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updated 7/27/2004 3:19:38 PM ET 2004-07-27T19:19:38

MSNBC contributor Ron Reagan spoke with filmmaker Michael Moore on tonight’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” sharing his views on his movie’s success, its effect on the voting public, the future of the Republican leadership and, Dick Cheney.

Following are excerpts from tonight’s interview:

Moore on Disney and his film, “Fahrenheit 9/11”:

RON REAGAN: So now Disney, at the same time that they refused to distribute your film, put out “Around the World in 80 Days,” which cost 100 million dollars to produce, 30 million to promote and made 22 million dollars.  Your movie cost 10 million to make...

MOORE:  6 million to make...

REAGAN:  What do you think they’re saying at the Disney offices right now?

MOORE: I honestly do feel bad for them, I really do. You know, Mr. Eisner, I don’t know... I’m still willing to take his call, though, now that I am in the 100 million league. 

Moore on the political impact of “Fahrenheit 9/11”:

REAGAN: Now you, of course, you’ve taken some hits for doing this movie.  People have been attacking you and all.  Are you the kind of guy who actually revels in that, though?  Or are you really kind of sick of that?

MOORE:  Oh no. I need the Republicans to be angry. The angrier I see them, the more I know what they know, which is that they’re only in power for a few more months.  I’d be angry too if I were them, frankly.  This movie is a small piece of what may undo them and so, they don’t like that. I don’t blame them.

REAGAN:  Do you think it’s actually going to have an impact?

MOORE:  Oh, it already has. You should see the mail.  So many of those letters begin with either “I’ve never voted before, but I’m voting in this election” or “I’m a Republican, but I’m not voting for Bush this year.”  It’s really remarkable, the impact the film has had on people, on a very personal level. 

REAGAN:  As successful as your movie is, do you think that will mean that next election cycle, people on both sides will say “We need to hire a Michael Moore and do an attack documentary on the other guy” and see if that can turn the election?

MOORE: It’s impossible for the right to do that, for the Republicans to do that, because they’re not funny. The Republicans have lost their sense of humor, but I know what that’s like because for many years, we saw liberals, and the left, lose their sense of humor and become all very serious and very PC-oriented.

Moore on Vice President Dick Cheney:

MOORE: “... seems like a decent guy. He’s got a gay daughter,” So, hey that’s good, you know?  You gotta give him credit for that, for raising a lesbian. I mean, I’ve never raised a lesbian.  I’d love to raise a lesbian. So God bless him for that!”

Moore on President Bush (while standing in front of a cardboard cutout of the President):

REAGAN:  What would you like to say to him?

MOORE:  Honestly, I’ve always felt kinda sorry for him. I’ve never felt that he ever really wanted this job, or any job... and the slacker in me appreciates that. And, I think honestly, secretly, he can’t wait until November third, the day after the election, when he can go back to living the life that he had. And, I’m all for that. As I show in the movie, there are good parts to him. He’s very good to his dogs. He’s a good man to his dogs and he seems to have raised two very lovely daughters and we wish him well after November.


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