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The Ed Show for Friday, June 20th, 2014

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June 20, 2014

Guest: John Erpenbach, Mike Papantonio, Bernie Sanders, Sarah Slamen, John
Fugelsang, Sheldon Whitehouse

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to the Ed Show.
Live from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. I`m ready to go, let`s get to work.


GOV. SCOTT WALKER, (R) WISCONSIN: We`re going to have to counter this sort
of attack all over again.

SCHULTZ: Gov. Scott Walker`s hopes for the White House may have got ended.

WALKER: There`s been some -- there`s been some legal action out in

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We have a major-major smoking gun.

WALKER: Look at the facts. Court documents revealed, there`s a .

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Prosecutors say that Walker`s aides tampered with
campaign finances during his 2012 recall election.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Claimed Walker and his staff worked illegally with
conservative groups.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: To help him survive a 2012 recall election.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Violating Wisconsin`s donation limits and disclosure

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The facts are pretty clear.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know, it`s walker`s own word.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: People might want to listen to what we we`ve been
saying, you know, since way back in 2011.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight folks, thanks for watching.
Back in the winner of the 2011, when I spend a lot of time in Wisconsin,
when the protest were taking place outside the state capital, I had people
asked me, "Ed, why are you going after this Walker guy so much?"

Well, I didn`t like the fact that he hates unions. He was going after
public employees. He was cutting education by a billion dollars. He was
going after Badger Care. I didn`t like what he was doing.

But I had no idea that there were these kinds of legal problems on the
horizon. If Scott Walker ever thought he had a shot at the White House, he
could forget about it, at least for now. Walker is going to be lucky to
keep his job in November in the heat of governor`s race in the Badger

Prosecutors are now on the scene. They alleged Walker himself was at the
center of a criminal scheme to illegally coordinate fund racing and
campaign activity among conservative groups. Now, let`s be clear about
what happened here.

Under Wisconsin Law, third-party political groups, they are allowed to work
together on campaign activity. But they are barred from coordinating that
work with actual candidates. Oh, new documents released of the
investigation don`t look very good for the governor of Wisconsin.

Prosecutors say that Walker was in involved in a wide ranging scheme. The
documents reveal Walker`s campaign tacitly admitted to violating Wisconsin
Law. Prosecutors argued this scheme, pervaded nearly every aspect of the
campaign activities during 2011, and in his recall, of 2012.

Sounds pretty conclusive to me. The smoking gun has to be this e-mail.
Walker sent to Republican Dark-Money King Karl Rove.

On May 4th 2011, Walker e-mailed Rove saying, "Bottom line R-J helps keep
in place a team that widely successful in Wisconsin. We are running 9
recall elections and it will be like 9 congressional markets in every
market in the state."

Now, just look at the comment folks, is that sales job or what? This is
Scott Walker saying, "Come on Karl. Bring some of that money into the
State. Look how we`re organized, look what we`re doing, look what we`re
against, we need the money, you can do it, help us out, here`s how good
we`re going to be".

R.J. Johnson, he`s a top advisor to the Wisconsin Club for growth. The
club for growth is the central player in the alleged criminal activity.
Bottom line for Walker, he is in serious legal trouble.

And I think Walker`s alleged criminal activity had a major impact in the
2012 recall election in which Walker won. Well, look at the numbers. He`s
working over Rove and all these outside groups allegedly illegally.

He out-raced Tom Barrett his challenger 7 to 1 in money. Two-thirds of
Walker`s $30 million to stay governor came from out-of-state. You be the

Scott Walker has not boundaries whatsoever when it comes to unethical
behavior. Earlier today, Walker was in damage control. No better place
than Fox News for a conservative.

He run to the kids in the curvy couch for this hard-hitting in-depth


STEVE DOOCY. "FOX & FRIENDS" HOST: We got to point out. You were never
charged with anything. But at one point .

WALKER: Correct.

DOOCY: . they alleged that you had a central role in a criminal fund-
raising scheme. OK, tell us what you did.

WALKER: Well, don`t just take my word for it, look at the facts. The
facts are pretty clear. You have not one but two judges, a State Judge and
a Federal Judge.

State Judge are well respected, Court of Appeal Judge and a Federal Judge
more recently, have both looked at this argument. And in the past, not
just recently, remember this is not new news it`s just newly released
yesterday .

DOOCY: That`s right.

WALKER: . documents were open. But no charges, case over, both judge
said, they didn`t buy the argument. They didn`t think that anything was
done, that was illegal. And so they`ve gone forward and -- not only said,
"We don`t buy it", but actually shot the case down both at the state and at
the federal level.

So, many of the national media and even some here at Wisconsin are looking
at the State backwards. This is a case that`s been resolve.


SCHULTZ: Oh, he can sell, there`s not doubt about it, very talented when
it comes to spin. Just because two right-wing judges ruled Walker`s in
favor doesn`t mean the case is over. Walker is flat out lying when he says
this case has been resolved. It`s far from resolved. The case is
currently before a Federal Appeals Court.

Walker was also whining about this being a Liberal conspiracy to tarnish
his reputation.


DOOCY: It looks like they`re just trying to trash you.

WALKER: Oh, I think there`s no doubt. This is a prime example of what
happens when you take on the big government special interest. They`re
looking for ways to come at us. They`ll continue to do it.

DOOCY: So, the show is over but they`re trying to trash you. Are they
trying to do to you what they did to Chris Christie in New Jersey?

WALKER: Oh, again, I think there`s no doubt this is one of those, where
the media jumps on this, some of the left spin this. You get detractors
out there trying to claim there`s something more than there is.


SCHULTZ: I`ll tell you what folks. You know what we call that where I come
from? That`s Class D softball. That`s real slow pitch. This is not a
media conspiracy to trash or tarnish Scott Walker.

Walker trashed himself. He`s the one who sent the e-mail. We`re reporting
the facts. Meanwhile the other Republican governor, good comparison here,
who is facing an investigation over illegal activity in handling a
situation, much differently in New Jersey.

After Bridgegate blew up, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came out --
well, I guess, you could say, he paid the piper. I mean he stepped out in
front of the microphones and the cameras and the folks for 90 minutes.
Give a 90 minutes press conference, took a beating, he faced the cameras
and answered for illegal actions of his staff.

Scott Walker, what did he do? Well, he did the opposite. Walker took the
easy route, the easy highway. He run over to Fox News, he did 3 minutes
softball interview with expert analysis, like this.


DOOCY: These are documents that, for a case it does not exit anymore.
It`s not going anywhere, and they`re just opening it up. It looks like
they`re just trying to trash you. We got to point out. You were never
charged with anything.

So, the show is over but they`re tying to trash you.

Scott Walker answering charges, not that there are any charges, just people
tying to trash him.


SCHULTZ: Give me a break, that interview on Fox News has zero credibility.
If Walker had to do a 90 minute, Chris Christie style press conference he
would be simply tossed. Keep in mind, this is all about Citizens united.

This is the floodgates wide open, and then somebody who thinks that they
can circumvent the law. Bottom line is he`s clearly involved. Any fair
minded person can see, that Scoot Walker, he`s mitts are all over this e-
mail and to Karl Rove and we know what that is all about.

He out-raced his opponent. And he did it questionably. No questions about
that. But I remember being outside the State Capital, where over a 100,000
people were protesting in the winner in the spring of 2011. Where are
those people going to be in the next few weeks?

I don`t think there needs to be anymore judgment coming from a prosecutor
or from a court room. It is the arena of public opinion that is going to
get Scott Walker. This man has attacked unions. This man has attacked the
middle class.

He`s attacked public education. He has twisted the truth on Fox News time
and time again. And we`re not far away from a big election in Wisconsin.
Just months away, this is certainly going to tarnish his efforts. Now, it
would be very interesting to follow the money and more e-mails.

Get your cellphones out. I want to what you think. Tonight`s question, do
you think Scott Walker is telling the truth? Test A for Yes, text B for No
to 67622.

You can always go to our blog at We`ll bring in the results
later on in the show.

Let me bring in Wisconsin State Senator John Erpenbach. Senator good to
you have you with us tonight.


SCHULTZ: Today was a pretty bid media day in Wisconsin. I mean Walker
took a beating on headlines across the State. What kind of an impact do
you think this is going to have, and do you think that there`s any doubt
that he was involved in illegal activity?

ERPENBACH: Well, based on what I`ve read so far, no, there isn`t. But you
have to start from the very beginning here Ed.

If an independent group runs a commercial, they have to put and disclaimer
around that says not authorized by any candidate or candidate agent. They
have to do that because collusion as you`re pointing out is illegal in

R.J. Johnson is both an agent of Scott Walker`s campaign and an agent of an
independent expenditure. And just the fact that we saw the governor e-
mailing Karl Rove, as you pointed out. Talking about what was going on
with these groups, puts himself right in the middle of this.

So, there`s not doubt in my mind -- first of all that you are absolutely
correct. The investigation is not over, it`s ongoing. And this
investigation will continue to be ongoing until either charges are brought
and people are indicted or the prosecutor says, "There`s nothing here,
everybody go home".

So, we`ll see what happens with that in the end. But yes, there`s no doubt
in my mind that the Governor is involved. And there`s no doubt in my mind
that the Governor is involved and right in the center of this thing.

SCHULTZ: Well, John he went on Fox News this morning and said that the
case is over. What`s you response to that?

ERPENBACH: It`s not over. It`s not over. You pointed out that the
decision by a Federal Judges being appealed. The decision by a State Judge
is being appealed. And I have never of a judge just telling a prosecutor,
"Stop doing your job".

So the investigation clearly is not over. And again, I can`t stress this
enough. The investigation will not be over until the prosecutor says their
people will be indicted. And -- or people will not be indicted. But in
the meantime the investigation is ongoing.

SCHULTZ: So, what are the Democrats planning to do about this? Just write
it out, support Mary Burke and see where this goes? What about
impeachment? What about the poll of the people, what`s going to happen

ERPENBACH: Well, we`ve talked about this before Ed on your show, that
impeachment isn`t possible at all. First of all the legislators is
controlled by Republicans in both houses. But I think what Democrats are
going to do, and I know what Mary Burke is going to do.

She`s going to continue sticking to what has brought her, basically to a
toss-up situation in this campaign right now. The last poll had it at 46-
46. She`s talking about job creation, giving families opportunities here
in Wisconsin. Scott Walker got some really bad new yesterday, it was sort
of varied. We`re 37th in the nation in job creation. And within the mid-
west, we are in 10th place out of 10 States in jobs creation. So, our
economy is really struggling here in Wisconsin. Scott Walker`s policies
are not working and that`s obvious just based on the numbers that we saw
yesterday. But in the meantime, Mary Burke continues to talk about the
economy and bringing jobs back to Wisconsin .


ERPENBACH: . which is what she should be doing. What we do need .

SCHULTZ: Senator, are you expecting charges to be filed? Or are you
expecting charges to be filed against Walker?

ERPENBACH: Boy, that`s tough question to answer. Based on what I have
read, again collusion is illegal in the State of Wisconsin. He`s campaign
Chief Strategist is also in charge of independent expenditures in the State
of Wisconsin. I don`t know what more you need to define what collusion is.

Again, it can`t be a candidate`s agent or the candidate. Both the agent of
Johnson and the candidate Governor Walker are involved with independent
expenditures. So, again .


ERPENBACH: . and to think, if laws are being broken indictments will be
forth coming.

SCHULTZ: And Senator, I`d like you to characterize what you think of the
e-mail that Scott Walker sent to Karl Rove. I mean to me, it seems like
he`s begging for money. It`s got a sales pitch written all over it. How
would you characterize it?

ERPENBACH: I think you`re right, either that or he`s depending R.J.
Johnson. But obviously Karl Rove has some concerns about what was going on
back then. I don`t know why Karl Rove would have concerns with what`s
going on back then in State Senate Elections that the governor was talking

I can understand why he`d be concerned about the governor`s recall. But I
don`t know. I would love to see the full e-mail. And hopefully someday we
will, and I think it`s incumbent upon the governor to get all of the
information in front of the voters as soon as possible so the can make
their minds off.

Rather, than having this being battled out on in the headlines. I think
voters deserve to know every single thing that the governor was involved
with. And the governor needs to be honest here and upfront here. It might
be old news to the governor because he`s been questioned -- I`m sure, by

But this isn`t old news to the voters of Wisconsin, this is brand new. And
again, this ongoing investigation .


ERPENBACH: . will continue until the door completely closes either with
indictments or no indictments at all.

SCHULTZ: And quickly your thoughts of him going to Fox News on a national
platform instead of holding a press conference in Wisconsin?

ERPENBACH: Well, I`m wondering if the governor`s campaign actually
delivered the questions to Fox News, or Fox News could in turn has the
governor the questions and he knows that answers to. Again, it`s really
frustrating. The governor should go to the people of Wisconsin and
explain, not Fox and Friends.

SCHULTZ: State Senator John Erpenbach of Wisconsin, great to have with us

Let`s turn now to Ring of Fire Radio host and America`s Attorney, Mike
Papantonio. Mike you have seen the documents. Your judgment, is it clear
that prosecutors think that Walker was involved here?

MIKE PAPANTONIO, RING OF FIRE RADIO: These prosecutors have a lot to work
with Ed. I think the important thing is you have a prosecutor who doesn`t
seem to be willing to give up. And I think what the prosecutor is going to
do is simply -- depending on what the appellate court does.

The prosecutor simply changes the way they approach the case. They look
for new witnesses. They come up with new theories to the case. I think
the reason that this -- sometimes this case is hard to follow, it`s because
it sounds convoluted but really isn`t.

It comes down to something very simple. As you pointed out, Wisconsin Club
for Growth brings in millions of dollars. They do it secretly with shell
games. They move that money around on Scott Walker`s behalf.

In comes R.J. Johnson. Johnson says to the 501(c)(4) groups, "Listen,
here`s what I want do with you, I want to coordinate the messaging that you
engage with. I want to coordinate when you deliver the message, how you
deliver the message".

Now, here`s the problem, the 501(c)(4), to get the 501(c)(4) status,
already had to sign an affidavit saying, "We will not engage in political
conduct on behalf of a candidate". Scott Walker obviously is the
candidate, they knew when the signed the affidavit, they were limited on
what they could do legally.

Now, this hasn`t really been all -- this hasn`t been the major part of this
case so far. But the 501(c)(4) is where this starts breaking down. If you
have somebody with a small 501(c)(4) who has coordinated with R.J. Johnson
and they know that they reason for the 501(c)(4) should be limited to
improving social and civic concerns and not being out front for a

They know they`ve done that. At some point, you know what .


PAPANTONIO: . happens Ed? The prosecutors talks to that person and says,
"Do you really want to be part of this thing?" That`s where it starts
breaking down for Scoot Walker.

SCHULTZ: So, you`re a former prosecutor. Do you think they have enough to
file charges?

PAPANTONIO: I think they have it right now. Unfortunately, we have this
Judge Rhonda who by the way is a Republican appointee. Who said the most
incredible thing, this judge said, "You know, what? This might be" --
basically this is where he comes at, "It could be illegal but they have
been so clever in the way they`ve used their loop holes that I`m going to
give him press pass".

Literally that is the way this opinion reads. Understand this prosecutor
is also a Republican. This prosecutor understands that there are smoking
guns everywhere. There`s no question in this prosecutor`s mind that there
are e-mails and memos that he swears to. This prosecutor has to take on
the position that he says, clearly there is a clear crime.

Why this judge has .


PAPANTONIO: . decided to give him a free pass? I don`t know. I can
speculate, but I can tell you, an appellate court looking at these facts
already are going to say, "There`s enough to go ahead". My prediction is,
if Scott Walker is indicted, there going to be some people indicted in

And it might people that don`t live in Wisconsin.

SCHULTZ: All right, Mike Papantonio, good to have you with tonight. I
appreciate your time here on the Ed Show.

Remember to answer tonight question there at the bottom of the screen.

Share your thoughts with us on Twitter@edshow and on Facebook. We always
want to know what you think.

Coming up, the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in same-sex
marriage brings out the best of the worst anti-gay activist.

Our Rapid Response Panel, can`t wait to weight in on this one. But first,
a call for nation-building here at home before we even look abroad.

Trenders is next, stay with us.


SCHULTZ: What`s hot and what`s not, time now for the Trenders. Share your
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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m sorry, are you saying meow?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The number three Trender, lynxed-in

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A stray cat snuck into a zoo and became best friends
with a lynx.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do I look like a cat to you, boy?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A stray cat finds a forever friend at the St.
Petersburg zoo.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The calico cat was homeless and just happen to find
food in the lynx`s enclosure.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The two have apparently been inseparable since.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The zoo adopted the cat and she and lynx could live
happily ever after.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They will hug him, and pet him, and squeeze him.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The number two Trender, on-call.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A video of two Monmouth Beach police officers jamming
out to Paul Simon has gone viral.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A new rendition of the hit song "You can call me out"
started when the police chief`s adult daughter egged (ph) the man.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: New Jersey cops use a Paul Simon send up to prove
they`ll protect and serve.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Residents are enjoying this softer and more humorous
side of their officers.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why am I soft in the middle.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s been fun to seeing people`s response to it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I can call you Betty. And Betty when you call me. You
can call me Al. Call me Al.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And today`s top Trender, nation building.

SEN. HARRY REID, (D) NEVADA: This is an Iraqi civil war and it`s time the
Iraqis to resolve it themselves.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We were in there nine years and we are not going to
go back. We`re not.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: War weary Democrats want a focus on infrastructure,
not Iraq.

REID: It`s not worth the blood of American soldiers, it`s not worth the
money could it cost the American taxpayer.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re going to get the same results again.

REID: Rather than spending hundreds and billions of dollars the war in

SCHULTZ: The Iraq war could end up costing American taxpayers $4 trillion.

REID: How about we use that money to rebuild our nation`s infrastructure?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have bridges, and roads, and education systems that
need to be funded here.

OBAMA: Infrastructure didn`t use to be a partisan.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We should be building the infrastructure of America,
but instead we`re doing all these for nothing.


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Senator,
always a pleasure to have you with us.

I want to focus in on the money if we can because I think the spotlight of
what we did in Iraq and what we could possibly doing in the future is
pretty scary. The amount of money spent in Iraq is estimated to cost each
American household around $35,000 according to Nicholas Kristof of the New
York Times and there are other economists out there who were saying that.
What`s your reaction to that number, Senator, on where we stand right now?

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, (I) VERMONT: Well, when you look at the cost of war -
- I mean, generally people talk about it in the laws of life which has been
tragic, people coming home without arms and legs, tragic. But it is also
important to look what we as a nation are spending, spending $4 trillion on
war in Iraq by the way helping to rebuild Iraq`s infrastructure, when what
we should be doing is investing that money in our bridges, our roads, our
sewer systems, our wastewater plants.

We have a crumbling infrastructure, Ed. The American Society of Civil
Engineers tells us we have to spend over $3 trillion. And if we invest in
America, we become more productive and we create jobs. $1 trillion of
investment in infrastructure, Ed, creates 13 million jobs. And when real
unemployment in America is close to 12 percent, use that unemployment 20
percent. That is exactly what we should be doing.

SCHULTZ: So Senator, with what is happening in Iraq right now and what
potentially could be on the horizon, is this going to help the Democrats
make the case for infrastructure? Do you expect the public to take better
notice of what we need to do base on what we could be doing?

SANDERS: Well, I surely hope so. I think if you go over to the average
American and you say, "Is it more important to build bridges and roads in
Iraq or in the United States of America?" I think most people think we
should invest here.

And I think that highlighting the cost of war, the enormous amounts of
money we spent in Iraq contrasting to that to the needs in America. I
mean, Ed, we have a rail system today that is way, way behind Europe, and
Japan, and even China. We need weatherize millions of homes to cut back on
greenhouse gas emissions and save people money on their fuel bill.

So I think when people understand that the war in Iraq cost $4 trillion,
but if we invested $1 trillion right here in America, we become more
productive, we create 13 million jobs. I think the American people will
say as Harry Reid just did invest in America. Create jobs here.

SCHULTZ: Senator, your response to what the president did yesterday. Are
you OK with it? Do you think that this could spiral out of control? Do
you think that we have gone as far as we can go at this point? Is this it
with Iraq as you see it?

SANDERS: Well, Ed, I voted against the war going into that war. And I --
the one thing that really drives me a little bit nuts is that people are
still listening to the Dick Cheney`s and the others who got us into this
disastrous situation in the first place by not telling the truth and the
reality of what was going on in Iraq.

To my mind clearly, this is not just an American issue. It is a crisis
which the international community has got to deal with which the region
Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran have got to be working with the international
community to stop terrorists from taking over Iraq. But I am adamantly
opposed to sending ground troops into Iraq and to get back into that war
that we got out of.

I do support the President protecting the embassy. I think some troops
giving training to the Iraqi army is OK. But I will adamantly oppose the
United States getting involved in a ground war in Iraq again.

SCHULTZ: Senator Bernie Sanders with us tonight here on the Ed Show.
Senator, always a pleasure, good to have you with us. I appreciate your
time. Thank you so much.

Coming up, some major bright spot to the world of energy. Don`t let the
oil speculator scary you folks. We`ll explain to the Punch Out what really
is happening and could happen.

Plus, it`s been a one year anniversary of the Supreme Court`s ruling in
favor of gay marriage. Coming up, a very special tribute starring Mike
Huckabee and Rick Perry.

But next, I`m taking your questions Ask Ed Live, just ahead on the Ed Show
on MSNBC. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. We love hearing from our viewers.
Our first question in our Ask Ed segment tonight from Lenora. She wants to
know, "Do you agree with the President`s policy for Iraq?" Yes, I do, 100

I think the President was very clear yesterday on where he stands. In
fact, I agree with the President on Libya, on Syria, on Egypt and on the
Ukraine. When this President was elected, international intervention was
going to change.

The Bush structure history, OK? His number one concern and he said this
yesterday on his press conference is American lives. In injecting out
troops back into Iraq does not make us any safe here at home.

I believe that these counter-terrorism measures have been excellent. We
have been safe under President Obama and I have confidence that we will
continue to be safe. Although remember, it`s hard work and it needs to
resourced. But I do agree with the President on what he`s doing with Iraq.
Hands down 100 percent.

Our next question is from Jose on Twitter. "Where can I find your podcast
Ed? Missing the radio show." Actually, the podcast is a lot like the
radio show. You can find it on my website You can find it
on Raw Story and you can find it on Ring of Fire Radio and this will grow.

This gives me the flexibility to do other things. For instance, I will be
in Virginia, Minnesota early Monday morning doing a story on trade
agreements and American jobs and I`m not going to be tied down to doing a
radio show for three hours. We`ll be able to do more things. The podcast
is there, noon Eastern, Monday through Friday. It`s available to you free

It`s still Ed audio with interviews and all that kinds of good stuff just
like a talk show, except it`s on my schedule.

Stick around, Rapid Response Panel is next. We`re coming right back.

Market Wrap. The Dow climbing 26 points to extend its longest winning
streak of the year. The S&P gaining 3 points. The NASDAQ finishing 8
points higher.

Starbucks shares slip after it said it will be hiking some of its prices
due to the soaring cost of green coffee beans. But the used car dealership
CarMax jumped 16 percent on strong first quarter earnings growth that will
easily be Wall Street estimates.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.



PERRY: You know, I got asked about an issue and instead of saying, "You
know what? We need to be a really respectful and tolerant country to
everybody. And get back to talking about the -- whether you`re gay or
straight, you need to be having a job." And those are the focuses that I
want to be involved with instead of getting which I did and I`ve really
admit it, I`ve step right in it.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Texas Governor Rick Perry admits,
well he step in it when he recently compared homosexuality to alcoholism.

The problem is the failed Republican presidential candidate didn`t
apologize for the ignorant comment. Perry just emphasized the need for the
GOP to steer clear of the more divisive social issues.

It looks like some of his fellow Republicans, well they didn`t get the
memo. All you need to do is listen to the rhetoric from yesterday`s march
for marriage, sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage or the
road to majority conference, sponsored by the Faith and Freedom


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We stand for the truth about marriage. And we know
that someday whether its 1 year, 10 years, 20 years or decades from now,
people will look back at this time. And remember those of us who stood for
the truth.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The President and the Congress are not required to
define Natural Law. They are not required to redefine marriage.

There was no doubt in my mind that this country would not exist, had it not
been for the providential hand of God. And I am also convinced that if we
reject his hand of blessing, we will feel his hand of judgment.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He`s repelled don`t ask, don`t tell for homosexuals and
replaced it with don`t ask, don`t tell for Christians.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is about time that we stop being politically correct
and we become biblically correct.


SCHULTZ: Joining us tonight on our Rapid Response Panel, Political
Commentator John Fugelsang also Sarah Slamen, Field Director for the Fort
Bend County Democratic Party in Texas. Great to have both of you with us.

Well, I guess I`ll just ask the basic question here from what I`m hearing,
what is the truth about marriage, John? What is the truth that we`re not
seeing here?

tell you, I really wish the media would stop calling these people
Christians because they are not. They are ChINOs, Christians -in-name-
only. Some ChINOs are white, some are brown, most race are (ph) beige many
are wrinkled and quite of few are irregular.

The fact is gay people are a lot like Mexican people and Muslim people. If
God didn`t like them, he`s stop creating so damn many.

I`ve been through all seven of the bible versus these guys use to justify
their bigotry and not of them have anything to do with consensual same sex
relations between adults. So if you`re a Christian-American who
discriminates against anybody, you pretty much failed at being Christian
and American.

SCHULTZ: Sarah, what`s your response to this, this hard Right-wing
religious connection that the GOP just can`t get away from? And looking at
the demographics of it all, who were they winning over?

SARAH SLAMEN, FT. BEND DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Hi Ed, it`s good to see you back.
I think like I`ve said before, it`s just a typical dividing and conquer
strategy and to kind of get their small isolated very Caucasian, very
elderly, you know, voting population to look at a minority and focus their
hatred on those people. And I just want to say in regards to Governor
Perry`s comments, you know, as a Texan, he does not speak for the rest of
us. He may lead the same Republican party which believes in reparative
therapy but I`m here to tell you, if you`re a gay Texan, gender not
confirming Texan, God loves you and the hell with the bigots.

FUGELSANG: Right on.

SCHULTZ: I want to take a listen to the something that Rick Santorum said.
Here it is. We`ll get your reaction.


RICK SANTORUM: Marriage is an institution that helps our country. You
want to limited government. You want more married people and stable
families in America.


SCHULTZ: What about that John?

FUGELSANG: Well I don`t want to get some frothy talking about Governor
Santorum and we all have to admire a homophobe who likes to wear a pastel
colored sweater vest. Look, the fact is what these guys are doing -- it`s
pathetic what they`re doing. They`re on the wrong side of history. They
know their numbers are dwindling and there`s reason to be patriotic any
time you want. The fact that Americans have grown so great and moral
decency at the most despised minority group in human history has gone from
having the hide in the shadows within 30 years to being able to be openly
gay, married and they wanted in a country based on freedom and based on

What these guys are doing is (inaudible). They are trying to suck the last
nickels out of a dwindling bigot demographic. And it`s not just
Republicans Ed, one of the big guys behind this event was a New York state
Democratic Senator name Ruben Diaz, who bussed loads of conservative and
mostly Spanish speaking and evangelical folks down to D.C. with the promise
of a free bus trip to see the city sites. They didn`t even realize they
are being sense here to pump up the numbers. This thing at this point.


FUGELSANG: . it`s like watching a foreigner concert in 2014. It`s just
sad. It`s like mostly of the original guys are gone. Its second stringers
playing decades, all greatest hits to crowd of old people checking their
watch. It`s very pathetic.

SCHULTZ: Right. It seems like they`re embracing discrimination. It seems
like they want to be the party of discrimination and they certainly don`t
want to be adhered to the separation of church and states. Sarah what
about that?

SLAMEN: You know, two weeks ago at the Texas Republican party convention
in a really stunning hateful move, they absolutely denied entry to their
Log Cabin Republicans. In my party, the Texas Democratic Party whose
convention starts in Dallas next Wednesday, we`ve extended the invitation
to the Log Cabin Republicans. We believe that if you wanted to convene and
say your point of view, you should have a right to do so. Well and so
we`ve extend to that invitation.

Moves like this, you know, Governor Perry talking at a one side of his
mouth stepping in it but having a Party that advocates for a gay cure
therapy and outright excluding and discriminating people against the door,
that speak so much louder. You know, the fact the Texas state wide doesn`t
have discrimination (inaudible) that we have to fight for it, city by city.
That speaks so much louder. Just like, you know, Mr. Fugelsang said, this
is a divide and conquer tactic working on a smaller and smaller slice of
the population. And the only thing that Mr. Perry got right is that we do
care about jobs. And all of this young people who are sitting here
stagnating in the job market, we`re looking out our watches. We`re tired
of this dividing and conquer and stuff. We`re ready to hear about jobs.

And unfortunately as you`ve noted, all across the country there are social
leaders, there are movement leaders, there are political leaders, they have
nothing to offer us but the hatred.

SCHULTZ: All right. Sarah Slamen, John Fugelsang, great to have you with
us tonight. Thanks so much for joining us.

Coming up, from going Solar to the North Dakota Oil boom. The way we power
our lives, is it really going to change? We`ll talk about some big
developments on the energy front this week. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse joins
me. Stay with us, we are right back.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight dead air, Joe Walsh. Joe Walsh, you
know, the guy that was booted from congress. His now been booted from the
air waves, at least yesterday he was. The one term wonder from Illinois
tested the obscenity meter this week. Walsh drop several slurs on his low
rated radio show, in defensive the Washington Redskin offensive name.
After saying the N word on the air, Joe Walsh tweeted his down fall saying,
"The Station keeps cutting me off, I don`t why?" The Tea Partier explained
he`d be yank from the show until further notice. Joe Walsh has made a
career out of racially charge rhetoric.


REP. JOE WALSH, R-ILLINOIS: I know Cliven Bundy, my Nevada rancher, my
patriot. You`re not racist for saying what you said. Don`t back down for
asking the question you ask.

When the left runs out of arguments and can no longer defend a position,
they will often throw out the race cart. And this administration has done
it, this President has done it.

He`s our first African-American President. The country voted for him
because of that. It made us feel good about himself.

What is racist is what Democrats and Liberals have done to black American
today, foreseen them to be dependent upon government.


SCHULTZ: Well, he use the N word on the Internet, it didn`t work. The
former congressman can keep talking but nobody is listening, not even if
they wanted too. If Joe Walsh thinks his a professional broadcaster, he
can keep on pretending.


SCHUTLZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. This is the story for the folks who
take a show after work. Been quite a week in energy. Escalating tension
in Iraq is putting energy in focus, no doubt. Oil prices surge to the
highest level of the year Thursday. After President Obama said that he
will deploy up to 300 military advisors to the country.


OBAMA: I think we always have to guard against mission crew (ph). So, let
me repeat what I`ve said in the past, "American combat troops are not going
to be fighting in Iraq again."


SCHULTZ: Investors or concern Iraqi oil production could be affected if
militants move the conflict to Southern Iraq. Meanwhile, positive movement
in the alternative energy took the spotlight in Germany. Germany produced
a record 50 percent of its electricity needs through solar panels for full
day on June 9th earlier this month. In start contrast solar power makes up
only 2.2 percent of total energy production in the United States. The U.S.
is falling far behind on alternative energy.

However we`re still pump in that oil. North Dakota joined the big leagues
of the crude oil production this week. The state now produces one million
barrels of oil per day, second only to the state of Texas. In South
Dakota, the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline could be delayed again. The
permit TransCanada that needs to build in the state expires one week. That
would be on June 29. The application process will open the door for
another public comment period and could lead to another hearing. This is a
good thing. Land donors and Native Americans should keep speaking up
against that pipeline.

We still don`t know when the President or the administration is going to be
making a decision on this but the permits have to in place and of course
the legal battle continues in Nebraska. Senator Shelton Whitehouse joins
us tonight here on the ED Show.

Senator, good to have you with us. I`d like to focus in first on Germany.
How can they have it so right and proved to the world how it can be done
and yet we have it so wrong when it comes to alternative energy. What do
you think?

SEN. SHELDON WHITEHOUSE, (D) RHODE ISLAND: Well, I think the difference is
that in Germany they are pulling together and in the United States we have
big polluters and big coal and oil interest and big utilities who are
trying to knock down the effort to move toward solar and wind, another
renewable forms of powers. So it`s a different political environment and
it sure does play out in the difference you`ve described. Germany shows
what we`re capable of though, if we`d simple got ourselves organized.

SCHULTZ: Polarity -- popularity should I say of the solar panels on roof
tops in Germany has really changed things and of course they do subsidies.
Do you think we should go down that road here in the United States to make
it a successful campaign because that would of course unties a lot of

WHITEHOUSE: Yes. I think we should -- I think there`re actually a lot of
areas where installed solar is competitive with grid power at the plug but
you don`t get support from the local utilities in many cases for net
metering so do your flow back to the grid credits you and they can make it
very difficult with the installation. So if you have an electric utility
that sort of fighting back against you, then you got a real problem on your

I just drove down the Atlantic Coast from North Carolina, South Carolina,
Georgia, North Florida and go down those coastal highways and we see those
relatively flat roofed houses out there baking in the sun and you don`t see
a solar panel of miles. And you`re a lot better off with solar in South
Carolina than you are with solar in Georgia.

SCHULTZ: Senator, earlier this week there was a senate hearing to examine
climate change. Are the Republicans finally starting to at least listen to

WHITEHOUSE: Yes. I think they are. I don`t think the Republican response
in my hearing in the environment of public works committee was
representative of where are the Republican caucus is on this. They send
their biggest deniers and the biggest opponents of a renewable power and of
doing something about climate change to that Environment Public Works
Committee. But I would have - they`re probably close to a dozen senators
who have in the past or are willing to do something about climate change.

I think it`s just the question of getting them the political space to move.
And if there`s one kind of key point that I think people should take away
from this, is that we lost all those Republican senators who are willing to
work on climate change when Citizens United was decided. When Citizens
United was decided, all that lose money that float in the politics, a lot
of it went to work, carpet bombing and battering people in Republican

I`ve had Republican colleague say to me, "Shelton, why are you complaining
about these guys. They`ve clobbered me worst." And that has really
shutdown what should`ve been a good bipartisan discussion. Don`t believe
that Citizens United added to speech, it has shut it down with a lot of
bullying and political intimidation.

SCHULTZ: All right. Sen. Shelton Whitehouse great to have you with us on
this subject tonight on the ED Show. We`ll have you back talking more
about it. It is going to be the issue in the next few years, no doubt.

That`s the ED Show. I`m Ed Schultz. Politics Nation with Reverend Al
Sharpton starts right now.


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