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The Ed Show for Friday, June 6th, 2014

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June 6, 2014

Guest: Rick Weiland, Barry McCaffrey, Mark Pocan, Bruce Bartlett, Lionel

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to the Ed
Show live from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. I`m ready to go. Let`s get to


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The invasion of Western Europe has been gone. D-
Day is here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: On June 6, 1944, we made the invasion of Hitler`s

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: 70th anniversary of D-Day.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We were right here 70 years ago.

AMERICA: We come to remember why America and our allies give so much for
the survival of liberty.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is an important day to us and always will be.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ordinary men who accomplished to extraordinary

OBAMA: This was democracy`s beachhead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sacred ground, the resting place of 10,000 souls.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They even sacrificed more for our nations that we
can never repay.

OBAMA: They sacrificed so that we might be free.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Their sacrifices changed the course of history.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Love your freedom because that`s what we fought
for. We fought for the freedom.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks for

Today marks the anniversary of a critical turning point in world
history, D-Day.

70 years ago today, over 150,000 allied troops stormed the beaches of
Normandy, France. Over 8,000 allied troops lost their lives on June 6,
1944 but their sacrifice paid off. Thanks to their courageous fighting.
Adolf Hitler`s "Third Reich" was finally defeated.

Earlier today, thousands of people attended a ceremony on Sword Beach
to honor the anniversary and those who served. World leaders and veterans
attended what was a spectacular ceremony.

Earlier in the day, President Obama addressed the crowd of some 15,000
at a cemetery near Omaha Beach where roughly 2,500 U.S. soldiers died in
the invasion.

President Obama described the shores of Normandy as democracy`s


OBAMA: Omaha, Normandy, this was democracy`s beachhead. And our
victory in that war decided not just a century, but shaped the security and
well-being of all posterity.

We worked to turn old adversaries into new allies. We built new
prosperity. We stood once more with the people of this continent to a long
twilight struggle until finally a wall tumbled down, and an Iron Curtain
too. And from Western Europe to East, from South America to Southeast
Asia, 70 years of democratic movement spread. A nation that once knew only
the blinders of fear began to taste the blessings of freedom.


SCHULTZ: There`s no doubt the events of June 6, 1944 changed the
course of history. MSNBC contributor, Mike Barnicle, takes a look back on
this historic day.


MIKE BARNICLE: All facing west toward the beach where they landed,
the channel they crossed, and the land that they left to come and help rid
the world of the terror that was Hitler`s` "Third Reich."

Omaha beach, the American cemetery, Colleville-sur-Mer, Normandy, 172
acres, 9,386 headstones reached quite by sun, wind, and time.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Normandy, from (inaudible) peninsula, eastward to
the (inaudible) with a tremendous roar of battle.

BARNICLE: 157,000 allied soldiers, they came ashore at 6:30 in the
morning of 6th June, 1944. The noise stunned, the carnage horrific, the
bravery constant.

Omaha Beach was a fortress. Machine guns had clear and interlocking
fields of fire from cement pillboxes. Men dropped in the water, cut in a
buzzard of bullets as soon as the gates opened. Some drowned, others
barely made to the shore. Men like Lawrence Brannon never forget.

LAWRENCE BRANNON, D-DAY VETERAN: I got this in about noon or little
later. I laid out that (inaudible) right down there until 8:00 that night
and watched, I`d saw it, saw it all. I`d saw a boat with 300 guys in it
burn up, they couldn`t get out.

BARNICLE: Brannon, 94 now, is from Morristown, Tennessee. His days
forever shaped by what happened here 70 years ago.

BRANNON: The first battalion hit right down there, Germans that
(inaudible) to death and they couldn`t go. They kill 800 right against
that (inaudible). There were bodies floating out through 200 yards out in
the water.

When I went out that night, they moved a (inaudible) wave, forced (ph)
to go back out. That it was just -- it was a tale, really, you know.
That`s how -- I actually saw, I`d say, over 2,000 people killed that I
could see them. I lived a thousand years.

BARNICLE: At day`s end, more than 1500 American soldiers had been
killed. One of them was Private Ray Stevens of Bedford, Virginia, the town
of 3200 folks. Private Stevens and his twin brother Roy belonged to
company A, 29th Infantry. They were only 2 of 30 young men from Bedford
who compete the beach 70 years with the 29th. By dusk, 19 would be dead.

Two sets of brothers would perish in the campaign, one small town
still carrying history`s heartache. The monuments of history are all still
here, (inaudible) where American rangers scaled a 100 foot high sheer cliff
to capture a German gun emplacement.

The hedgerows, thick, dangerous, and ever present. The villagers
still looking much the same as they did when the allies came calling and
the largest of the cemeteries.

The one that sits on a bluff above the beach where World War II in
Europe began to end, Omaha Beach.

For those who died in Europe serve as a daily reminder of the horror
of war in the price of freedom and democracy. And it is here, no matter
the season, no matter how many years passed, the sun still sets on sacred
ground where heroes look rest toward home, toward America.


SCHULTZ: MSNBC`s Mike Barnicle with that report tonight. At the time
of the invasion, the war was far from being over. Hitler was still very
capable. He had plenty of Panzer divisions and his rocket technology was
just advancing at a torrid pace.

Churchill was pushing hard for the invasion. He was a tough call by
Dwight Eisenhower. And at the end, it was the ultimate sacrifice in the
right call. If their mission had not been completed, who knows what
language we`d be speaking today?

For more on this on a historical perspective, a man who has been in
combat, a decorated combat veteran joins us tonight, retired 4-star general
and NBC news military analyst, Barry McCaffrey. General, good to have you
with us tonight on this very important day for America to remember.

Please put into perspective for our viewers, just how important this
mission was and it was not a slam dunk that it was going to be successful.

important point to make. You know, we look back in history, we think
things are foregone conclusions. But on that day, this massive complex
invasion, it wasn`t just the unbelievable courage of, you know, 19,000
paratroopers jumping into the night and the first initial way is first
infantry division, 29th infantry division, 4th infantry divisions they came
ashore with thousands of killed and wounds. It was also a military force
with its first major operation, essentially, 5,000 ships, thousands of
aircrafts. And these planners are going up against the most hardened,
brutal army in the history of warfare, the Vermark (ph) and they won,

SCHULTZ: What were the risks at this point, general? Had this
mission, this invasion not gone the way that commanders wanted it to go?
What was plan B?

MCCAFFREY: Well, you know, it`s interesting, there`s a pivotal
moments in history, the battle on Midway in World War II in the Pacific,
Gettysburg in the Civil War, what would`ve happened had the invasion
failed? It`s hard to imagine they would`ve been able take at it again in a
less than a year. What would the Russians have done if we failed to come
ashore? Would the Germans have been able withdraw substantial forces from
the West and taken down the Russian offensive? So history was at a major
turning point and a bunch of 19 and 20 year old boys essentially changed
that to save not just Europe, but to some extent, Western civilization.

SCHULTZ: And general, what did we learn from D-Day, from a military`s
perspective and do we -- our military leaders to this day and trainers of
young, gallant man look back to that day as a real training ground for what
needs to be done in our military in the future?

MCCAFFREY: Well, I think part of what learn out Ed, is to be prepared
to make sure you can use diplomatic and economic power backed up by
significant military strengths to not get in those situations and you know
today we have 2.3 million men and women in the arm forces. We`ve got
60,000, some who had killed and wounded fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan in
this global war on terror. So I think the bottom line trying to use
military power of significant believability so you don`t have to fight.

World War II, we start over the quarter of million men in the Armed
Forces. We ended up was 16 million. They came from all over this country,
their sacrifice is unbelievable. We`ll never see anything like that again,
please God.

SCHULTZ: Well, their sacrifice was unbelievable. Let`s talk about
the Nazi capability at the time of the invasion. Hitler was still very
capable, was he not? I mean, their missile technology was advancing. It
was really an unknown science to what the Americans we`re trying to
accomplish at the time. And of course his pans or divisions on that day
we`re caught out of position, not able to move and even Ramul (ph), was on
the scene and he was in charge of the defenses along the beach.

Did we not in a sense catch a couple a breaks on that regard?

MCCAFFREY: Oh no, question. We get to remind ourselves also Ed, the
Russian army did 80 percent of the ground combat, had they not been in the
war still with tremendous amounts of U.S. lend lease with naval convoys out
of the U.K. to keep them in a fight. We would had never been able to pull
this off. But as you look at this Vermont they we`re bringing in, as you
mentioned earlier, the V1 rocket, the V2 ballistic rocket, the bridge
really were standing alone until we got in to the island and start
preparing for this battle.

So they were a powerful dominating military force, great book by Matt
Hastings, Armageddon, the last year the war in Europe that talks about the,
you know, essentially the Vermont with the most probably effective fighting
force the world had ever seen.

SCHULTZ: Pretty amazing stuff. And to this day do you think General
that Americans appreciated it at the same way they did maybe 50 years ago?
And how important is it for us to remember D-Day and its significance.

MCCAFFREY: Well I`m glad, you know, I am glad to see President Obama
they are glad NBC news and other news sources is focusing on this. It`s a
good lesson to remind ourselves that, you know, the clich‚ goes freedom and
free. But I think the bottom line is, now we`re 307 million people, its
gigantic powerful economy. But thanks God we still got young Americans
woman and man who will still step forward and defend us just like these
terrific young soldiers, marines, coastguard, the navy, army, air corp. who
came assure (inaudible).

SCHULTS: General Barry McCaffery, I appreciate your time tonight on
our broadcast here on the Ed Show, this December 6, 2014, 70 years ago,
this day the D-Day invasion. Certainly one of the most significant days in
history. Thank you General.

Coming up, conservative have no shame when it comes to attacking the
President of United States. former Reagan advisor Bruce Bartlett joins me
to discuss the GOP hypocrisy over Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl story. But first,
a tight race for retiring Democrat`s seat in Red State South Dakota,
Candidate Rick Weiland joins us.

Can he beat back the big money coming in to the race? We`re right


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SCHULTZ: The number three Trender, picking a fight.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The President was staying at Marriott in Warsaw in
Poland on Tuesday.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tuesdays aren`t back.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Footage of the presidential workout made its way
to the web?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just doing my workout.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s how dance at weddings by the way.

SCHULTZ: T Boone challenges the President on exercise in energy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Billionaire oil tycoon T Boone Pickens sees the
opportunity by challenging the President to one hour workout.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, it`s a deep burn.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And to prove he means business. Pickens stick to
his Instagram.


SCHULTZ: The number two Trender, World Cup.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Colombia celebrates its return to the World`s
Cup in style.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: With less than a week until kick off of the 2014
World Cup, fans are going soccer crazy.

SCHULTZ: Sheep hit the pitch for a soccer match in Colombia.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: President for the small Colombian town held a
soccer matched between Colombia and Brazil.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The teams were outfitted in each country`s
official team uniform.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The final score four to three in favor of

SCHULTZ: And today`s top Trender, senate showdown.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Former South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds has one
victory under his belt.

MIKE ROUNDS: Yes, they are voting for someone else, they are voting
for literally a very, very liberal agenda in Washington.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Round will face loved Democratic candidate Rick
Weiland. Rick Weiland took his campaign to every South Dakota community
and field. His got the upper hand to help take back Washington.

SCHULTZ: Rick Weiland takes on a Former South Dakota Governor more
for a senate seat.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There is a major difference between -- what I want
to see happening in Washington D.C. and my competition was to see happen.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let`s get out and talk the voters and share your

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Two independent candidates will also be on the
ballot in November. Both of them are former Republicans.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have two Republicans and one Democrat. I think
we got a real serious since you have to win this (ph).


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight Rick Weiland, Democratic candidate for
the United States Senate State from the Red State of South Dakota, a state
that in recent elections has had a real independent streak to it.

Rick, good to have you with us tonight. You, of course are seeking
the seat that has been held by Senator Tim Johnson who is retiring in
November. Now, the media has making a point about how you have been to
every town in South Dakota and I`m certainly not questioning that but if
that is the case, you want to know what`s on the minds of South Dakota
voters. What is it? What`s important Rick? Good to have you with us

RICK WEILAND, SENATE CANDIDATE: Well, thank you Ed and thanks to the
opportunity. Absolutely, I`ve been to all of the 311 incorporated towns in
South Dakota and another 100 unincorporated towns. And I got to tell you
that the folks out here, you know, smell a rat.

Big money is taking over our government. It`s become legal bribery in
Washington D.C. And I don`t care if you`re in a red state or a blue state.
They know something is wrong. I got into this race because I wanted to
really talk to the people in South Dakota, find out what`s on their mind
and I decided to go out there and earn it. And that`s what I`ve been doing
in the last 12 months.

I don`t think the folks here in South Dakota are any different than
they are in New York or California. They know something is wrong with our
government. It`s about the big money and I`ve got an opponent now, a
Republican opponent, who`s been actually boasting about racing big money
out of state.

I was in Dallas, South Dakota not that long ago. And I just can tell
you. I was in Dallas, South Dakota not that long ago shaking hands with
the voters at Frank Day`s place. And I`m sure got a lot places like that
up in North Dakota, while my opponent was down in Dallas, Texas shaking
down big money. And I think we can win this.

SCHULTZ: Is that what you hear on the road from town to town in South
Dakota that residents are second tired to the big money influence and
they`re concern about what it`s doing to our elections?

WEILAND: I mean, absolutely. I mean, when I got into this race, I
decided that, you know, Democrats on the past have always tried to run like
Republicans, 50 percent Republicans and we keep that in bit by the 100
percent Republicans.

I`m not running away from what I believe in, I`m running on what I
believe. And I think people in South Dakota are no different in people in
North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. They can tell a phony from a
short distance, from a long distance.

And when I start talking about what`s wrong with public policy and how
big money has gotten its grip on these politicians who are out there
begging for it, you know, they connect with that. And I really believe
that going into the next five months of this campaign, I want to continue
going to every town.

I just started that whole process all over again, going out, talking
to the voters.


WEILAND: . going into their neighborhoods, going into their small
town cafes, their senior senators, going door to door when I can`t find the
place in town to buy a sticky gum. That`s how we`re going to win this.
It`s earning it versus buying it.

SCHULTZ: Rick, do you run on ObamaCare? Do you run on the Affordable
Care Act? Does that play well in that state?

WEILAND: You know, it`s so interesting because one of my opponents,
my likely -- well the Republican opponent sells insurance and that`s how
he`s made his living. And, you know, I had respect him for that but I came
out very early on. I think what`s missing on ObamaCare, the Affordable
Care Act is it simply not affordable enough.

I think we need to add Medicare to ObamCare and that will fix it.
People should have a choice to buy in the Medicare particularly buy private
insurance if that`s what they want. I think that I`ll bring down cost of

You know, this $15 million CEOs run into this health insurance
companies, it`s just not right when people can`t afford to buy health
insurance. So I think give them a choice, I want to have that debate.
I`ve been having Medicare Town Hall meetings since I got into this race 12
months ago. And I think that`s where all Democrats should be.

Give people a chance to buy in Medicare, we`ll fix ObamaCare.

SCHULTZ: OK. So Medicare for all. I mean, that is actually the next
round. I mean, that is being -- I think being very futuristic.

Now, your opponent Mike Rounds labels you as the liberal. I want you
to describe your politics. Are you a liberal? Do you run from that term?
Do you embrace it?

WEILAND: You know, I`m a populous Ed, always have been. And I think
that`s why states like South Dakota from time to time we`ll send populous
progressive thinkers to Washington who are willing to stand up the big
money special interest.

I mean look at the history in the Midwest.


WEILAND: . you had a couple of great guys out there in North Dakota,
Conrad, Oregon, we`ve had Dashal (ph) here, we`ve had Johnson, Humphrey,
Harken (ph). They`re all over the Midwest and they -- and Wellstone, yeah,
don`t forget Paul Wellstone.

That`s the kind of race we`re run, that`s the kind of race I think is
going to connect with the voters.

SCHULTZ: Well, that would be very progressive. Now, there seems to
be a tremendous amount of conversation, at least there was in this pass
super Tuesday that we`ve had earlier this week about economic populism.

When you talk about minimum wage in South Dakota, what kind of
response do you get? When you talk about energy issues, what kind of
response do you get?

WEILAND: Well, listen we`ve, you know, we`ve got a minimum wage valid
initiative on the fall ballot. I help to collect the signatures of last
fall to make sure god, I`m on the ballot. 62,000 South Dakotans are going
to show up to vote, to give themselves a race and a better chance and a
better life. And I, you know, I`m a small business owner. I`ll be the
first to tell you, I think it`s a job creator. It`s not a job destroyer.

You give, you know, a working family another bucket a quarter or an
hour, you think they`re going to be investing that in offshore bank
accounts? They`re going to be buying things and that demands is going to
create a supply and that`s going to juice the economy.

SCHULTZ: And finally, Rick Weiland, as the Democratic candidate,
where do you stand on the Keystone XL Pipeline? If you were to advise the
President tonight on what to do, what would you say?

WEILAND: Well, that`s nothing -- in my opinion, that`s nothing more
than a big money con job. The only one that`s going to come up, you know,
on top of that, you know, is TransCanada and their investors including the
Koch brothers. There`s no jobs that per say. It`s an export pipeline,
that oil is going overseas.

So there are arguments about big job creation in energy security as
bogus. They`re going to make billions of dollars over the course of the
life line of that pipeline. And I just don`t buy it.

SCHULTZ: So I`d take that as a direct no. You do not support the
Keystone XL Pipeline.

WEILAND: That`s exactly right. No jobs, no energy, no way.

SCHULTZ: Rick Weiland, it is refreshing to ask a direct question and
get a direct answer. Bes of luck, we`ll do it again. We`ll keep an eye on
South Dakota very pivotal to the Democrats keeping the Senate. No question
about it. Good to have you with us tonight.

Still ahead, instead of working ton create jobs, conservatives are
wasting time spending conspiracy theories about an American soldier.

Former Reagan Advisor Bruce Bartlett weighs in on that. Plus the
Texas GOP is sipping some real strong tea. They made us some seriously
disturbing plunks to the official party platform. Stay tuned.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show.

Breaking News tonight from the State of Wisconsin, a federal judge has
a ruled a ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. The ban against
same-sex marriage has started in 2006 in Wisconsin.

It`s unclear whether the marriages can begin immediately. The ruling
makes Wisconsin the 27th state where same-sex couples can marry under law
or where a judge has ruled, they should be allowed to marry.

The Wisconsin Democratic State Convention is going on at this hour in
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin and Congressman Mark Pocan joins us tonight via
on the phone.

Congressman, good to have you with us tonight. What does this ruling
mean? The laws suit was brought by the American Civil Liberties Union I
understand on behalf of eight same-sex couples. What does this mean for
Wisconsin, Congressman?

REP.MARK POCAN, (D) WISCONSIN: Well, you know, this is -- it`s great
news for everyone who lives in Wisconsin who`s had to live with hate at
United States constitution. And this is what`s happening across the
country. State by state is realizing that we have to treat everyone the
same respect and dignity when it comes to marriage equality and having
Wisconsin now and join those ranks.

It`s really important for everyone in this state and it`s important as
we continue to march forward across the country in regards to having
everyone treated equality with dignity and respect.

SCHULTZ: Congressman, Governor Scott Walker has been a strong
proponent of the constitutional same-sex marriage ban. What do you think
this means for his reelection campaign? Is this a populous move by the

POCAN: Well, you know, there`s no question. The last poll I saw in
Wisconsin showed 55 percent supported marriage equality by far outnumbering
the people who didn`t support equality. Even the governor in some previous
statement has been kind of hedging this conversation around this.

I think, he probably will be doing some kind of flash poll to see how
this affects his run for presidency as he`s also trying to run for governor
at the same time. But I think, you know, he`s going to be watching this
very closely. If it`s not just about the state of Wisconsin for him,
unfortunately, he`s running for president, he has to decide how this plays
in Republican presidential primaries as well.

But back home, those of us who have Wisconsin as their priority, we`re
just ecstatic to have this kind of results and we know that this is
something that will continue happening across the country.

SCHULTZ: You`re at the state convention right now, what`s the feeling
in the crowd hence this ruling?

POCAN: You know, literally I walked in probably about 20 minutes ago
and I just keeping doing high fives and hugs and everyone is just so happy.
Our state chair got one of his first political jobs in running the campaign
against the constitutional amendment back in 2006.

So, this has been a state in a party that`s long supported full
marriage equality and the fact that we now are actually seeing it and
realized while we`re here this weekend just makes it extra special.

SCHULTZ: And again, a federal judge has ruled a ban on same-sex
marriage in the State of Wisconsin as unconstitutional. Congressman Mark
Pocan, joining us tonight via the phone, I appreciate your time. Thank

There`s a lot more coming with up on the Ed Show. Stick around, we`ll
be right back here on MSNBC.

Market Wrap.

The Dow added 88, the S&P up eight and the NASDAQ gaining 25.

General Motors been announcing a fourth new recalls today due to
faulty air bags and other problems and recall does affect nearly 90,000

And U.S. economy added 217,000 jobs in May. Meanwhile, the
unemployment rate remained unchanged at 6.3 percent. And consumer credit
card debt surged in April to $26.8 billion surpassing Wall Street`s
expectations of a $15 billion gain.

That`s it from the CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Thanks for watching.

Tonight, Conservatives are twisting Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl`s return
home into a political attack on President Obama.

A classified military report detailing the army`s investigation into
Sergeant Bergdahl`s disappearance in June of 2009 says, "He had wandered
away from assigned areas twice before." According to people briefed on a
report, Bergdahl left a training range in California and at his remote
outpost in Afghanistan, although he returned both times. Both the absences
were not explained.

Conservatives are immediately jumping into conclusions calling
Sergeant Bergdahl a deserter and dangerous.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: President Obama could have acknowledged all of
this stuff. All these complexity instead despite the fact this guy could
be a criminal, he could be bad, we need him because he has a wealth of
information and he could be dangerous. He maybe at risk and he`s not a
hero but we need him. That`s all we had to say.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They could say, look, this was the national
security threat, that`s why we got him back. And not give us these just
lame excuses about his health and all these other stuff mixed facts that
we`ve been hearing.


SCHULTZ: Oh yes. Conservatives wrapped themselves in the flag and
say they support the troops but when it comes to offering real support for
Sergeant Bergdahl, they`re crying deserter.

Republicans don`t want to give President Obama any credit at all. A
few months ago, Senator John McCain said he would be inclined to support a
prisoner exchange in which the United States handed over Gitmo detainees
for Bergdahl, but now he doesn`t.


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN`S AC360 HOST: Would you oppose the idea of some
form of negotiations or prisoner exchange? I know back in 2012, you called
the idea of even negotiating with the Taliban, bizarre and highly

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN, (R) ARIZONA: This idea is going for an exchange of
prisoners for our American fighting men. I would be inclined to support
such a thing depending on a lot of the details.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So you sound supportive, inclined to support such
a thing depending on some of the details?

MCCAIN: Yeah, and the details are outrageous.


SCHULTZ: Became flip flopped on his position and like other
Republicans can`t accept President Obama showing real support for the

Bruce Bartlett, Former Reagan Advisor and Former Bush 41 Policy
Advisor joins us tonight here on the Ed Show. Mr. Bartlett, I appreciate
your time.

John McCain, is he wordsmithing his position here? Is he looking for
an opening to criticize the president? Do you know where he stands on this
prisoner swap and your thoughts on this situation, sir?

BRUCE BARTLETT, FMR. REAGAN ADVISOR: Well, it depends. He`s probably
got his finger up in the air or looking around to see which way the Tea
Party is blowing. But look, think about this whole situation this way.
Suppose that it leaked out that the Taliban had offered to return Mr.
Bergdahl and return for five Gitmo prisoners and Obama turned it down on
the grounds that Bergdahl`s a deserter and he should just remain walked up
in a Taliban prison.

Can you imagine what John McCain would be saying and the other
Republicans right now who were also doing everything they can to erase any
evidence on the internet of them previously demanding of that Obama do
whatever is necessary to get our prisoner of war home?

SCHULTZ: So based on that, do you think President Obama clearly did
the correct thing here?

BARTLETT: I think he not already did the correct thing, I think he
did the thing that is overwhelmingly popular with the American people. We
always bring our men home. I mean I`m old enough to remember the prisoner,
the big discussion about prisoners of war in Vietnam and people wore
bracelets and, you know, we haven`t been doing that for Bergdahl as far I

But still, I think after the Vietnam experience we all agreed that we
must do more and do everything humanly possible to get all of our soldiers
home who are captured and we didn`t ask questions about whether they were
deserving or not. They`re prisoners of war. They`re American soldiers.
They deserve to be brought home.

SCHULTZ: Mr. Bartlett, you`re speaking sense as a Republican tonight.
These are words that we often don`t hear from the other side, but it seems
that that`s what Washington`s all about right now. If it`s not fast and
furious, it`s the IRS. If it`s not the IRS, it`s Benghazi. And now, it`s
Bergdahl. Is it all about President Obama as you can see right now? I
mean we have a jobs report out today where this country added another
217,000 jobs, 50 -- one -- two moths of private sector job growth, yet we
can`t get the Congress to do anything on infrastructure.

As an elderly statesman Republican, what do you make of what`s going
on in Washington and what changes it?

BARTLETT: Well, it used to be that the elite members of the party,
the leadership made up their, you know, evaluated situations and then told
the members of the grassroots, what they thought and the grassroots, so we
generally agree with that.

It`s all been turned around now because of the Tea Party. The
Republicans in Washington have their -- constantly have their finger on the
polls of the grassroots trying to figure out what they want and how to
pander to them, but unfortunately these people in the Tea Party are morons.
I mean they really are. They`re stupid. They`re ignoramuses. They have
no idea what they`re talking about. They`re extremists. They`re bigots.

And so the sensible members of the Republican Party in Washington must
act like those people in order to prevent situations like we have in
Mississippi where Senator Thad Cochran, a very well-respected senator, may
very well lose his primary to some crackpot moron, a Tea Party person. So
it`s really a very, very difficult situation for members of the Republican
Party these days.

SCHULTZ: And isn`t it hard for these -- what you might call normal
Republicans or Republicans with reason that if they don`t think like the
Tea Party they become targets.

BARTLETT: That`s right.

SCHULTZ: And they put their own -- and so how does the conservative
movement move forward?

BARTLETT: Well, I don`t think it does. I think they just keep moving
further and further to the right. And as you well know, the Fox which is
essentially the Republican Party network that simply panders to the
Republican Party line is -- has an age 72 of average viewing age. And so
those .


BARTLETT: . people who make up the Tea Party are basically dying off.

SCHULTZ: OK. Mr. Bartlett, I appreciate your time tonight. Thank
you so much for joining us here on the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: Coming up, Richard Land needs some help with analogies.

Pretenders is next. Stick around. This is the Ed Show on MSNBC.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, cake boss, Richard Land.

The president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary is backing in
tolerance. A Colorado baker refused to sell a wedding cake to a same sex
couple. The state of upheld its anti-discrimination law and Minister Land
is crying foul.


did not refuse to serve these people. He offered them, you know, his
services. He just did not want to provide his services as part of a gay
wedding ceremony. And, you know, to me -- this would be like going to a
bakery owned by an African-American and saying, "By the way, you have to
bake a cake for a KKK induction ceremony.


SCHULTZ: Land`s half-baked argument compares a couple`s celebration
of love to a ceremony for violent hate groups. Well, equality is on the
rise in American and Land is receiving his just deserts.

If Richard Land thinks he can sugar coat homophobia, he can keep on


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed show. This is the story for the
folks who take a shower after work.

You know, everything is bigger in Texas, even Tea Party and extremism
and enthusiasm by the way. At the 2014 Texas Republican Convention in Fort
Worth, Texas, the GOP unveiled its latest platform.

The party made news for striping language with said "Homosexuality
tears at the fabric of society and contributes to the breakdown of the
family. Now, before you go celebrating just listen to what they replaced
it with. "Homosexuality must not be presented as an acceptable alternative

Now, they didn`t stop there folks. The GOP from Texas not only
endorsed so called ex-gay therapy for a patients seeking escape from the
homosexual lifestyle. They want the harmful practice protected stating,
"No laws or executive orders shall be imposed to limit or restrict access
to this type of therapy."

So, I guess you can see that there is a reason California and New
Jersey passed laws banning ex-gay therapy. In fact, in a study in 2013, 92
percent of former patients said they experience harmed, 16 percent said
that devastated their life. And we must remind everyone across the country
that this is 2014 and the GOP is rewriting their platform to include and
protect discriminatory practices. How else do you read it? While those
fighting for equality take a step forward, Texas Republicans are definitely
taking two steps back.

Joining me tonight from New York, Pix11 Legal Analyst, Lionel.
Lionel, good to have you with us tonight.


SCHULTZ: I`m curious, do you -- yeah, do you think that Texas is
still on the planet at this point?

LIONEL: I`m not sure about the Texas but the GOP I think, Ed, is spot
on because what they`re saying is, is that sexual preference is a matter of
choice. Therefore, ergo we`re born bisexual.

So what I think we should do is simply this. Let`s take it a step
further. Next Friday, let`s have switch-a-roo day. If you`re gay, be
straight. If you`re straight, be gay. After all it`s a matter of choice.
If you`re bisexual, well, you`re on your own. Then what we`ll do is we`ll
do this for a week, after which we`ll switch back. Think of it as ultimate
side parking. It makes complete and total sense because after all if it`s
a matter of choice then just change.

SCHULTZ: Why are they doing this? I mean, do they actually -- I mean
it`s almost like they want to be different from the rest of the country.

LIONEL: The idea that something that is in your heart, something that
is in your heart and who you are can be subject to change via therapy
implies, number one, that having gay thoughts is somehow a pathology and I
guess they rule out that you could switch back and I say this somewhat
tongue and cheek from straight or whatever to gay. This is the problem
with all of the problems in the world today, Ed Schultz, this is not one of

SCHULTZ: No. It`s certainly is not. The platform also support as I
read, the enforcement of the state and federal defense of marriage act.
Now, last year of course the Supreme Court ruled DOMA unconstitutional. So
how can they justify that hypocrisy?

LIONEL: Well, as you know, Ed, whenever you don`t know what to say,
you do one of two things. Number one, if you like what`s going on you say,
"I don`t want to be an activist judge. I don`t want to have an activist
court." Then of course if you like what`s going on or don`t depending upon
your way of thinking, you are a strict constructionist or an originalist.

You know, Ed, what`s interesting about this is they say, if it`s not
in the constitution, this is scalia (ph) (inaudible). If it`s not the
constitution, it doesn`t make any sense. You see, anything in the
constitution about the air force, Ed. I don`t either. DOMA is not in the
constitution. If we use that as a way of thinking, nothing will be
enforced. So what this goes to show you, this is called the post hoc

And frankly, with all the problems that the fractionalized GOP is
looking at right now, gay conversion therapy and this kind of an ad hoc,
post hoc, imaginatory, hallucinogenic, LSD version of the constitution,
they`re not helping. I respectfully submit.

SCHULTZ: So now we need to remember that Texas was talking about
succeeding from the Union. Their governor Rick Perry was talking about
that sometime ago. It`s policies like this that they actually write in to
their platform that make me believe they`re still thinking about that.
What about that?

LIONEL: Remember, Ed, none of this is going to happen unless there`s
a whole bunch of people who think this is a good idea. It`s not so much
Rick Perry. It`s the number of people who don`t laugh him off the stage.
And as I said, with all of the problems that this world and this country
faces, believe me, at the bottom of the list I think DOMA and sexual
therapy or whatever that is referred to as.

SCHULTZ: Now, what happens if we do this choice thing (ph) you`re
talking about and people like it? And then what happens in Texas?

LIONEL: That`s exactly right. One of the things which is so amazing
to me is that the idea of this, you`re in your heart, what you feel, your
actual inclination. It`s not subject to joining the Republican Party or a
choice of red wine versus white. It`s something that is inherent and as I
said before, and you think about this Ed, and I know you`re capable of this
because after all, look at who you are.

If sexuality is a matter of choice then that means we are born
bisexual or ambisexual. That means we have yet to decide and I don`t think
they want to have that alternative way of thinking as far as the last time
I checked.

SCHULTZ: Lionel, it is always great to have you here on the Ed Show.
Have a great weekend, appreciate your time.

LIONEL: And by the way, one thing. The same thing, Ed. I love you
but listen .


LIONEL: We consider this going away fishing business, OK. With all
due respect, with the amount of the money that you banked over the years,
you could buy every carp on the planet and you`re actually going to go
fishing? I`d rather drink bleach or lick a bald (ph) zander dead than
fish. Think about that, Ed. No offense. But think about it. Fishing?
What next?

SCHULTZ: Lionel, no, you`re going to have to go with me sometime
because .

LIONEL: No. No, thank you.

SCHULTZ: . because I bet you`ll enjoy it if you just give it the
chance. All right. Good to have you.

LIONEL: No, if we can use fragmentary today perhaps maybe but to sit
in a boat with a line, no way -- progress, progress, Ed, 2014.

SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight Lionel, thank you.

And that is the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz.

Politics Station with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.


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