, should they go down that road or is
that just a day too gone and gone to far?

WILKERSON: I think this has been looked .

SCHULTZ: . about Cheney.

WILKERSON: Yeah. I think this has been looked at. I think the decision
by President Obama not to look back was limitable (ph). I can understand
why in terms of political reasons, he did it. But I think we`re going to
regret the fact that we actually condone torture in the world. We set
human rights in international criminal justice back an ion (ph). We were
supposed to be the leaders. Now, we`re the laughingstock of the world.
This has significant repercussions for the United States and George Bush
and Dick Cheney are largely responsible for it. And the fact .

SCHULTZ: All right.

WILKERSON: And the fact that I was a member of that administration will
hunt me to the grave.

SCHULTZ: Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, I appreciate your time tonight and
your candid response to all of this. I appreciate your time. Thanks for
the being on the Ed Show.

WILKERSON: Thanks for having me Ed.

SCHULTZ: Remember to answer tonight`s -- you bet.

You remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the
screen. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @EdShow and on Facebook.

This is how you cover Benghazi. They`re trying to disfocus the nation.

Coming up, Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling are just symptoms of a larger
problem. The Rapid Response Panel weighs in. But first, Rick Perry
condemns the big 10.10 for the Lone Star State. Senator Bernie Sanders
joins be next, stay with us. We are right back at the Ed Show.


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SCHULTZ: The number three Trender, betting man.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They`re off in the Kentucky Derby.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is the GOP front runner for

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m just as patriotic as the next horse.

SCHULTZ: 2016 hopeful Rand Paul woos Rupert Murdoch at the Kentucky Derby.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All I had insult me. Tell me I`m only a horse.

KARL ROVE, WHITE HOUSE DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF: Nobody wants to be named the
early frontrunner.

STEWIE GRIFFIN, "FAMILY GUY" CHARACTER: I think it`s time that Rupert made
his choice.

SCHULTZ: The number two Trender, star power.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you know that Star War fans have their own

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: May the Fourth be with you.



ABRAHAMS: We would just like to wish you.

KASDAN: A very happy Star Wars day.

SCHULTZ: Chewy strikes back with a selfie on Star Wars day.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This surmount (ph) the cast, the Star Wars, Episode

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s enough fuss ball.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Original cast members Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and
Terry Fisher are returning.

C3PO, "STAR WARS" CHARACTER: Nice to see a familiar face.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Along with Anthony Daniels as C-3PO, Peter Mayhew as
Chewbacca, and Kenny Baker as R2-D2.

SCHULTZ: And today`s top Trender, tax max.

A lot of Republicans are against the Federal Minimum Wage.

GOV. RICK PERRY, (R) TEXAS: We focus on the maximum wage rather than the
minimum wage.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Was that he mean (ph)?

SCHULTZ: Rick Perry maxes out on minimum wage talk.

PERRY: I think it`s an easy political line to pitch out to say I`m for
raising the minimum wage.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The American people are on our side. The majority of
Republicans are on our side.

PERRY: This discussion about minimum wage when there are not jobs

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: 288,000 jobs were added in April.

now created 9.2 million new jobs over 50 consecutive months.


PERRY: The focus should be, what are the policies that send the message to
the job creators.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How far removed they are from the reality of life for
millions of Americans.

PERRY: We got to be focused on policies that create this environment where
jobs can be created.


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight, Senator Bernie Sanders, independent from
Vermont. Senator, good to have you with us tonight. I just hope that Rick
Perry stays focused and wants to be President of the United States because
he`ll help us keep the conversation alive. Is Rick Perry`s maximum wage
talking point going to get him anywhere?

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, (I) VERMONT: Not at all. It`s the old Republican
point of view that if we give more tax breaks to millionaires and to large
corporations that just magically we`re going to create millions of good
paying jobs. Well, I think anyone who lives through the Bush
Administrations knows that is certainly not the case. We need to raise the
minimum wage. 10.10 is a start. I would go higher than that. We need to
change our disastrous trade policies which are costing us millions of
decent paying manufacturing jobs. We need to enable workers to be able to
form unions so they can bargain collectively for their wages. But not
passing the minimum wage is a very much of a step in the wrong direction.

SCHULTZ: Well, Perry`s argument against the minimum wage is based on
what`s best for business yet there`s really no calculus out there that
would support that. Does he care about the human element of the minimum
wage? And I think this is something that the Republicans can get pinned
on. There are so many people that are struggling out there and being left
behind in the economy. Where does that leave the political message in all
of this minimum wage talks senator?

SANDERS: Well, I think the American people are very, very clear. They
understand Ed, that $7.25 cents an hour is a starvation wage. They also
understand that most of the GDP is dependent on consumer spending. And if
working people don`t have any money to spend, gets the earning starvation
wages, we`re not going to create the kinds of jobs that we have to create.
They also understand that the minimum wage has not kept paced with
inflation. That`s since 1968, if we have had a minimum wage keeping pace
with inflation, that minimum wage today would be $10.50 an hour. So, I
think Perry is living in his own world. His job is to represent the big
money interest and he is turning his back on working families.

SCHULTZ: And Senator, what do you say to those out there who believe that
it`s not Congress`s place to set a minimum wage?

SANDERS: Those are exactly the same people who believe that it is not
Congress`s job to provide healthcare to our people. It is not Congress`s
job to make sure that when workers are on the job, they have safe working
conditions. These are in some cases the people who believe that it is not
Congress`s responsibility to maintain social security. What we`re talking
about Ed are folks who are really extreme Right-wingers who believe we
should abolish the concept of the minimum wage, allow people to work in
this country for 3 or 4 bucks an hour. And basically, make sure the
government is not doing anything to protect the elderly, working families,
the children, or the poor.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. And finally Senator, to switch subject for just a moment
on healthcare on Obamacare, we are now saying that, a Gallup reporting,
that the lowest number of uninsured Americans in this country is now where
we are. And they`ve been keeping tracks since 2008. Is this vindication
of sorts that Obamacare is working that we`re heading in the right
direction? I mean, if it`s all about getting more people insured, I would
think that this would be the critical number.

SANDERS: Absolutely. Look, the number of uninsured remains Ed, way, way
too high. Tens of millions of people still don`t have health insurance.
But we are making progress.


SANDERS: Through the exchange, through the expansion of Medicaid, I think
that is pretty good news. I think, however, our Republican friends do not
quite agree.

SCHULTZ: Senator Bernie Sanders, always. Great to have you with us
Bernie. Thank you so much for being on the Ed Show again.

SANDERS: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Still ahead, recent fire storms surrounding race rhetoric point
to a larger issue in America. The Rapid Response Panel weighs in. And
later, oh it`s still out there, tensions are still high at the Bundy Ranch
and in the county. The folks are talking to the Congressional members
about this militia refusal to leave Clark County is a real problem. But
next, I`m taking your questions, Ask Ed Live, right here on the Ed Show in
MSNBC. We are right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show, love hearing from our viewers on Ask
Ed Live.

Tonight, we started out this week with a question from Susan. "Do you
think the Senate Bill in support of the Keystone XL Pipeline is just for

I think it`s like a bunch of 7th graders bringing in their favorite piece
of pipe for show and tell. It means nothing. The only thing it does is
give the Democrats an opportunity to express that they are for the Pipeline
in areas where they believe that it`s very popular that`s going to help
them reelected. But it does prove that they can vote on anything they want
to if it`s important to them.

Our next question is from Matthew, "What`s your favorite NFL team? Who
would you like them to draft?"

OK, since I`m broadcasting from Minnesota tonight and I like to get out of
Minnesota -- well, you know, how it is. Look, I`ve been following the
Vikings since my Moran state days, my Moorhead State days, my last year
there was 1977. There`s really been two quarterbacks for the Vikings that
have been OK since then, that was Tommy Kramer and Wade Wilson. Seriously,
that`s how I view it. Maybe the Vikings would sell the Minnesota Farm to
get in a position to get somebody that actually knows how to play
quarterback and I`m not passionate about this at all.

Stick around, Rapid Response Panel is next.

SUE HERERA, CNBC CORRESPONDENT: I`m Sue Herera with your CNBC Market Wrap.

Stocks pull out of a triple digit decline to post slight gains. The Dow
ends up about 17 points, the S and P added three, the Nasdaq gained 14.

Target shares fell more than three percent today. The Chairman and CEO
Gregg Steinhafel is leaving the company five months after that retailers
massive data breach.

And a repost on the health of the service sector helped turn the markets
around. A surging order has helped to grow at the fastest pace in eight

And that`s it from CNBC. We are first in business worldwide.



OBAMA: As general rule, things don`t end well if the sentence starts, "Let
me tell you something I know about the Negro." You don`t really need to
hear the rest of them. Just a tip for you, don`t start you sentence that


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show.

President Obama got some laughs at the expense of racist rancher Cliven
Bundy at Saturday night`s White House correspondence dinner.

Now, the racist rhetoric we`ve been subjected to with the nation I think is
absolutely no joke. First, it was Bundy then it was this dude Donald
Sterling, former NBA star Kareem Abdul Jabbar told ABC this week. He
believes these incidents point to a larger issue.


research. More whites believe in ghost than believe in racism. That`s why
we don`t have -- that`s why we have shows like Ghostbusters and don`t have
shows like racist busters.


SCHULTZ: Just look at what happened to Montreal Canadian`s defenseman PK

On Thursday, at the NHL playoffs, Subban scores the game winning goal in
double overtime against the Boston Bruins. Well, unhappy Boston fans took
to Tweeter to send racist tweets. According to analysis company influence
communications, Subban`s name and the N word were used simultaneously on
17,000 tweets on Thursday. In fact, the N word was a trending topic on
Twitter in Boston after the game.

Not all of these tweets were negative. Many Boston fans chimed in to
express their disappointment with the racist tweets. But the fact that
those fans had to speak out against such overt racism in the first place
clearly is disappointing enough.

Joining me now for a Rapid Response Panel is MSNBC Political Analyst Dr.
Michael Eric Dyson and Zerlina Maxwell of, great to have both
of you with us tonight.


SCHULTZ: Dr. Dyson, you first. You know, the Bruins have strongly
condemned their fans racist tweets. It was a PR explosion that they didn`t
certainly want or need. Is the NHL and hockey somehow lagging behind the
rest of the sports world when it comes to being inclusive?

DYSON: Well, let me first of all say it was great that the Boston Bruins
organization show such class and immediately refuted those tweets and
suggested that they were just ill-headed wrong and very racist.

Yeah, they`re definitely lagging behind. The NHL has not been engaged in
the kind of aggressive recruitment of people of color into their ranks.
And black people have not -- black men in particular have not necessarily
been attracted to hockey in the overwhelming numbers that they`ve been
attracted to basketball and baseball and football and the like.

That being said, I think that what`s interesting here is that this seems to
be along with the golf, although the extraordinary success of Tiger Woods
has proved otherwise that last preserve of white men and there`s something
about the brutality of the sport that suggests that there`s an exemption
for the violence that goes on in hockey versus the kind of violence that
goes on another sports.

So even there they`re given the kind of pass in the culture for violent
outbreaks that is stigmatized on other places. So not only have they not
attracted black men to their ranks they`ve also had a kind of double
standard operating there and I suspect that it has to do with the very
white nature of the sport itself.

SCHULTZ: Zerlina, what`s your reaction to Kareem Abdul Jabbar`s comment
that more whites believe in ghosts than they do in racism?

mark there because I think that one of the things that people of color will
tell you is that when we present our experience, our lived experiences with
racism, we`re always then required to show proof, you know, show me the
evidence, you know, even white liberals sometimes will say, "Well, show me
the evidence of the racism." and then we`ll say, "OK. Well, look at
Trayvon Martin, let`s look at Renisha Mcbride, let`s look at Marissa
Alexander, let`s look at these disparate outcomes for people of color given
a certain set of circumstances and yet .


MAXWELL: . then that still is not enough proof." So I think that he`s
right on the mark when he says that there are some white people who have
difficulty realizing that yes, it`s 2014 but we still have a very big
problem with race and discrimination in this country.

SCHULTZ: Yeah, well these opinions are nothing new and now people just
have an outlet like Twitter to express them .

DYSON: Right.

SCHULTZ: . which I think Dr. Dyson inflames the situation. People get
emotional on Twitter. How many times did somebody tweet at something and
say, "Gosh, I`d like to have that back."

DYSON: Sure.

SCHULTZ: And I think it shows us, you know, I mean how can we use instance
like this particular one in the NHL to move forward on an issue of race?

DYSON: Well, that`s exactly right. Look, digital media is great. It`s
provided a tremendous outlet for ordinary people. It`s democratized, the
express of space of American culture but at the same time let`s be real
just because you can talk doesn`t mean you should and maybe we should have
a reflex button that we push to calm down a bit before reengaging it. But
what it has done is exacerbated these tensions because it has exposed them
for what they are. And when Miss Maxwell was talking about proof, digital
media provides us enormous imperial proof and verification of the fact that
there is lingering and powerful pockets of resentment in American culture.

So what we have to do is to pay attention to the fact that we can`t
stigmatize one group. We`ve got to look at the way in which this has been
pervasive in the entire society.


SCHULTZ: So Zerlina, you know, President Obama makes a joke about Cliven
Bundy`s racist comments said it`s well received, but he tries to have
serious conversations about race or if any of us do who are white all of a
sudden we`re race-baiting. Anybody who wants to talk about race we`re all
of the sudden race-baiting. We`re accused by Conservatives. I don`t think
it`s left, right, blue, green, center. I think -- look, we got to learn
how to live with one another in this country of all walks of life, and all
backgrounds, all colors, all religions, everything.

Why is America having a hard time doing that?

MAXWELL: Well, because, you know, race-baiting is it`s suppose to shutdown
the conversations. So if you get labeled a race-baiter then there`s
something wrong with you and any valid concerns about racial injustice you
bring up are now invalid because you`re taking advantage of the real
perceived injustices that people experience in their daily life.

So often times, you know, a racist for mark will be, you know, black then
learned and tell them, "Well, that`s not real racism. Show me the real
examples of racism." that doesn`t count.

All of these instances count. I think like Dr. Dyson said Twitter exposes
because really Twitter is the mechanism for cowards to express racism
because, you know, they know that no one is going to show up at their house
and there are going to be no .


MAXWELL: . consequences for them with that behavior. But at the same
time, I think that Twitter allows in and exposing the racism, allows us to
have these conversations and we will not end racism until we have these
very difficult conversations and ignoring racism and pretending it doesn`t
exist does nothing to improve the lives and the daily lived experiences of
people of color.

SCHULTZ: Dr. Dyson, you have the final word on this, your thoughts.

DYSON: Well, I think she`s absolutely right. Miss Maxwell has put her
finger on the polls here that we have to have an open honest conversation
like you called for. And the reason the president is able to joke about
it, there`s an old saying in black people cracken but fracken (ph).

So I`m getting the truth across but I`m doing it through humor because many
white people not only believe in ghosts are incapable of hearing the truth
toward particularly and directly by African-American people and what`s
interesting the jokes don`t put them at the subject of the score or the
object of the duration.

So they feel safe to engage in a kind of humors relief of tension because
they don`t feel indicted by it. But the real situation in America is that
President Barack Obama has been incapable or at least not free enough to be
able to tell the truth about race and he`s one of the smartest guys who
talks about race in America. That`s one of the great tragedies. So every
year during the White House Correspondents` Dinner I look forward to it
because some of the stinging (inaudible) proves that he might otherwise
tell come out during that joke time.

So if you want to know what President Obama thinks about race, check about
at the White House Correspondents` Dinner

SCHULTZ: Michael Eric Dyson, Zerlina Maxwell thanks for being on the Ed
Show tonight. I appreciate your time.

DYSON: Thank you.

MAXWELL: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: We`ll do it again. Thank you so much.

Coming up, Donald Trump thinks he is the real victim in the Sterling

Pretenders is next, stick around.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, personal foul, Donald Trump.

The ethics experts says he`s a victim of the cruel media. But Donald says
he`s being unfairly attacked.


is totally dishonest and that was an incredible example. I knock to the
hell out of Donald Sterling for five minutes .


TRUMP: He said what a bad guy, he said, you know, horrible things he said
and then I said just in passing and by the way as the girlfriend from hell
who`s all over thousands and thousands of articles all over the place .


TRUMP: . all over the world that was defending him.


SCHULTZ: Well, here`s what Trump said in passing last week.


TRUMP: It`s terrible. He got set up by a very, very bad girlfriend, let`s
face it that old thing is a -- she`s got the girlfriend from hell.


TRUMP: It`s so bad and she was bating him and she`s a terrible human being
and he gave horrible answers.


SCHULTZ: Terrible human being she really deserved that. Donald Trump
shredded Stiviano. Trump criticized Sterling`s answers but he never
touched his character. Here`s Trump knocking Sterling out.


TRUMP: Well, I think he could be out of it. I mean frankly, you know,
based on his actions he could be pretty much out of it in terms of, you
know, his own mentally. The whole thing .


SCHULTZ: Yeah, no one needs to twist Donald Trump`s words. No one needs
to twist Donald Trumps words. We can just play them back for you.

If Donald Trump believes playing the victim clears him from playing the
fool, he can keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome to the Ed Show.

We are following new developments from the Bundy ranch in Nevada. The
story is not going folks. There`s a growing militia presence taking hold
in Clark County and the folks don`t like it. Up to 1,000 arms separatists
have now taken up camp in the name of Cliven Bundy. These militia men are
patrolling nearby communities brandishing high caliber weapons and are
making people really nervous.

They are even setting up road side check points and requiring local
residence to show identification before they pass? Did they have that
authority, question mark? Big question mark. Towns folks fear for their
lives they want this to end.

Earlier, I spoke with Nevada Congressman Steven Horsford who is calling on
the States Republican Governor and other officials to take action.


REP. STEVEN HORSFORD, (D) NEVADA: What`s so unfortunate is that the
community is not -- does not feel safe. If the people who are his
neighbors feel like he is putting a black eye on their community and a
negative image on the community. Local businesses have lost some $100,000
in money over the last few weeks. And one of our local hotels actually had
nine bomb threats against them when the BLM personnel were staying at that
hotel during the cattle round up.


SCHULTZ: For more on the story tonight, I`m joined by Las Vegas Nevada
Political Journalist and T.V. Host John Ralston.

John, good to have you back with us tonight. The first thing I want to
know about is what gives these militia man or separatists the right to stop
somebody and check their ID. And what`s the story about all these
checkpoints? Can you tell us what`s going here?

JOHN RALSTON, HOST, "RALSTON REPORTS": Yeah, and don`t think that there`s
so much of the stopping people anymore now that the BLM is gone. But I got
an eyewitness report when they were there from a guy just over the weekend
who sent me a detailed e-mail. They clearly were stopping people when they
were just trying to go shopping, trying to get gas, asking them for ID`s.

And since the BLM has left, what`s happened is that these checkpoints you
described out by Bundy`s ranch they`re generally not stopping people, but I
talked to a couple of folks today from the (inaudible). One of whom who
described the whole thing as unsettling. The other one used the adjective
creepy because these folks are coming in to town wearing their side arms
which is perfectly legal but just imagine this is a very sleepy town 80
miles North of Vegas. As one of them put to me, golf courses and guns
don`t go well together.

SCHULTZ: Well, Clark County -- and these folks are nervous according to
the Congressman, Horsford, who we`re going to have on his program tomorrow
night. He went home and heard an earful from the residents that they want
this end, that this is a growing presence and these militia folks,
separatist they`re not going anywhere. What are you hearing?

RALSTON: I`m hearing exactly the same thing. I think Congressman Horsford
is right that the majority of folks up there in that area want the militia
folks to leave. Here`s the problem though, Horsford has asked the Governor
and others to call for them to leave, he`s asked for the sheriff to
investigate but unless they actually catch them doing something like
checking people`s ID`s, like brandishing their weapons and telling people
to stop. I don`t think there`s much they can do.

Those folks are up there, they`re coming in to town because you have to
understand out by the road where they have these checkpoints, there`s no
service, then they come into Muskeet and they`re walking into stores and
gas stations and motels heavily armed, it`s very unsaddling to the folks up
there. But you can`t arrest somebody for just to unsaddling people.

SCHULTZ: So are they waiting for the government to show up again? Are
they waiting for round two of all of these?

RALSTON: That`s a great question Ed, and I have to tell you the government
is going to show up again. The question is when. I`ve always said that
they couldn`t let this president stand. They can`t let this welfare cowboy
who`s getting away with something no other ranchers can`t get away with,
get away with this and declare a victory. So they`re going to comeback,
Ed. But the question is how long do they wait? Do they hope more of the
militia folks will leave? It doesn`t look like there`s -- they have any
intention of leaving and if the government comes back again there is a real
chance of violence up there which nobody wants.

SCHULTZ: And quickly, does it seem like the governor is going to take any
action at all on this?

RALSTON: I really don`t think he is, all of these -- he`s a very careful
guy, Bryan Sandoval as it is. He made some what I thought was a careless
comment at the beginning of this whole thing attacking the BLM for their
behavior and the BLM may not have behaved that well, Ed. But now, he`s
just going to keep away from it saying, "I`m leaving these in the hands of
the sheriff." I think he`s concerned but there`s not much he can do.

SCHULTZ: I can just wonder the lack of national attention as of late
whether it`s emboldened these people and are they digging in for the long
haul. Only time will tell.


SCHULTZ: John Ralston, great to have with us on the Ed Show tonight. We
will continue to follow this story. It`s a long way from being over.

That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz.

Politics Nation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now. Good evening,


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