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PoliticsNation, Thursday, June 26th, 2014

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June 26, 2014

REVEREND AL SHARPTON, MSNBC ANCHOR: Good evening, Ed. And thanks to you
for tuning in.

Tonight`s lead the GOP`s lawsuit backfires. Today, the absurd plan to sue
the President is already taking a toll on Republicans.

We learned Speaker Boehner`s announcement sent donations to Democrats
skyrocketing. The Democratic campaign for Congress, the congressional
campaign committee, to be exact, raised $584,000. That`s the most it`s
raised in a single day this year.

And today, Democratic lawmakers made clear they are not worried about this
lawsuit. Going right after speaker Boehner saying his lawsuit won`t stop
action on immigration.


SEN. CHARLES SCHUMER (D), NEW YORK: He`s like shooting his parents and
throwing himself on the mercy of the court as an orphan. Pass a bill and
that won`t happen. If, if, if they don`t bring a bill to the floor, the
President has no choice on a humanitarian basis and a policy basis to act
where he can on his own.


SHARPTON: This lawsuit is the latest laughable attempt for party leaders
to appease a far right friend. That`s never expected this President as
legitimate from the beginning. It started at tea party rallies with signs
calling the President a soviet-style dictator. Then the right wing media
ran with it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m warning you, America. This is the sign of a

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: My next guest has decided to stand up to
king Obama.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Executive order one after the other. Watching a
dictatorship emerge in front of their eyes.

RUSH LIMBAUGH, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Knowing who he is. Knowing the kind
of authoritarian quasi dictator mentality he has.


SHARPTON: Classy stuff. But over time, this language went from right
wings on the radio to right wingers in Congress.


SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R), FLORIDA: He`s become a monarch or emperor that can
basically ignore the law and do what he wants.

SEN. RAND PAUL (R), KENTUCKY: The President seems to think that he is a

SEN. TED CRUZ (R), TEXAS: President Obama doesn`t want to be bothered with
the niceties of democracy in our constitutional system. He just wants to
decree it.

REP. MICHELE BACHMANN (R), MINNESOTA: He said let`s make this a year of
action and declared himself king Obama.


SHARPTON: King Obama. He`s a monarch, a dictator. This is the trend on
the right. And now, speaker Boehner is on board, writing in a memo about
this lawsuit, quote, "we elected a President. We didn`t elect a monarch or
a king."

It could be straight from the 2010 tea party rally. But now, it`s coming
from the highest ranking Republican in the country. This lawsuit isn`t
working for the GOP. And watch out. Pretty soon they might be suing
themselves for damages to the party.

Joining me now are Karen Finney and Krystal Ball. Thank you both for being



SHARPTON: Karen, it didn`t take long for this lawsuit to backfire on the
GOP, did it?

FINNEY: No. It really did. And I mean, in addition to the Democratic
fund raising, I mean, I actually think that Democrats, we should say bring
it on. If you want to bring on the lawsuit and this talk of impeachment,
let`s do it. Let`s have that fight and let`s have that argument. We want
to argue about the fact that the President is trying to raise the minimum
wage and trying to make sure women have equal pay and trying to do
something about climate change. That`s the fight I think we actually want
to have. And I think that republicans -- look, this may help them with
their base. But even -- as you pointed out, it even kind of backfired on
them on FOX yesterday.

SHARPTON: No, it really did. And you know, Krystal, today speaker
Boehner, he sent out a tweet. I mean, it was almost comical. I mean, the
quote was, "Americans deserve better which is why House GOP remains focused
on their priorities. # jobs & the economy."

I mean, I guess he had to tweet it because he couldn`t say it with a
straight face today.

BALL: Well, I`m glad they are focused on it. I wish they would actually
do something about it already. I mean, this is a man who is in charge of
the house. This is the man John Boehner who could, himself, bring
immigration reform to the house floor and vote on it and it would pass

But since he doesn`t have the courage to do that, he`s found ways to try to
blame the President. And this latest way of doing that is by saying well,
we can`t trust the President to be able to implement laws. He`s a
dictator. He is a monarch. He is a lawless. We can`t trust him. It`s
really a crutch and an excuse for the GOP`s own inaction.

What`s ironic here is it`s that very inaction and obstruction that`s forced
the President`s hand to do what he can through his executive powers.

SHARPTON: And then you have in the Senate, Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz keeping up
these ugly attacks, going after attorney general Eric Holder and the IRS.
Listen to this, Karen.


CRUZ: If attorney general Eric Holder continues to refuse to appoint a
special prosecutor, he should be impeached. When an attorney general
corrupts the department of justice by conducting a nakedly partisan
investigation to cover up political wrongdoing, that conduct by any
reasonable measure constitutes high crimes and misdemeanors.


SHARPTON: I mean --

FINNEY: Ted Cruz has jumped shark with this. Come on. Let`s be serious.
I mean, look. I just want to make one point because this goes to what
Krystal was talking about. I think there is two parts to this, right?

We shouldn`t forget that one part of this is whole strategy is all about
undermining the legitimacy of the Obama presidency and whatever cabinet
member they can use to do that to attack the president, that`s part of
going after Holder, that was part of going after Sebelius. So I think --
let`s remember that part of this is truly about attacking this President
and his legitimacy.

Number two, I mean, you know, what Ted Cruz is not reminding the American
people is let`s talk about the last time Republicans had tried to, you
know, impeached the President. And after a $70 to $80 million expenditure
of an investigation that then led to impeachment of the President and I
seem to remember that President`s numbers went skyrocketing because it
pointed out to the American people that Republicans are too often willing
to go too far, they get too drunk on power. And in this case, I think
certainly, you try to impeach or you try to sue. And as Krystal pointed
out, what it points out is what`s not getting done in Congress.

SHARPTON: But there is one big difference, is at least there was an

FINNEY: Right.

SHARPTON: At least there was something to try and make impeachable. In
this regard, they don`t have an allegation, Krystal. This is all
imaginary. Just reaching in thin air. And if they ask -- I will give you
the best example. They raised the question to speaker Boehner, what is the
specific of your lawsuit? Let me -- let the speaker speak for himself.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Speaker Boehner, what specific executive
action or actions are you planning to challenge in court?

REP. JOHN BOEHNER (R-OH), SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: When I make that decision,
I will let you know.


SHARPTON: I mean, doesn`t that say it all? You are threatening a lawsuit
with the President of the United States saying his executive actions
undermines the Congress. And when a reporter says what specific executive
actions are you using in the lawsuit he says, when I make that decision,
I`ll let you know. How can you take them seriously?

BALL: That`s unreal. He doesn`t have are a single specific example. It
just shows you how nakedly political this is. And I think look, John
Boehner, he just watched Eric Cantor get, you know, get defeated in a big
way in a primary, totally unexpectedly. He`s looking at the situation. He
is saying, I have to keep the Republican party together. I have to keep my
hold on power. Going against the President, calling sort of elusively or
sort of alluding to the fact that he`s lawless or may deserve to be
impeached. That`s a winner with the base. That`s something I can do to
get folks behind me.

So, it`s just nakedly political way to try to keep his party together when
the only thing they can agree on is opposition to the President.

SHARPTON: But the other thing that it does and this is why I wanted to
lead with this tonight, the other thing this does, Karen, as I said when I
opened, a year ago today the Senate passed immigration.


SHARPTON: A year later they have done everything in the house but deal
with the immigration issue and other issues. People are suffering while
they are playing these games, while they are engaging in all kinds of
distraction and political theater.

FINNEY: Well, that`s exactly right, reverend. And that is why I said at
the beginning I think Democrats should welcome this fight. If the
Republicans really want to have this fight let`s have this fight. But then
let`s make sure that we are aggressively, proactively making the exact case
and the exact point you just made.

I would like to see every Republican house member and particularly members
of the Senate where I actually think this strategy could backfire on
senators who actually have to bring in some moderate Republicans who are
going to think this is whole thing is ridiculous.

But let`s have that fight and let the Republicans defend why they are
spending time and taxpayer dollars on a lawsuit while people are suffering
as you point out. While unemployment extension isn`t getting done. While
immigration reform isn`t getting done.

SHARPTON: Veteran who defended this country can`t even get unemployment
insurance extended. We can`t sit by and allow them to just keep
distracting us.

Krystal Ball and Karen Finney, thank you both for your time tonight.

BALL: Thank you, Rev.

SHARPTON: Be sure to watch Krystal on "the Cycle" weekdays at 3:00 p.m.
eastern at MSNBC.

Coming up, while Republicans fantasize about lawsuits and scandals,
President Obama is talking about what really matters to the American people
-- jobs.

Also, a stunning moment on national TV. A father told his missing son has
been found.


NANCY GRACE, HLN ANCHOR: We are getting reports that your son has been
found in your basement. Sir? Are you --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I thought my son was dead.


SHARPTON: Tonight new questions about the case. It`s part of the justice

And my interview with the man who made the freedom summer happens.
Legendary civil rights icon Bob Moses is here to talk about how far we have
come and the work still to be done.


SHARPTON: The bear is loose and going outside the beltway. Today
President Obama hit the road to talk about real issues, not phony scandals.
That`s next.


SHARPTON: Sometimes it seems that all we see out of Washington is
gridlock. Republicans refusing to work with the President and ignoring
issues that would help working people.

But today, President Obama got out of D.C., held a town hall in Minnesota
and said he`s fighting for the issues that could change real people`s


You`ve got a party on the other side whose only rationale, motivation seems
to be opposing me. But despite that, we are making progress.


Despite all that, we can make life a little better for American families
who are doing their best, working hard, meeting their responsibilities.


SHARPTON: Minimum wage, equal pay. This is what the President is focused
on. To help level the playing field for working Americans. But he says it
isn`t easy.


OBAMA: Increasing the minimum wage which would benefit millions of people
all across the country.


We talked about equal pay for equal work. I want my daughters getting paid
the same as men do. All of these things are achievable. But we`ve got to
make Washington work for you.


SHARPTON: He`s bashing Republicans in Washington. The President wants to
get things done. And what are they doing? They are franking each other in
the house. I`m not kidding. Take a look at this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Obviously those are all races we`ll be watching here
as we move forward. What do you make of the latest wrinkle in the e-mail
that`s surfaced from Lois Lerner?


SHARPTON: Yes. John Boehner is keeping House Republicans so busy, they
can find time to photo-bomb each other in the halls of Congress. But while
they are goofing around, it`s the American people who are really getting

Joining me now, Goldie Taylor and Ryan Grim. Thank you both for joining

Thank you, Reverend.


SHARPTON: Ryan, how effective is getting outside of Washington to fight
for middle class families?

GRIM: Well, I mean, it`s not any less effective than staying in

SHARPTON: But is it more effective?

GRIM: I think it is in this sense. You know, the only thing he can do at
this point with Republicans, with a firm hold on the House is to change the
conversation nationally. And he is driving the conversation toward issues
like the minimum wage. And then you see two things happen. You see towns,
cities, and states start passing their own laws, raising the minimum wage.
And you also see companies that recognize that they need to do something
because there is a public pressure to do it. And you just saw IKEA come
out and in some places their minimum wage will be $13 something an hour
which is real progress.


Now, you know Republicans are suing, Goldie, they are suing the President
over executive action. But he said it`s one of the best tools that he has
to fight inaction. Listen to this.


OBAMA: We are not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to
make sure that we are providing Americans the kind of help that they need.
Wherever I can act on my own without Congress by using my pen to take
executive actions or picking up the phone and rallying folks around a
common cause that`s what I will do.

America doesn`t stand still and neither will I. So, wherever and whenever
I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunities for more
American families, that`s what I`m going to do.



SHARPTON: On things like the minimum wage and other things, is this very
important, the actions that he`s taking here, Goldie?

TAYLOR: I think it`s critically important. I think, as Ryan said, it is
about changing the conversation and changing the narrative. Listen, the
President is, you know, like running the company. He is taking his fight
to the actual shareholders to the American people who own the government,
who all have a stake in it.

And so, he`s taking the fight home to us. you know, while Republicans are
back in Congress doing no work, I mean, they may as well be out naked skeet
shooting for the paycheck that we are giving them. You know, they are not,
you know, passing comprehensive immigration reform. They stalled on the
American jobs act. I mean, any piece of legislation meant to turn to this
country around and move it together in a progressive direction, they
stalled on every bit f it. Even when this President came hat in hand to
negotiate. And so, they have proven themselves insatiable. They are an
itch that just can`t be scratched.

SHARPTON: You know, Ryan, NBC News first reported this morning that
Republicans really aren`t doing anything for the rest of the year. The
quote, "mark yesterday, June 25, on your calendars. It was the day
Congress all but closed up shop to focus on the midterms. For now house
Republicans have signaled they are done working with the White House and

Now, because of congressional inaction, unemployment benefits have been cut
off for 3.1 million workers. I mean, the Republicans just want to pretend
these people don`t exist, Ryan? How do you do this?

GRIM: Right. And announcing that that`s it for now kind of implies that
they were doing any work to begin with which, as a stat you laid out makes
clear. They weren`t.

You know, millions of people just suffering day after day. And going
constantly going to the internet, searching unemployment extension,
unemployment bill, trying to find out, you know, if the check will come
through. The one they have been telling the landlord will come through as
soon as the house gets around to it and to just never do it. To not even
take a vote is unconscionable.

And then for them to sue the President for actually doing something is that
much stranger because if Congress actually wants to stop the President from
doing whatever they don`t like, they have a means that at their disposal.
They can pass legislation. That`s what they are empowered to do. And for
them to start filing frivolous lawsuits instead of dealing with the
unemployment crisis is just bizarre.

SHARPTON: I mean, pass legislation? That`s a novel idea. Where did you
get that idea from?

I mean, at least President Obama is trying. People are sitting around
unemployed, getting up every day, trying to find work they can`t find. And
these people can`t convene to even deal with basic things. Goldie, it`s an

And for people to be sitting around like, it`s just another day in the
park. They didn`t do work today, they are ruining American citizens`
lives, Goldie.

TAYLOR: You know, I think that we ought to be really focus and I mean
keenly and singly focus on creating jobs in this country, creating jobs at
meaningful wages, and meaningful work, you know, so that people can back to
the workforce and produce for their families. That`s what will keep this
economy moving along.

But instead, you know, we are focused on pulling away the safety net. We
should have extended unemployment benefits at the first of this year. But
Republicans just could not bring themselves, you know, to put that extra
money into the pockets of America. So, we are going to spend it right away
on the light bill, on gas, on groceries.


SHARPTON: What I`m trying to say is why is everyone just going along like
this is acceptable and like we are not in the midst of a situation are
where people really need their Congress working?

You mentioned IKEA, Ryan. Let me go back to that. IKEA became the latest
company to raise its minimum wage. The company is raising its average
hourly wage to $10.76. It will affect half of its employees.

Meanwhile, GAP which raised its minimum wage to $10 an hour has seen
applications up 10 percent. So raising the minimum wage makes good sense
for these that are in business.

I mean, when you have private business showing more action and more
compassion than the elected representatives we send to Washington, that`s
not a good thing to me.

GRIM: No. I think here is all you need to know about that.

You know, Republicans in Oklahoma passed a law. Republicans who believe in
local control, they passed the law saying that no towns throughout Oklahoma
could raise the minimum wage on their own. In other words, they had to
stick with what Republicans in Oklahoma City decided what`s best for the
rest of the states.

So, you know, when it suits them local control as part of the ideology.
But when it comes to the minimum wage, it is not. And you even started to
see some Republicans some forward and say, there actually shouldn`t be a
minimum wage.

You know, we are going back to like 1880s, 1890s stuff, you know, 6-years-
old? Sure. You know, get in the factory. No minimum wage. That`s their
definition of freedom. It is your liberty to go contract with these people
for, you know, whatever amount.

SHARPTON: Well, we got to deal with it. I`m going to have to leave it

Goldie Taylor and Ryan Grim, (INAUDIBLE), but I really am. Thank you both
for your time tonight.

GRIM: Thank you, Reverend.

TAYLOR: Thank you, Rev.

SHARPTON: Coming up, President Obama, like we have rarely seen him. He`s
mocking Republican climate change deniers. And you will want to see this.

And a 12-year-old boy found alive in his basement after disappearing 11
days ago. Watch his father find out on live television.


GRACE: We are getting reports that your son has been found alive -- in
your basement.



SHARPTON: New questions emerging. You be the judge, ahead.


SHARPTON: The Republican cluelessness on climate change has gotten so bad
there is nothing to do but laugh at them. And last night, that`s exactly
what President Obama did.


OBAMA: When you talk to folks, they may not know how big a problem. They
may not know exactly how it works. They may, you know, doubt that we can
do something about it. But generally they don`t just say, no, I don`t
believe anything scientists say. Except -- where? In Congress! In


SHARPTON: He`s not kidding. Republicans in Congress really don`t believe
what scientists say. Just listen to them.


BOEHNER: I`m not qualified to debate the science over climate change.

wasn`t just a few years ago. What was the problem that existed? It wasn`t
global warming. We were going all be ice cubes. We are not ice cubes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is hoax. There is no scientific consensus.

RUBIO: Here`s what we need to introduce as policy makers, because that`s
what the President is, he is not a meteorologist.


SHARPTON: GOP lawmakers who deny global warming are officially turning
into a joke and last night President Obama delivered the punch line.


OBAMA: Folks will tell you climate change is a hoax, or a pad, or a plot.
It`s a liberal plot. They duck the question. Hey, I`m not a scientist.
Which really are translates into, I accept the man made climate change is
real but, if I say so out loud, I will be run out of town by a bunch of
fringe elements that think climate science is a liberal plot, so I`m going
to just pretend like I don`t know. I can`t read.


I`m not a doctor either. But if a bunch of doctors tell me that tobacco
can cause lung cancer, then I say, OK. Right?


It`s not that hard.


SHARPTON: Exactly. It`s not that hard. Ninety seven percent of
scientists agree climate change is likely due to human activity. And last
month was the hottest month of May ever recorded. Did Republicans in
Congress really think we`d let them get away with their climate denials
stick? Nice try. But we`re still laughing because President Obama got


SHARPTON: We`re back with tonight`s Justice Files. Joining me now,
criminal defense Attorney Michelle Suskauer and former prosecutor and MSNBC
legal analyst Faith Jenkins. Thank you both for being here.


SHARPTON: First up, the case of a father who learned his missing son have
been found on national television. Twelve year old Charlie Bothuell had
been missing for 11 days. Police had searched everywhere including his
home. His father went on TV to talk about it, and this happened.


NANCY GRACE, ANCHOR, HEADLINE NEWS: We`re getting reports that your son
has been found in your basement, sir? Mr. Bothuell, are you?


GRACE: Yes, we are getting reports that your son has been found alive in
your basement.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: We`ve just basically confirmed that yes, the boy had
been found alive in the father`s basement and we`re just getting reports
right now --


SHARPTON: The basement had been searched previously. And police don`t
believe the boy had been there all along. After hearing the news, the
father broke down as he was questioned by reporters.


SHARPTON: Police say the boy is now with his biological mother. Faith,
have you ever seen something like this on TV? A father told his missing
child has been found?

JENKINS: No. And it was stunning to watch. Now everyone is going back to
look at his reaction to see if they can glean anything from it given the
circumstances of how and when the child was found. When Nancy first
revealed to him that his son had been found, she didn`t say if he was dead
or alive.

SHARPTON: Right. She didn`t.

JENKINS: And the second time when she said, your son has been found alive.
But when you look at the circumstances of when and where his son was found,
the police had already been in the home and searched three times. They
didn`t find any signs of his son being there. But we know two things, we
know there is a 12-year-old who is now alive who was missing for 12 days.
And there`s one person who knows exactly what`s being going on during that
time period. And that is that 12-year-old. So, you can imagine the
investigators and the police are going to interview him and use experts to
try to talk to him to find out what exactly happened.

SHARPTON: Well, Michelle, what could have happened here? I mean, I guess
a million different scenarios. But what do you think they are going to be
looking for? The police in investigating what did and didn`t happen here?

MICHELLE SUSKAUER, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: I think it will be very important.
Exactly what faith said, to interview this child and make sure that you are
using some psychologists, some child psychologists with that interview to
make sure that you are not going to traumatize him anymore. Because again,
we don`t know what happened. We don`t know where he was. In terms of the
father`s reaction, or lack of reaction, or strange reaction, everyone
reacts differently. And for anybody to jump to conclusions based on the
father`s reaction I think is wrong. Because, again, he`s re-interviewed,
he`s going to be re-interviewed. But clearly, clearly, that child was not
there during the time that that basement was searched four times. No way.

SHARPTON: Yes. What is the normal reaction to fighting out your son
that`s been missing 11 days has now found? I don`t know what normal is.

JENKINS: There isn`t one. And usually when news like this has been
revealed, generally when a child is missing for that many days sometime the
news is not good.


JENKINS: But in these circumstances the news was good. And when this news
is revealed to a parent they usually aren`t on national television with
millions of people are watching and scrutinizing. In this case, when you
look at the circumstances -- and I agree with Michelle -- I don`t think the
kid was in the basement for 12 days. There was fresh food --

SHARPTON: Well, they said, yes, there was fresh food.

JENKINS: Fresh food. There were the circumstances of the way he was sort
of barricaded inside. There are a lot of really smart, capable 12-year-
olds. But is this kid such a genius that for 12 day, he can evade the
police, the FBI, set up this scenario, have food down there and do this all
on his own? I think there was probably an adult involved somewhere along
the line.

SHARPTON: Well, we are sure going to follow in this.

Let`s go to our next story. A police raid gone horribly wrong in Georgia.
During a drug raid last month, police accidentally tossed a flash bang
grenade into the crib of a 19 month old toddler nicknamed boo-boo. He was
badly burned. And was put into a coma.


ALECIA PHONESAVANH, TODDLER`S MOTHER: He`s such a happy little boy. And
to see him like this -- they`re not moving -- it`s heart breaking, you
know? We just want to hold him and we can`t.


SHARPTON: The baby just got out of the coma. But his parents are worried
about brain injury. The raid produced no drugs, no weapons, no cash or not
even the suspected dealer. It was a so-called no-knock raid meaning the
police barged in without a warning, armed with military-style assault
weapons. It`s becoming more and more common. Michelle, don`t these kinds
of raids increase the odds of a horrible mistake like we saw with this baby

SUSKAUER: Look, this is a nightmare for law enforcement, this is a
nightmare for everyone involved. And certainly we can`t say that we can`t
have raids anymore. Because they are individuals who are committing or
allegedly committing crimes and the police have to have this no knock or
want situations. But nobody intended for this to happen. The question is,
did the force that they used was absolutely over the top? It seems to me
it was. But again, this is something that they are doing on a split

Second of all, what type of information were they given by either a
confidential informant or other individuals to actually say that they have
drugs there? That they are that individual was there at that particular
time? That has to be looked into. And I`m sure there`s going to be an
internal affairs, significant internal affairs investigation. As a result,
as well as in a federal investigation. To this police agency.

SHARPTON: But Faith, what about the law? This no knock law. I mean,
because we have seen mistakes before. I preached at a young girl`s funeral
in Detroit. The same problem. A toddler on the couch. They throw the
same kind of thing in. She was killed. I mean, these laws are, in my
opinion prone to leading to some terrible accidents.

JENKINS: Oh, it`s a problem because this warrant was based on a
confidential informant, a confidential informant who was a criminal.
Whenever you have an informant giving you information, you have to look at
who that person is.

SHARPTON: And why --

JENKINS: And why they want to give this information? He was a relative
who had been kicked out of that home. He told the police there were drugs
and guns in the home. The police were wrong. They did not do their due
diligence. They did not make their proper observations on this home. If
they had --


SUSKAUER: OK, but wait a second.

SHARPTON: Michelle?

SUSKAUER: Look, I am a criminal defense attorney. But taking the other
side of this argument here, confidential informants are not angels, they`re
not choir boys. They are very often criminals who are giving this
information. That`s how they are used.

JENKINS: Which is why --

SHARPTON: But if they have a motive, Michelle, particularly against the
people that they are giving --

SUSKAUER: And there is no question about that.

JENKINS: You have to question their reliability.

SUSKAUER: But also, what information do the police have that there was
another family that was there at the time? Did they know that?

JENKINS: They should have known it. That`s the problem. They should have
known that.

SUSKAUER: But you know, they should have known a lot of things. OK. And
this is a horrible situation.

JENKINS: And there are babies in the hospital because they didn`t do their

SHARPTON: Well, I`m going to have to hold it there. We`ll going to have
the mother of this young child and her lawyer on this program next week.
Michelle Suskauer and Faith Jenkins, thank you both for your time tonight.
And have a great weekend.

SUSKAUER: Thank you.

JENKINS: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Still ahead, 50 years after the Freedom Summer, how do we
protect and expand civil rights for everyone? I`ll talk to legendary civil
rights icon Bob Moses. Also, a little history lesson for Ted Cruz. And
Republicans who see a Watergate everywhere they look.


SHARPTON: We are back. On 1964`s Freedom Summer, a turning point for the
civil rights movement and for America. In Washington, President Johnson
was preparing to sign the civil rights act into law. And in Mississippi,
hundreds of students from around the country, many of them white, were
coming down for the Freedom Summer. It was an unprecedented action to
highlight racial injustice in one of the most segregated states in the
nation. And in the center of it all was an activist named Bob Moses. He
organized the Freedom Summer. And became one of the great icons of the
civil rights movement.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Young people working with the Student Nonviolent
Coordinating Committee or SNCC as we call it, are characterized by restless
energy. They seek radical change in race relations in the United States.
The world is upset. And they feel that if they are going to get it
straight and might upset it more.


SHARPTON: A young teacher born in Harlem, Moses gave up his life in the
north to join the civil rights fight in the south. He was shut at and
threatened with death countless times as he worked to get poor blacks
registered to vote in Mississippi. He inspired hundreds of young people
from every walk of life to join the cause from the cotton fields and dirt
roads of Mississippi. Bob Moses changed American history.

SHARPTON: I am now honored to welcome this great man, a personal hero of
mine, the man who launched Freedom Summer. Dr. Bob Moses. Thank you for
being here tonight, Dr. Moses.


SHARPTON: What was it like in Mississippi? I mean, give us an idea of the
atmosphere, the environment that people were coming into.

MOSES: So, you were dealing with a state that had decided that it would be
a rule unto itself. In other words that it had figured out how to prevent
any agency including the FBI of the federal government from actually having
direct impact in Mississippi. So it was from the governor. They had set
up which we didn`t know about until later. The sovereignty commission
which acted like an intelligence agency which was gathering information
about anybody. I mean, Mississippi was a place where white people couldn`t
cross a line. Right? One example was the Heffner family in Macomb in 1964
which decided to just invite some volunteers to meet them to their home.
Their daughter had been Miss Mississippi. They were run out of town the
next day.

SHARPTON: Miss Mississippi`s family was run out of town?

MOSES: Out of town. Out of Macomb because her father and mother decided
just that they would meet some volunteers.

SHARPTON: Just meet people.

MOSES: Yes. Just meet them.

SHARPTON: Because it was revolutionary to have white students working with
blacks, living together, eating together at that time. Is that not right?

MOSES: That`s the issue. That`s what Mississippi was afraid off. That if
you had white people coming down and actually had white women in the same
house with black men, eating at the table, using the same toilets, right?
Using the same washroom that this would undermine the whole idea of
apartheid which was operating the absolute need to separate the races for
social purposes.

SHARPTON: Now, it`s hard now to imagine the climate of fear and oppression
in Mississippi that summer. I mean, how did people deal with the constant
threat of violence?

MOSES: Well, here`s the thing. It was guerilla warfare. Right? So, it`s
not constant. So, you weren`t always in danger. That was the point. You
had to know when you were in real danger. But most of the time, we were
living in the base. And then you would make it out into, you know, the
courthouse. That was the place. Right? So, you went to these different
layers over and over again. Right? The state itself, the local sheriff
and then the outreach of the KKK, the version of the white league that are
resorted to violence.

SHARPTON: Now, what are your thoughts now as you look at the words that
you did 50 years ago and see how some are trying to turn back the clock on
voting rights. How do you see things now?

MOSES: Yes. So, here`s what I think. I think if you think about Jim Crow
which was a form of slavery by another name, Jim Crow. We succeeded 50
years ago in making that got Jim Crow out of three distinct areas of
American life. We got it out of public accommodations. We got it out the
right to vote. And we got it out of the national Democratic Party
structure. That was Fannie Ohama (ph) and Mississippi Freedom Democratic

But we did not get it out of education. And so the work of the 21st
century that`s left undone in that movement in that movement is really, how
are we going to raise the issue of the public school education of every
child in this country to the level of the constitution? Right now young
children are citizens of states only for purposes of their education. We
need them to be citizens of the country for that purpose.

SHARPTON: Bob Moses, thank you for your lifetime of service and for your
time this evening.

MOSES: Thank you, sir.

SHARPTON: Ahead, today a unanimous and very controversial Supreme Court
decision. That impacts anti-choice protesters at abortion clinics. That
controversy next.


SHARPTON: Today, the Supreme Court struck down a law that kept anti-choice
protesters away from abortion clinics. The law created a 35-foot buffer
zone around the entrance to clinics. It was designed to protect women
going into clinics. But the court said it violated the free speech of the
protesters. It`s an odd decision. Yes, free speech must be protected but
the Supreme Court itself seems has no problem reconciling free speech and
keeping its own protesters away.

Turns out the court has a huge buffer zone around its own building. You
can see it there in yellow. I would like to hear from the justices why
it`s OK to have that buffer zone for them but not one around clinics when
women may be making the most personal of decisions.


SHARPTON: Former republican Senator Howard Baker died today. He was most
famous for investigating the Watergate scandal. Following the facts
wherever they led, even if it led to a president from his own party.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: My primary thesis is still, what did the president know
and when did he know it?


SHARPTON: He knew the difference between a real scandal and a fake one.
Today, Republicans used that line like a wisecrack against President Obama.
How far the Grand Old Party has fallen. Howard Baker was 88 years old.

Thanks for watching. I`m Al Sharpton. Have a nice weekend. "HARDBALL"
starts right now.


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