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The Ed Show for Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

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June 17, 2014

Guest: Barbara Boxer, Jon Tester, Jon Ralston, Brian Schweitzer, Brett

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Welcome to the Ed Show live from New York. I`m
ready to go. Let`s get to work.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.

are still out to get us. This war isn`t over.

you agree with me that bombing should happen? Should happen? Yes, Karl
Rove, who was advising President Bush when the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003.

in Iraq except to remove a threat.


BUSH: And restore control of that country to its own people.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Paul Wolfowitz, I might have to call him the architect
of the original war in Iraq.

WOLFOWITZ: If I were the architect, things would have been run very
differently. It would have been handled very differently.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: On the specific issue of weapons of mass destruction.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Overtime, the truth will come out.

O`REILLY: The far left says that you and Bush and everybody involved with
it did it on purpose.

ROVE: That`s an old argument.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The truth will come out.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Facts have a nasty way of coming back and basically
determine your options.

WOLFOWITZ: The real point now, I believe, is not to do the I told you so.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks for watching.

Just for clarification, I`m one of those far left guys. I like being far
left. I like supporting workers. I like not being a climate denier. And
I like telling the truth when it comes to accountability and mistakes and
that`s really where we are right now.

I want to ask you a couple of questions tonight. First off, let`s talk
about judgment. If all of these experts on Iraq and history majors on
Iraq, step forward and said that we have information. For instance, if six
senators on the Republican side came out tonight and had a press conference
says, "We have information that we`re going to get hit within the next 24
hours." Would you believe them? If President Obama were to come out and
say, "We have information that we`re going to get hit within the next 24
hours and you really need to be vigilant across America." Who would you

Would you believe the guy that eventually got Bin laden or the folks that
give up trying to catch the guy that hit America? And there is a very
important point here because it`s an issue of credibility. And what no one
is pointing out is that President Obama`s credibility is impeccable
compared to this crowed. There is no question about it.

Republicans who lied America and that is the word. That is the word.
Let`s make sure that the history books get it right. Who lied America into
the Iraq war 11 years ago I think have no credibility and absolutely no
place voicing their opinion this time around. I mean if you`re wrong
you`re wrong and this is a big wrong. Over $2 trillion spent so far. 32
American injuries -- 32,000 Americans injured and of course we don`t want
to pay for that. We don`t want to fund the VA. A number of 4,000
Americans dead.

Now, all this blood and treasure lost because of this crowd right here.
This is the crowd that had the information and they -- I`ll use Ted
Kennedy`s line from way back, "cook the books". It was a coordinated
campaign of deception that lasted for years and oh I have a hang over.

We were told about mushroom clouds, weapons of mass distraction, all one
big lie, let`s not forget. Now, the same people who worked in the Bush
administration are out and about trying to re-tutor this country on exactly
what happened and let`s give a little advice on Iraq. That`s where they

Now, who do you believe in? Karl Rove who was known of course as Bush`s
brain, he ran to the TV cameras on Monday night, no bigger stuff than
O`reilly`s crowd. Rove agreed with Bill O`reilly that there should be
about 10,000 troops still on the ground in Iraq.


O`REILLY: What we`ve seen here is that .

ROVE: We`re better off if we`ve got somebody who`s helping to guide these
planes in and guide .

O`REILLY: OK. I mean I don`t think anybody opposes .

ROVE: . and if we`re stand in that standoff

O`REILLY: I shouldn`t say that. Most people would not oppose that, but I
don`t think you`re going to get a mass force. They should`ve left 10,000
behind and we should`ve left 10,000 behind and we didn`t, but we have to
deal with reality now.


SCHULTZ: Oh yes. We have to deal with reality that Bill O`reilly has zero
military experience and has never made a military decision in his life.
But since he`s got the platform he might as well use it while he can. It`s
a good thing for those troops that Rove is out of the White House, but wait
a minute, it`s our fault, here at MSNBC. Rove is out criticizing this
network. He said that we are using selective outrage over the decision to
invade Iraq in 2003.


ROVE: The MSNBC crowd is not critical of the two secretaries of state who
served President Obama, Sec. Clinton and Sec. Kerry, both of whom voted for
the authorization, the use of force against Iraq. I think it might be sort
of selective outrage.


SCHULTZ: No, hold on there, Karl, just a moment. These two Americans have
served admirably, have they not? Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, the guy
who should`ve been president, really?

These senators, what do they do? Did they vote for the war? Those
senators that he`s trying to pin this on voted on what they believed to be
the truth. What they were told, that`s how they voted. They made a
mistake because the intelligence that they were given was false.

Lawmakers today don`t want a repeat performance. Rove also said that
Democrats are wasting time talking about the Bush administration lying
their way into Iraq.


O`REILLY: The far left says that you and Bush and everybody involved with
it did it on purpose. You knew they weren`t weapons of mass destruction
you said it anyway. That`s their -- and they never going to get out of
that but I`m just pointing it out to .

ROVE: Well, look, it`s an old -- yes, that`s an old argument that .

O`REILLY: Right.

ROVE: . that really -- we waste time on because .

O`REILLY: We waste time.

ROVE: . people who on the other side who looked at this same intelligence
came to the same conclusion including people like Al Gore, Bill Clinton,
Hillary Clinton ...

ROVE: Absolutely and Bill O`Reilly and .

O`REILLY: . Bill O`Reilly as well.


SCHULTZ: No, no, no, it`s not an argument. Facts are facts and you can`t
change them. C`mon, Karl, again, what were they told and who told them?
We are not wasting time talking about the Bush administration lying this
country into a war. You can`t blame members of Congress for making a
decision based on faulty intelligence, cook in the books. It was
intelligence the Bush administration knew was wrong but they provided at
the Congress anyway.


into my office and without so much as a fare-thee-well, he walked over to
the window and he said, "I wonder what`ll happen when we put 500,000 troops
into Iraq and comb the country from one end to the other and find nothing?"
And he turned around and walked back in his office. And I wrote that down
on my calendar as close for -- to verbatim as I could, because I thought
that was a profound statement coming from the secretary of state, former
chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.


SCHULTZ: Can`t get much higher than the secretary of state, can you?
Former joint chief of staff? It`s not just Rove, Former Deputy Defense
Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, he loves the TV cameras these days. He`s trying
to mop up his reputation. He`s out with his opinion. The architect, one
of them, of the Iraq war was out fearmongering. Fearmongering about the
next 9/11 earlier today.


WOLFOWIKZ: Political leaders lead and they`ve explained to the public that
this is -- if you don`t like my using the word, they explain to the public,
this is an some obscure conflict between Shia and Sunni that you don`t
understand. This is about preventing another 9/11. That was barely 10
years ago. People understand that one. And if we wait until something
terrible happens, believe me, there will be no need to explain the need for
action. It`s just that many of our options will be gone.


SCHULTZ: So we certainly don`t want to let any of the options slip away.
What do you say? We throw more troops into Iraq and try this thing one
more time again. You know what? If the Republicans had power, if they
could, we would be sending massive troops back to Iraq so they could get it
right maybe the second time. I guess you can`t teach an old dog new
tricks. Wolfowitz was wrong 11 years ago and he`s wrong again today.

Paul Bremer, he`s out mopping his reputation up as well, giving his
opinion, the guy who failed at running Iraq after the invasion said, "It`s
in our interest to stay involved."


ERIN BURNETT, CNN ANCHOR: How can you advocate anymore people, anymore
lives going to risk for that country?

our interest. And it`s -- there are two points about our interest. Number
one, as the president pointed out on Friday in his first statement, we
cannot allow a -- well, the world`s worst terrorist group to get a base of
support in a failed nation. This is not Afghanistan which is remote and
behind the mountains, this is the heart of the Middle East with a lot of
wealth and we cannot allow that to happen.


SCHULTZ: Paul Bremer just said that Iraq was a failed nation and they want
to do a do over? No one who was involved in the Bush administration has
the right to talk about Iraq with any credibility whatsoever. These guys
failed big time. The invasion of Iraq was one of the biggest mistakes in
American history. Thousands of lives lost and of course for a war that was
started on lies. Manufactured by this crowed right here. They couldn`t
get enough of it. You know, it`s all that privatization that`s going on.

You know what? Enough is enough. Choices in Iraq right now or up to the
President of the United States, the commander-in-chief, and the president
alone at this point, the guy that was elected and then re-elected. There
is a reason a Democrat won the last two presidential elections. So I ask
you tonight. Isn`t this a real debate about credibility? Isn`t this a
real debate about judgment and who you trust?

And I wonder if these Republican senators who continue to walkout in front
of the cameras just slamming Obama and every decision the president makes
whether it is truly politically motivated or they -- do they really believe
this stuff? Do the have skin in the game? That`s a key question and I`ll
go back to what I asked last night.

Are you ready to send your kid into this civil war, because we might get
hit? It`s back to the old argument, "Well, we got to fight them over there
so we don`t have to fight them over here." We`re fighting them everywhere.
This is an issue of resources. We can`t be the world`s policemen.

And here`s another thing that I think that we got to take under
consideration. You can`t trust the Republicans when it comes to resources.
Look what they`re doing with the VA, they don`t want to fund it. So if we
get into something big in Iraq again, how long do you think it`ll be before
we`re talking about offsets? Oh, yeah, middle class folks have got to
serve it up again. You know, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, they got
to privatize everything because we don`t have money for that because we
went back into Iraq to get it right again.

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, "Would you hire anyone from the Bush administration as a National
Security Consultant?" That one`s even harder to get out. Text A for yes,
text B for no to 67622, you can always go to our blog at
We`ll bring you the results later on in the show.

For more, let me bring in Senator Barbara Boxer of California. Senator, it
is great to have you with us tonight. I appreciate your time.

SEN. BARBARA BOXER, (D) CALIFORNIA: It`s good to be with you and can I
thank you for that opening? Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Well, you know, 10 years ago, I didn`t have this platform and I
was at home pulling out what hair I had left.

BOXER: Right.

SCHULTZ: And at that time, I was amazed that this was nothing but a
promotional drum beat to go do something on a lie when there was not really
verification and you know that. You voted against this. Are we getting
another Iraq sale job, Senator?

BOXER: Well, of course and the media is inviting all these guys and maybe
there`ll be some gals too to talk to about this again. And I would just
say rhetorically if you want another disaster listen to these people. They
did get us into the worst disaster that I can remember certainly in my
lifetime. And you talked about the 4,000 Americans dead, but you didn`t
happen to mention in this particular report the 30,000 desperately wounded.

The fact that they said we`d be treated as liberators. The fact that these
same people said we`d be out of there in six months and that the oil
revenues would pay for the war, which is now estimated by experts to be at
$2 trillion when you count all the health care that we have to give to our
brave men and women in uniform. We were in there nine years and we are not
going to go back. We`re not.

SCHULTZ: What do we do, Senator? What is our course of action as you see

BOXER: OK. Here`s what I think. There are certain facts that we have to
deal with. We know there are terrible terrorists out there in the world.
They`re all over the map, but we know I-S-I-S, ISIS, came into being when
we went into Iraq. And they have now fill the void because Maliki did not
do an inclusive government and ISIS took advantage of this opening and
taking back Sunni territory.

We do have, Ed, tens of thousands of our military in the Middle East and
many of them are experts in intelligence and counter terrorism. Yes. We
have a stake at making sure that there`s not another 9/11, but we`ve had
that ever since the day after 9/11. So we have to be vigilant and, yes, we
have to go after those terrorists but we don`t get into boots on the
ground. We don`t get into a civil war. We gave the Iraqi people a chance
of a lifetime. We gave it to them with our blood, with our treasure, and I
am telling you they blew it and that`s the fact. Maliki wouldn`t even give
us a status of forces agreement.

So those Republicans who were saying, "Barack Obama took our people out".
By the way, I was for taking our people out. The president wanted to keep
more of a force there but he couldn`t get a status of forces agreement. So
bottom line is we`re not going to go back in there again. We have paid
dearly and there are families who will never get over the payment that
they`ve made.

SCHULTZ: And finally, Senator. The conservatives are making the case that
if we don`t do something that this will be a staging ground for another
9/11 that we will get hit again as a country. We won`t be secure because
we`re not involved in their civil war and the fighting going back between
the Sunnis and the Shia and of course the pushback against the dictator
Maliki. What about that?

BOXER: The fact is we have a counter terrorism operation in the Middle
East. And we should do what we`ve done all along since 911. Go after
those terrorists.

Today, we -- the president announced that we did get the terrorist behind
the Benghazi catastrophe. We got that man. And we are holding him and we
will try and then he will face justice but you don`t get into the middle of
a civil war. We have counter terrorism and we`ll continue to have counter

SCHULTZ: Senator Barbara Boxer, great to have you with us tonight. I
appreciate your time. Thank you so much.

BOXER: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Who do you believe? When you go into a briefing and they tell
you something, do you come out believing it? This was the case on Capitol

Listen to what Senator Byron Dorgan told us last night on this program
about intel briefings.


years ago being in -- literally dozens of top secret briefings and hearings
on the Hill. I mean, literally dozens of top secret briefings in which we
now know that we were told things that were patently false. I mean we went
to war in Iraq under false pretenses.


SCHULTZ: Can we afford to do that again? Probably not. We better have a
real intense conversation about this.

Let me bring in Senator Jon Tester of Montana who ran in 2006 on a platform
of leaving Iraq. Senator, good to have you with us tonight.

SEN. JON TESTER, (D) MONTANA: Good to be with you, Ed.

SCHULTZ: You bet. It`s like revisiting the circus here. Are we going to
see the same act?

TESTER: Well, I certainly hope not. I mean, I think that, you know, back
in 2003, it`s been well-documented when we went into Iraq based on bad
information. And when you get bad information make bad decisions.

Look, we worked there. We try to give the Iraqi folks their freedom.
Maliki never jumped onboard. I think this result of what -- what has
happened is purely predictable and I think if we go back in again, sure
we`ll be able to settle it down for a while but the minute we move out of
that country it will be the same result again.

They`ve got to sort out their own differences. The United States doesn`t
have to be the world`s policeman. And I don`t think we should be sending
air strikes in, troops in, in fact I think we should get out.

SCHULTZ: Senator, what`s your response of former Bush administration
members who were calling for action in Iraq?

TESTER: I just -- I think you`re going to get the same -- there`s all
sorts of problems. Well, first of all, what are going to be the results?
Do we have what the operations going to include what we`re going to
accomplish, where we`re going to head and what the end game is going to be?
Because those all are very, very important.

We needed that. We went into Iraq the first time. We obviously didn`t
have it. And quite frankly, we`re going to get the same results again as
we did back in 2003. We`re going to put people`s lives on the line. We`re
going to add to that $17 trillion debt like we`ve never seen before when we
have bridges and roads and education systems that need to be funded here.

So, those folks who want to go in, those fiscal hawks who want to go in and
spend all that money, I think it`s a wrong decision.

SCHULTZ: And the 300 troops that the president is sending into Iraq, your
thoughts on that saying that you just said that we shouldn`t be in there at

TESTER: Well, you know, we`re going to get the same result when we move
out. Maliki doesn`t want a country that`s together. And quite frankly,
put another 300 troops in is just going to put off the inevitable. When
you pull them out, they`re going to go back to fight and they`ve been
fighting for generations and hundreds of years. They`re going to go back
to fighting again.

And I just don`t see what we`re going to accomplish in the end. And it`s
unfortunate but it`s true, those folks who have been fighting for a long
time, they settle down when we got in there, but the instability that we
provided them cause them to go right back at it again when we go out.

SCHULTZ: Senator, do you think your constituents are in the same place
they were when you were elected in 2006 in Iraq?

TESTER: Well, I do. I think even more so. I mean, I think they see the
money that we spent in Iraq and now Afghanistan. They`ve seen the soldiers
that have been killed and hurt and I think that they all fought bravely and
fought for an important reason and that was to give them freedom, but you
can`t give people freedom who don`t want to have freedom.


TESTER: And that`s exactly the kind of situation we have in the Middle

SCHULTZ: Senator Jon Tester of Montana, great to have you with us, sir.
Thank you so much.

TESTER: Thanks, Ed.

SCHU7LTZ: Coming up, turmoil in Iraq raises questions about our energy
security. Is this an opportunity to invest in our energy independence?
Let`s have some action, not all talk.

Plus, the new cycle doesn`t stop when you`re -- as buddy big Eddy goes on
vacation. I`ll weigh in on some of the big stories that unfolded while I
was away.

Trenders is next. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: What`s hot and what`s not? Time now for the Trenders Social
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is great.

There were a lot of big stories last week that I didn`t get a chance to
talk about because I was gone. So here`s a recap for the top Trenders
while I was away.


REP. ERIC CANTOR, (R) VIRGINIA: Obviously, we came up short.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number three Trender, Brat pack.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Eric Cantor is suffering a primary defeat that no one
saw coming.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Brat has a commanding lead with 55 percent of the vote.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a miracle of God.

SCHULTZ: The orchestrator of obstruction looses his seat in the House.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And a new comer with a fraction of Cantor`s money in
organization was able to topple one of the most powerful Republicans in

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He`s really not representing our view.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The defeat of a majority leader in Congress never
happened before.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did this completely shock you?

CANTOR: Absolutely.

SCHULTZ: The number two Trender, crisis center.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The humanitarian crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border
shows no signs of flowing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Since October, more than 47,000 unaccompanied children
have been caught at the border.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: These are economic refugees grappling (ph) extreme
poverty and they`re full (ph) in extreme violence.

SCHULTZ: A humanitarian crisis on the border brings back the immigration

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We have all these debates about foreign aides.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But we have this refugee crisis going on right now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The president who is the largest opponent to
immigration reform.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Obama simply is looking for a structure.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s time that we sit down and remove our political
hats and figure this out and work on it.

SCHULTZ: And today`s top Trender, boiling over.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This was Bunkerville in April, the center stage for
the Cliven Bundy standoff.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I feel sorry for any federal agents that want to come
in here and try to push us around.

SCHULTZ: Anti-government sentiment turns deadly in Nevada.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Two Las Vegas metro police officers was sitting down to
lunch when two suspects walked in and shot them at point-blank range.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So they placed a Gadsden flag on the body of officer

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A witness told police, one of the suspect shouted,
"This is the start of the revolution."

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON, MSNBC HOST: The couple`s anti-government views
intensify after they attended the standoff at Cliven Bundy`s Nevada Ranch.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He was talking about killing cops.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He was willing to fire the first shot.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I really don`t want violence for them, but if they`re
going to come bring violence to us, if that`s the language they want to
speak, we`ll learn it.


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight Jon Ralston, Journalist and Host of Ralston

Jon, this is a tragedy of major proportions. What people say, you have to
believe that they might do at this point. Have we learned anymore about
the suspect in the week since the shooting?

JON RALSTON, HOST, RALSTON REPORTS: Well, what we`ve learned in the local
newspaper, Ed, and had a piece over the weekend and which they described
this couple, very young couple, 31 and 22 I believe, essentially were
loners but as you heard they were out at the Bundy ranch and there`s all
kind of stuff on social media.

And one tracker of the so called Sovereign Citizen Movement, the old
keepers, all those folks out there one by the name of J.J. MacNab wrote a
great piece in Forbes that tracked all the markers that showed that they
are just like a lot of these folks that you and I have talked about before
let the revolution begin take back the government.

You know, some on the right, Ed, have tried and I`ll say that these folks
are not the same as some of these old keepers because the guy claimed to
have voted for Obama but that means absolutely nothing. All of their
social media postings, their activities in Indiana before they came out to
Vegas show that they`re with the sovereign citizens, they joined what is
known as the Independent American Party here where the nominee for governor
and someone they have an affinity with. And this guy is crazy than almost
anybody who was out there -- some of his post that he put up, he is a
nominee for governor of this state, Ed. I`m so proud.

SCHULTZ: Well, I think we need to focus in on and I think Americans need
to focus in on what attracted these people to go to Nevada?

It was the exposure and the platform that was given to what some
conservatives said was a patriot in Mr. Bundy. He attracted the likes of
folks like this that took it way too far that were domestic terrorist. I
mean, Harry Reid classified these people as domestic terrorists.

Isn`t this just -- I don`t think that this is just another active gun
violence here. These people went there on a mission and they were provoked
by I think a lot of over coverage and people not simmering this thing down,
even Hannity said, "I`m going to go out and stand with these people." What
people? What people? The ones at the back of the line or in the front of
the line? And I think this is -- and I said at the time. This is
dangerous stuff. These people play for real and it is unfortunate that
this happened at a mammoth proportion.

So where do we go from here? I mean, did we learn anything from this, Jon?

RALSTON: Well, you know, Ed, you and I talked about this before and, you
know, I thought Harry Reid went too far when he said domestic terrorist.
But you know what? That`s exactly what this couple were. They walked into
a pizza joint and cold-bloodedly murdered two police officers and later
killed an innocent man at a Wal-Mart nearby. They put a flag over them,
they put swastika there. They spouted all these nonsense.

And again, what bothers me the most about these is that this kind of
rhetoric was given sustenance by the likes of a U.S. Senator Dean Heller by
candidate for Congress out here, by the name of Niger Innis and by an
Assemblywoman named Michele Fiore by calling all these folks out at the
Bundy ranch patriots. And they thought of themselves as patriots.


RALSTON: They used the language of the American Revolution, "Let`s take
our country back. A second revolution is coming." Why would they think
that`s OK to say or not OK to say and have a U.S. Senator and other elected
officials and candidates giving them the idea that this mainstream
political thought? That`s very dangerous, Ed.

That`s why this will happen again as you long as you have the right-wing
echo chamber .


RALSTON: . and people trying to pander to certain elements of that base
giving them sustenance as I said.

SCHULTZ: And of course this story got no coverage with Hannity and
O`Reilly on the story, OK?

One week, you`re patriots, the next weekend, you`re an executioner. And
that`s exactly what this was. This was not a murder. This was an
execution is what this was.

Jon Ralston, thank you for your time tonight. We will follow this story.


SCHULTZ: Still ahead, turmoil in Iraq hits home as the price of oil
waivers. Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer weighs in.

And later, 20 years ago today, America looked on as O.J. Simpson`s white
Bronco led police on that infamous chase, the day that changed media.
Documentary Filmmaker Brett Morgen joins me tonight.

But next, I`m taking your questions Ask Ed Live coming up on the Ed Show on
MSBNC. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Love the questions, appreciate all
you folks bringing them in.

Tonight in our Ask Ed Live segment, our first question is from Kimy (ph).
She wants to know, "What do you think the Repubs will say about the U.S.
capture of the alleged Benghazi ringleader?"

Well, they`ll probably say that it`s a diversion away from what`s really
happening in Iraq and really give this no credibility. And certainly won`t
talk about justice. This is a big catch. This is justice in action. It`s
a story that the Republicans won`t recognize as anything incredible for the
Obama Administration or the efforts across the world to keep us safe.

Our next question is from Lana Williams. She wants to know, "Will this
craving for war cause the Republicans to lose seats in Congress this fall?"

That`s a great question. I don`t think Iraq is going to change much
between now and August. And would these jokers go home to hold Town Hall
meetings in August when they are working? Ask your representative. Would
you vote "yes" to send troops into Iraq?

I don`t think that`s one that they really want to answer. Lot more comes
up on the Ed Show. Stay tune.

Market Wrap. The Dow gains 27 points, the S&P is up 4 and the NASDAQ adds
16 points.

Consumer prices posted their biggest gain in over a year that was driven by
rising food cost. But the government`s consumer price index increase four-
tenths of a percent in May. That was more than economist expected.

And there`s some (inaudible) news on the state of the housing market.
Housing starts drop 6.5 percent last months. Building permits engaged in
future activity, also the client.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business, worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. The escalating tensions on Iraqi
have gripped our nation and our markets.

Oil price is dropped today after President Obama announced that about 275
troops will deployed to Iraq to help secure U.S assets. Brent crude a
benchmark use to price international oil fell 33 cents, $212 and 61 cents a
barrel. As ISIS militants vow to march on to Baghdad, the oil markets
remain on edge.

Here`s the dynamic, Iraq is the second largest oil producer in OPEC,
producing about 3.3 million barrels a day.

One Monday night Iraq`s biggest oil refineries will shutdown and the
foreign staff was evacuated. Now let`s be clear. The conflict in Iraq is
only adding to existing uncertainty within the market.

According the New York Times, Libya has reduced oil production to around 10
percent of the 1.3 million barrels a day the country produced back in 2012.

Iran, their output has been trimmed by international sanctions and Syria`s
Civil War has severely diminished the country`s oil production.

Folks, now is the time to push for investment in alternative energy sources
like wind and solar and we`re only scratch in the surface. There is just
too much uncertainty. I don`t know about you but I`m not all that fired up
about a do over with Iraq over oil.

Joining me tonight Former Montana Governor and MSNBC contributor Brian
Schweitzer. Governor, good to have you with us. Is this an energy wake up
call for American? Where is the opportunity here? When are we going to

we remember when Robert Berg stood on the senate floor? They had to willed
a man because he was advanced age. He begged us not to go war in Iraq. He
warned us that Iraq is fighting Iran. Iran is the most dangerous actor in
the Middle East. He said the enemy of your enemy is you friend. Stay out.
Don`t go there.

If we would have spent a fraction of the money that we spent by going to
war in Iraq on building alternative energy, wind turbines like the one that
my grandfather and father had on their farm 80 years ago, if we would have
just built the wind turbines and the solar facilities, 25 or 30 percent of
the cars in America could be running on electricity today and we wouldn`t
be importing a barrel of oil.

Now, we made a mistake back then, let`s not make a mistake this time.

Listen Ed, we didn`t leave the Stone Age because we ran out of stones. We
didn`t leave the Bronze Age because we run out of bronze and we won`t leave
the hydrocarbon air because we went out of coal and oil and gas. We live
because we have a clear and we have a more stable energy supply right here
in America.

SCHULTZ: Well governor the thing that frustrates me is that solar
technology is rapidly advancing and it`s almost as if the county is really
not paying that much attention to it. The other thing is that there
doesn`t seem to be a plan that if we`re at 5 percent wind and solar right
now, where are we going to be in five yeas? Where should 10 year plan?
Where should 20 year plan?

And I guess the oil interest in the lobbyist are so strong, it would allow
the country to think that way. What turns that around? Is this a wake up
call for America to say, "We`re going to keep going through the cycles of
violence and this markets doing and what they`re doing until we really get
serious about energy."

SCHWEITZER: Well if not now, when? You know, we had a leader like
Eisenhower who said in the 50, "We`re going to build an interstate highway
system so we can efficiently move from coast to coast." Where is that
leadership today that says, "Let`s build this transmission line so we can
deliver the wind and solar energy to the cars?"

Where is that leadership today that says, "Look the wind doesn`t blow all
the time and the sun doesn`t blow all the time but if we have batteries in
those cars, they will recharge when the wind is blowing and the sun shining
and they`ll drive when they`re not?"

We can do this but we need leadership at the top.

SCHULTZ: The insurgency remains far away from key oil assets in Iraq and
the South. What happens if oil -- to oil price if they get any closer? I
mean, what do you anticipate happening in the oil market?

SCHWEITZER: Well the international oil prices are going to go up. There
is just no way around it, that when you have that uncertainty. As you
know, I lived in Libyan, Saudi Arabia for most of the 80s. I recognized
how important those oil shipping lines are from the Persian Gulf but
frankly, we are now only importing 35 percent of our oil. Within eight
years, we`ll be net energy exporters.

And so those Persian Gulf shipping lines that will become the problem of
the Asians, the Europeans and those people who live on the Middle East,
they will become our competitors. We should never put another person,
another son or daughter or never put another penny in protecting those
Persian Gulf shipping lines. That`s for the Asians and Europeans to worry

We have our own energy here. We have gas, we have oil, we have wind, we
have solar and we have the technology to get this right when we got to
start today. No more kicking the can down the road.

SCHULTZ: And of course we keep tying economic interest to these
unpredictable conflicts on the Middle East when we have all the power to do
it here at home and we have all the people behind it. We just don`t have
the political will. It`s really unfortunate.

Former Montana Governor Brain Schweitzer with us here on the Ed Show
tonight. Governor, thank you so much, appreciate it.

Coming up, Pat Robertson makes a valid point until he regresses into his
usual non sense. Pretender is next.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, Babylon, Pat Robertson, the
televangelist. Well he came mighty close to making sense this week but
well he just missed the mark.

A viewer rode into the 700 Club to ask Pat Robertson about the crisis in
Iraq. Robertson slammed the Bush administration.


ROBERTSON: To sell American people over weapons of mass destruction, he
had to dug the (MD) on getting yellow cake (ph) (inaudible) and that was a
lot of nonsense. And we were (sold) a bill of goods, we should never had
gone into that country.


SCHULTZ: Wow, Robertson had some coherent remarks. Unfortunately all good
things come to an end.


ROBERTSON: We got to fix it. No. It`s too late to fix it. It`s
unfixable. And those simmering animosities have been there for centuries,
centuries. And they will continue to play out until such time is the Lord
brings out Babylon some people -- antichrist or something.


SCHULTZ: George W. Bush definitely sold us into a war but the end of days
isn`t going to dig us out. Pat Robertson thanks the antichrist is a
diplomatic solution. He can keep on for attending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. 20 years ago today a news event
grabbed the attention of 95 million Americans and change the way the media
covers live events. A documentary called June 17th, 1994 highlights a
number of notable things happening around the country two decades ago.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Arnold Palmer, the biggest last round of golf in the
U.S. open.


SCHULTZ: Lot of people paying attention to that. Arnold Palmer fabulous
golfer and legend. And of course the New York Rangers got a Ticker Tape
Parade for winning the Stanley cup.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That Ticker Tape has already started flowing from the
window here on Broadway, which will carry the New York Rangers up here to
City Hall.


SCHULTZ: Lots of thing is going on. And of course United States was
hosting the world cup and it was opening day in Chicago.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The love of soccer is now a universal language that
binds us all together. So I welcome all who had come from all countries
and all continents. We will reward with our cheerers the courage and skill
a lot of players. Good luck to you all. And welcome to the United States.
Thank you.


SCHULTZ: You saw that day was the normal media coverage of live events but
something else was going on that day.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He has (broke up) and has sent it to me. Why don`t he
not send to me?

BOB COSTAS: There is no transition. I tried. It sounds so callus. I
think it has to be no choice but to proceed with the covered of the game
and we will do that as we will join Marv Albert and Mac Dukas (ph) after
these messages and you have to insert a commercial.

We just got -- I don`t know when you going to come to me on camera.


SCHULTZ: Bob Costas and NBC producer was working to figure out how do
bridge coverage of game five, the NBA finals with the story developing in
Los Angeles. All media outlets were grappling with the same issue. The
LAPD was on hunt for famed football player O.J Simpson. He had been
charged with murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her Friend
Ronald Goldman.


COSTAS: Before we talked about basketball. Let`s return Tom Brokaw for
report on the still developing O.J Simpson`s story. And here`s Tom in
(inaudible) Manhattan Studio. Tom?

TOM BROKAW: Bob we are witnessing tonight a modern tragedy and drama of
Shakespearean proportion being played out alive on television. And you can
probably believe this on our modern popular television culture. People are
going to the freeway, parking their cars and waiving at O.J., we`re told,
as they drive by.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Look at all the cars on this next bridge man.


SCHULTZ: O.J. Simpson`s car chase on the freeways of Southern California
changed the media for the next 20 years. It was the birth of reality TV.
Brett Morgen, director the documentary June 17th 1994 joins us this evening
here on the Ed Show.

Mr. Morgen, I appreciate your time. The significance, you did a
documentary on it. There was no narration, the only thing that was there
was the advance edited by you and your team. What is that mean?

BRETT MORGAN, DIRECTOR OF JUNE 17TH 1994: Well, I think our whole culture
kind of change on June 17th 1994. I mean there was the obvious sort of
lost of innocents in terms of how we perceive our sports icons. I think
more importantly though that way the media covered the event sort of (sink)
this thing of the birth of reality television, the birth of 24 hour news
cycle. And he was a fascinating time. I mean this is, as if the every
beginning of the Internet.

And so we still went to the newspapers and to places like are tough to get
our news and I think it`s all sort of change. I mean, can you image now if
this have been happen with Twitter and all the social networking. O.J.
would be probably tweeting from the backseat of the Bronco too if was
happening today.

SCHULTZ: What did the television news producers, organizations find out
from this event that it`s about sensational, it`s about -- if you got the
video, if it`s happening and you can covered it, no matter what else is
going on, this is what the people want?

MORGEN: I think so and Ed there`s a moment during the trial that I was
reflect upon as film maker, which was I sat there in the, you know, we
spent sometimes three, five, seven years working on the movie, a 90 minute
movie to entertain people. And I remembered during the trial, sitting in
my apartment in New York City and being riveted after six hours with people
talking about DNA. And it was a sealed camera, no editing on the court
room. And I was like, "Wow, this is gripping and amazing as anything
playing on the movie theater across the street."

I`m a bit humbling for someone who spends years making, trying to make an
hour and half interesting. But I think it sort of -- our obsession and
fascination with him, with real actual human drama, sort to came to the

SCHULTZ: And you made the comment that you think that viewed out sport
celebrities and people in the platform differently, do people root for
celebrities who fail these days and maybe they didn`t and there might have
been a time in society when they revered, now we wait for them to get knock
off their pedestal, so to speak?

MORGEN: Yes, I think that there`s a lot truth to that. However, I don`t
think anyone was rooting for O.J. to fail. I think this was very confusing
moment for most of us. You know, today when anyone is under 30 when they
see my film June 17th, 1994, they`re watching it with the, you know,
thinking of O.J. as someone they only know as a murder.


MORGEN: But on June 17th 1994, when the rest of us viewed this events it
was very challenging time. I mean, information was just coming out, you
know, and sort of leading him as a main suspect. And I think most people
on that day thought O.J. was innocent. And so it was very confusing..

SCHULTZ: It really was suspenseful. No one knew how this was going to be
played out. And quickly, has there been anything in your opinion that has
paralleled that?

MORGEN: No. Not really. I mean, it`s funny because we talked about the
suspense of that day and then retrospect it. It allow -- because O.J. was
such a narcissist that there really was no way that he was possible going
to kill himself.


MORGEN: Knowing O.J. and knowing what we know of him. But I think the
only thing in sport really is Aaron Hernandez case.

SCHULTZ: OK. Brett Morgen, great work. Good to have with this Sunday Ed
Show. Thank you so much.

MORGEN: Thanks Ed.

SCHULTZ: That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz. Politics Nation with
Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now. Good evening Rev.


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